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Arterial hypertension: is what to be proud?

- Day difficult was, pressure by the evening jumped up, the head nearly burst. And a week ago the same.

- You would be treated, drank tabletochka!

- Yes well! Was not enough with chemistry yet to be poisoned! From nerves all this! It is necessary to have a rest simply more, so with our life unless you will have a rest!

You learn, the truth? Surprising quirk of human nature: to have arterial hypertension “from nerves“ it seems nearly valor; and meanwhile prefer not to brag of the diarrhea coming from same “nerves“.

To have an elevated pressure became almost good form, and to doperezhivatsya to full-fledged hypertensive crisis - almost the same as to deserve gratitude with entering in a personal record.

However cheerful it is not enough here, citizens, and a reason for pride any are not present. Let`s face the truth: the started arterial hypertension is most often a sign of scandalous lack of culture in relation to itself presently.

And any excuses it seems “it at me hereditary“, “it because I am nervous much“, “it because I work all the time to provide a family“ - they do not cost actually a bean. Imagine how your beloved relatives will feel, happen to them for years and decades to look after the paralyzed patient.

Were terrified? Correctly. Now we exhale, quietly and soberly we discuss a situation and we begin to act.

Ability to change of arterial pressure - very valuable, evolutionarily developed property of a live organism; and the nature this opportunity reflected for good fast adaptation to the changing world around conditions. But the creation wreath, as usual, managed to turn adaptive reaction into a chronic illness.

Arterial hypertension, as well as almost all diseases warmly - vascular system, proceeds at men and women differently. Vessels at the stronger sex, alas, are much more vulnerable and to middle age are often already rather seriously struck with atherosclerosis.

It touches first of all coronary arteries and vessels of a brain - yes, the point of the smallest resistance suffers.

Insidiousness of atherosclerosis is also that it proceeds almost asymptomatically, the person feels young and healthy, and “calls“ in the form of attacks of stenocardia, sudden dizzinesses and other pleasures begin when the gleam of a vessel is narrowed more, than half and to be engaged in prevention already rather late.

And now present what occurs in the condensed vessel at fast and strong increase of pressure. No, of course, it not necessarily will become torn. But at uncured arterial hypertension, especially - at frequent crises, the risk of an anguish of an internal cover of a vessel and education on this place of small blood clot is much higher. And small blood clot is the already very big trouble fraught with a heart attack, a stroke, thrombosis of vessels of extremities and other serious problems.

The most terrible complication of arterial hypertension - the stroke, that is thrombosis of vessels of a brain or their gap, - occurs immediately and most often without harbingers. Or with harbingers to which do not attach significance, - a headache, front sights before eyes - business, usual for the hypertensive person.

Cases from practice, alas, a huge number. A stroke at the driver during the movement and five victims of different weight (then, fortunately, the victims were not); the young man who fell unconscious on own thirty-year anniversary - a stroke, disability of the first group; the woman of average years who did not endure the next hypertensive crisis which at her happened on six - seven in a month... The list is infinite.

Besides, sklerozirovanny vessels have unpleasant feature - full relaxation of a muscular wall (so, and decrease in pressure which temporarily increased for various reasons) does not arise. And here it is not enough already simple rest and sound sleep. Hypertensia - an illness serious, demanding continuous accurate treatment.

X-ray research of vessels of heart and brain - procedure difficult and expensive; and here to control own pressure to the reasonable person quite in power. Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to grab each thirty minutes a tonometer; but time in half a year within two weeks in the morning, in the afternoon and to measure pressure, heart rate in the evening, accurately to write down all this and at least a little bit to be guided in needs of own, one and only, by the way, organism - the word of honor, it is easy!

Let`s say you honestly followed a way of control of pressure, got a remarkable electronic tonometer, and everything at you goes well. But one fine day against normal health you suddenly see absolutely terrible figures it seems 60/20 or 250/130.

Do not hurry to die, citizens! With probability about ninety eight percent your reasonable priborchik asks replacements of batteries. In practice at me such cases more than ten collected, and owners - slapped one electronic animal in a fit of temper about a wall.

So to do, of course, to anything, but it is regularly just necessary to calibrate electronics; there is more definitely nothing than a usual tonometer with a rubber pear and the applied phonendoscope at all. You will spend for training about an hour, but the error of measurement will be minimum.

What to do if you wrote down pressure profile (yes, in what you were engaged two weeks when you wrote down three times in day of the indication of arterial pressure and heart rate, is called quite so) was found out that quite often indicators exceed admissible norms?

To the doctor, companions, immediately to the doctor. Ideally - to the cardiologist, but also therapists will quite cope with treatment of uncomplicated hypertensia. And any medicamentous amateur performance! Everything, than you can help yourself (by the way, is frequent it enough if everything not absolutely is started) is a saltless diet, sedatives like a valerian for the night a course, normalization of a dream, a combination of reasonable physical activities to good rest. But - once again - it is practically always good, but it is not always enough. If you regularly observe values HELL 140/90 and above - not to do without medicines.

Preparations for treatment of arterial hypertension and schemes of their combination there is a great variety; treatment is always selected individually and only under control of the attending physician.

One of the brightest cases of practice: the man of years of forty five, and never earlier treated, on professional survey suddenly learned anywhere that it has a high pressure. The loving wife (from those beautiful women who call themselves “hypertensive persons with an experience“) decided to treat the person dear to it at once everything that was in the house, - and there was a small fighting set of the hypertensive person there: clonidine, anaprilin, captopril and furosemide.

The organism which is not adapted to such heavy artillery reacted, as well as it is necessary, a collapse with loss of consciousness, an involuntary urination and cold then. The kind woman did not want to lose the husband and threw to him under language two more tabletochka “from heart“ - understand, it was, of course, nitroglycerine.

No, as a result everything managed. But the rule “Do Not Drink Others Tablets“ and the patient, and his wife remembered forever. Therefore, dear citizens, quietly, without panic - and to the therapist!

And any self-treatment!