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Laziness or fatigue? In what their difference!

U of each of us there came in life such moment when there is a wish to throw everything on light and to do nothing. Everything that we did ceases to interest us absolutely or were going to make. In this regard someone has a thought that it is laziness, and at someone that it is fatigue, and laziness and fatigue, absolutely different things.

Laziness is a lack or a lack of diligence, preference of free time of work. The lazy person, is not that person who says that he will make a bit later, and that which says that he was tired and will make tomorrow or later tomorrow and, as a rule, it stretches for an indefinite term.

The lazy person will always have an excuse whatever to do, what he was told or what he had to make. There is a set allegedly of councils how to get rid of laziness or as to avoid it, but nobody suspects that laziness can be put at the gene level as well as diseases.

There is a set and tests and by means of which questionnaires the person is given an opportunity, having answered certain questions, to look at results and, having counted points, to define lazy he is a person or is not present, but as a rule, laziness has the certain and low qualities, signs and the reasons not different from symptoms of an illness and these are such reasons as:

- Overfatigue, objective vymotannost of an organism, rastrachennost of physical, energy and emotional resources;

- Discrepancy of ours “owes“ ours “I want“ - when we spend time of the life for the affairs which are not for us “native“, desired;

- Intuitive feeling of uselessness of the task which is carried out at present.

Also laziness can be a symptom of a depression.

In turn the fatigue is a protective reaction of an organism to long and hard work, and in this case it should allow to have a rest. But as they say the person is the person, he should complete everything up to the end without looking, on anything, and then can be and have a rest. But nobody wants to think and remember that as a result everything leaves, as well as with an illness which if not to treat passes into late and heavier stage of a disease. When we get sick with flu, at once we call the doctor or we go to policlinic, and here into the account of fatigue at us for some reason other opinion.

And here and so the person works - works and cannot understand in any way why to him it is day by day heavier and heavier, and at work say that he is in time nothing, makes many mistakes and in general is lazy. But nobody understands that this person is not lazy at all, and was simply tired and it is already not the easy and quickly passing fatigue, and a chronic fatigue which, as well as at any illness has the symptoms, such as:

- condition of fatigue;

- exhaustions it is characterized by unpleasant, painful feelings;

- deterioration in health;

- decrease in working capacity, speed of reaction and an incoordination of movements

Besides, can be also other symptoms, such as: speech disturbance, violation of orientation in space, unreasonable feeling of alarm, emotional instability, night perspiration, the speeded-up breath, hypersensibility to a heat and/or cold, dizzinesses, balance loss, intolerance of alcohol, arrhythmic pulse, intestines pain and gastric frustration, dryness in a mouth and eyes, the expressed premenstrual syndrome and endometriosis, pain in a breast etc.

Naturally, as well as any illness, at fatigue has the program of treatment which should be passed only after inspection and to appointment of the doctor:

- normalization of the mode of rest and physical activity;

- vitamin therapy by preparations of B1, B6, B12 and C vitamins;

- auto-training, reflexotherapy and psychotherapy;

- use of antidepressants in small doses

- surely a complex of vitamins and dietary supplements to food

- correction of immunity

Also a lot of things depends on the healthy and timely nutrition, our organism constantly needs energy and from where to it to take it if for the whole day two cups of coffee are drunk and two sandwiches and it at best are eaten.

Remember! To the organism as well as to everything it is necessary to be able to listen and in time to give help and support. And also it is never necessary to hurry with a conclusion that the person is very lazy, think, can be, this person was just very tired and put not in his laziness at all.