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What sport to choose? The Stretching of

For me sport always stood in the hotel line. The relations at us developed difficult, sometimes and reached scandals.

As a rule, I lit up idea to visit the gym, and to do it regularly, but after the first occupation my enthusiasm somewhere completely vanished. At once there was a heap of excuses and justifications why today / tomorrow / this week I cannot devote to sport at least some time.

So was throughout all my life, It did not appear yet . Hardly our ways were crossed as I understood: it the fact that I looked for all life, for the sake of it I … Yes, for the sake of it I will not even look for an excuse more.

How we got acquainted with it? Once again my inquisitive mind gave idea to play sports. Besides the esthetic party of a question, nerves which as it appeared, are treated on racetracks too very strongly began to disturb me.

Absolutely incidentally I read about a stretching. The type of trainings directed to improvement of elasticity of muscles, flexibility, movement coordination. As until then I reminded “an elephant in a crockery bench“ more, than a graceful fallow deer, eyes lit up enthusiasm again, and legs already carried me to the hall.

Since the first moments spent together I understood that I was stuck. I did not look at the watch any more, expecting when time of occupations ends. Now I wanted that it lasted eternally.

Of course, did not manage and without tears, problems and loud phrases “I leave!“. My at all muscles which did not get used to loadings pined with tension. But every time, I should have presented only that in my life will not be its as I collected forces in a fist and went “to conquer“ my peaks.

Honestly I admit, at first I was more similar not hardened log. It was a shame to me to see the reflection, absolutely rigid body while other girls already almost stretched out in a mirror.

But I could not and did not want to divide it with others, and therefore persistently sought to become ideal for it. Of course, regular trainings have an effect already a month later. When I for the first time could “lay down on legs“, to my happiness there was no limit! The image in a mirror already began to bear a faint resemblance to Alina Kabayeva, and the self-assessment flitted under a ceiling.

I delayed such pleasure handles, legs and a back that began to think sometimes that in me the talented gymnast died. That - here see me someone from judges at the Olympic Games now, he would run to make out on me a gold medal and the first place at once!

I am separately grateful to my trainer which loaded with the enthusiasm so that even I, the inveterate shirker of classes in physical culture, wanted to give to sport all the life... well, or at least a two-three of hours in a week.

Whether it is worth saying that during occupations I changed gait, I became more graceful, my organism exulted from benefited and in every possible way thanked me.

I continue the studies to this day. Let it is not so frequent as first, which is not surprising, because even the strongest sank down my organism has property to cool, but, nevertheless, I hold a form.

I gave Stretchingu not only the “wooden“ muscles (having received in exchange, by the way, very elastic) and time, but also heart, together with soul.

And ours with it love, I want to notice, it was mutual.