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How I left off smoking? Many smokers tried to throw

? Almost everything! And those who did not try pretend that they adequately estimated minuses and pluses and made a final decision that it suits them. I thought too earlier that everything suits me until … However, all one after another.

Now I am 26 years old, six of which I smoked. And, all six - vzatyag. Few times during this time tried to throw, mostly, just to check whether “I will be able?“. Both times stuck to about a week, and, completely satisfied with result - “I will be able!“, started over again smoking.

The thought of throwing forever, frightened very strongly therefore practically did not appear. Smokers have to understand me: present in all seriousness that you any more never light and observe the reaction. Terribly, truth?

Today I do not smoke more than 3 years (exact date did not remember, I will explain later why) and inexpressibly is glad to it. How I managed it?

1. Understanding

As always, everything begins with the head. It is important to realize at first all problem, and then furiously to want to get rid of it. It not just words! In these two moments 90 percent of success are covered. This most important that you can make. All understand that smoking kills them (and not only physically, but also morally too) therefore to realize a problem and to want freedom from it in power everything who will spend for it a couple of hours of reflections wholeheartedly and without self-deception. It needs to be made, and believe, you will never regret about it!

Remember everything that you heard about smoking: about cancer, tuberculosis, low growth etc. As it seems to you, many were stopped by these slogans. About 20 percent of people on the earth, including juveniles and babies, - smokers (about 1,1 mililliard of people).

In Russia, according to different data, from 56 to 75 percent of men smoke regularly. Means, despite real danger of the negative moments of smoking, it does not stop people.

Here also think, but whether this illusion of fight is specially created, on the contrary, to place more and more people on this drug. The profit of the tobacco companies is really huge. The forbidden fruit, as we know, is sweet.

The best way of fight against something - to cease to fight, and just to try to understand whether it is necessary for you. Try to remember examples - they surround all of us. Everything with what there is a fight, - prospers while everything to what interest is not maintained, is lost in the history (now this way is rather successfully applied to many useful things).

Any person dreams of freedom. Think whether you are free really, or the limit of freedom is defined for you from the outside by someone to others and is reduced, in particular, to the choice between Vinston and Malboro?

In my opinion, freedom is when you do not do what you do not want, or what somehow harms you. And lack of any dependences. And not vice versa: an opportunity to do everything that foolishly will come to mind. Already all have this opportunity (you can rush under the train right now or do any other similar stupid thing - unless it and there is freedom?) .

If you still doubt, then think, and you that your children smoked would like? No odinroditel in senses will tell “Yes“. And why? For yourself you consider it accepted.

2. Action

After all of you - came to a final decision to cease to smoke, do not wait doubt for anything any more for a second - time you understood that you do not need it, you will be able surely to refuse this nonsense. Begin to act right now, every second will add to you happy life without cigarettes. Be not afraid, you lose nothing, and on the contrary, only get. For me, for example, in several days after the fatal decision it seemed strange, ridiculous and unclear: for what people put these sticks to themselves in a mouth with a clever look and voluntarily lose pleasure of life.

you Can read the book Alana Kara “An easy way to leave off smoking“. Those who resolved for themselves internally all issues of smoking after this book never smoke any more. I have several such acquaintances.

do not make a mistake of many. To you not to refuse smoking gradually. It becomes only at once.

If it is simple to span to throw out something from life even if also absolutely useless, then all the same there is a feeling that something is missing. (Good example: a piano which nobody played. Throw out it and put nothing on a blank space. It is improbable that you quickly get used to it). Therefore it is very important to replace smoking with something useful. Sport very for this purpose will approach. Begin with small (the main thing - to derive pleasure from sport), and as required and desires increase duration or frequency of occupations.

And the main thing, do not try to fight against this attachment - to you not to win against it in such a way. Also do not jam desires to smoking - to you not to jam them. Replace thoughts of smoking with positive thoughts, affirmation, exercises, development of as persons.

Wanted to smoke - at once made something useful and were glad for themselves. Here so everything is simple. Also you remember: as soon as you realized uselessness of smoking, you already won. Dependence will try to tempt you, to persuade, will even threaten you, but it is already useless.

Laugh at it, now you operate the desires once and for all. You owner of the desires. Do not consider days, do not note time and you do not lead round date in a calendar. You already finally won, and you should not fight against anything. You do not leave off smoking (it would be associated with loss, with infringement of), and just refuse a habit disgusting and unnecessary you. If you decide to cease to be up against a blank wall, you will not feel sorry for yourself and to feel that you lose pleasure?

Good luck to you in this very useful undertaking! Believe, in some month you will be already surprised why you once so tormented yourself. You will enjoy full-fledged life without dependence and poisoning - yourself and people around.

And, perhaps, your way to further development and finding of personal happiness and love will begin with it.