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To drink or not to drink? Here in what a question!

Ya was an alcoholic... Here, probably, it is necessary to make a long theatrical pause, to sadly hang up a nose and to tell the sad story of how drank, and then successfully won against this illness.

No, everything was not so bad. As most of residents of our country, it was possible to classify me more likely as the household drunkard. As well as most of the readers who are not refusing to themselves alcohol drank more often than only on holidays, somewhere once a week, is more rare or about that. I am 35 years old, for the first time I tried alcohol in 15.

As well as many, I could drink a significant amount of alcohol for time and found pastime in the company similar quite interesting and even substantial.

I intentionally will not tell words about why to drink harmfully. Some will begin to argue with me that alcohol in small doses is even useful and in general, we - that not alcoholics and even not drunkards at all. Let`s leave all this to narcologists, their patients and doctors, successfully and not really treating consequences of long-term alcohol intake. Or that to whom it did not do much harm.

I will better tell about another. Dear reader, ask yourself one question. What are we engaged in when we meet friends, acquaintances? Shopping, working meetings, business contacts is not counted. So, we met the old friend (girlfriend), went to cafe (bar, restaurant) in the evening, ate, drank beer, wine or stronger drink to taste. We have a holiday. We invited guests and sat down and drank. We were called for a holiday, we go there and we drink. We were just called on a visit in day off. We went to fishing, hunting, to the nature. We sat down and... There is no wish to continue even.

Whether many of us can brag of the fact that they called friends where - nibud where it is not necessary to drink? And, all went and all did not drink. The question is rhetorical, does not demand the answer. In most cases the answer is obvious. No.

I to drink was not going to throw. I admit honestly. I in it did not see any problem. Absolutely. Left so that I had a girl who, as well as I, loved sport. We began to go by “velika“ together in the mornings. Then, when the fall came, I began to run in the mornings. And in the winter the time of skates and skis came.

Do not think what it, it is not sport. I began to get up early regularly, it coincided with works involving all hands at work. That is me just began to drink once and to meet plainly friends.

I “regained consciousness“ only three months later and understood that I am a nondrinker about 90 days. I did not notice changes on the run, but here reflected and noticed that my head began to work more effectively. Began to think more clearly, could hold in the head at the same time much more tasks for performance. But the most important - I began to feel physically much better. Despite works involving all hands at work, I easily transferred loadings and had no sleep disorders. And the main thing, I learned to have a rest. And, to have a rest without morning: “... The devil, where only carried me why was to drink yesterday and why the head so hurts?“

Separate word about world around: at me as though shor from eyes were gone. I began to notice what earlier I did not pay attention to, - the nature, weather, the sky, stars.

Life just found new quality. It seemed earlier that next day after alcohol intake I “shone“ with ideas, “was married“ to the job, gushed forth energy. In comparison with a present state, it is similar to a children`s cracker - and uniform burning in the constant mode. As it stands I am stronger than that, last, on the head!

However even here I was not going to say goodbye to alcohol finally. To my city there arrived my colleague from first-throned. We with it descended to the bar, and here I understood that such hangover in pure form at a pure organism. There was just a finish in the morning! Moreover, finally I settled into shape only later a two-three of days.

I firmly understood that alcohol - is a poison ! Also you do not feel it only because the organism gets used to injections in it it … as if it to be expressed, substances.

Then me it happened to be present several times at the drunk company and to listen to their talk. You would hear yourself in this look, dear readers! It seemed to me earlier that we discuss important subjects, there was some impression about the importance of the events. However in reality drunk chatter has with it nothing in common.

I fell in love with the clear sober state and I will not exchange it for minutes and hours of alcoholic “relaxation“. I advise those who did not test it to try. Is, however, one but . It is necessary that you were busy with something all the time, and it would not be boring for you. This task to solve for you beyond my powers. To plan the leisure and the employment many cannot. I here too was not strong.

In the world there is a lot of all it, than it is possible to be engaged, without using alcohol, and sport is not everyone! Look for, dear readers and even if you will not pass into category of inveterate nondrinkers, your organism all the same will tell you thanks for time spent without alcohol.

It is possible then to you, as well as me, all idiocy of a toast will be clear: “For health!“