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What is fish - manicure?

Having a rest in Greece, for the first time tried such method of manicure and a pedicure by means of little small fishes.

Imagine: a small aquarium in which it is rather simple to lower legs (or hands) and flocks of little small fishes right there swim up to your legs and turn to work: begin to grind diligently your legs, well or handles (depending on what lower in an aquarium). In the first several seconds such feelings as if someone gently tickles you.

It is special small fishes of Garr Ruff (Garra Rufa). They have no teeth therefore they as if “pinch“ the horny skin scales from a surface of hands and legs. Besides, these small fishes emit special enzyme - anthralin enzyme which slows down cell fission process therefore the cuticle after such manicure grows more slowly and nails longer keep the well-groomed look.

By the way, water temperature is maintained in an aquarium at the level of 30-35 degrees, it is temperature, habitual for tropical small fishes, besides such temperature promotes a softening of the coarsened sites of skin of visitors.

But it is necessary to be careful incidentally not to crush little small fishes who with skill float at you between fingers. Procedure is very delicate, you do not feel any painful feelings, it is rather on the contrary - pleasant and weakening.

It is necessary to tell that this cosmetic procedure gathered the whole crowds of curious tourists at SPA show-window - salon. Many right there sought to test an exotic novelty. The benefit the price was quite democratic: 10 euros in 15 minutes or 15 euros for half an hour.

Besides that fish - manicure is carried out entirely by small fishes to correct a form and the size of a nail, and also to delete spurs and natoptysh of a small fish, of course, cannot therefore for these purposes it is better to ask for the help the master, and already then to entrust the legs to small fishes of a garr.

Of what small fishes are capable this small “there are doctors“ Garr Ruff? They can do rough patches soft and gentle. I tell it with skill because it is checked even on male legs. It is still noticed that after manicure with small fishes skin on hands becomes very smooth and silky to the touch.

This cosmetic procedure appeared in Russia in 2009. At us it is called “a fish peeling“, the cost of such peeling fluctuates from 1500 to 3000 rubles.

One sources claim that this surprising small fish of Garr Ruff was found in thermal sources of the Turkish city of Kangal where in the course of fight for a survival she learned to be nourished by the horny sites of skin of the animals coming to a watering place without doing at the same time harm.

Others say that this method of “a fish peeling“ came to us from Japan, from the island of Honshu, from the resort of Hakone. In Japan this service initially moved as SPA - a peeling of all body - to the client suggested to plunge into the small pool with Garr`s small fishes.

Thus it was reached not only effect of a peeling, but also a svoyebrazny psikhilogichesky relax of “communication“ with representatives of fauna, similar to effect of hippotherapy or of bathing with dolphins.

Who knows, perhaps, as the garraterapiya will be recognized as one of methods of improvement of a human body over time.