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Do we have a national idea? And that!

in mass media rise From time to time a subject of national idea of our country. Or rather, absence subject that. And meanwhile it already almost ripened in our minds thanks to efforts of the same mass media. What? Yes all clear and simple - money at any cost!

Two decades plots of telecasts, movies and newspaper articles prove to us that money - all this. Spoke earlier: there would be health, and the rest will be put. Now speak: there is nothing that it would be impossible to receive for money.

It not absolutely so. Not always for money it is possible to buy the same health. Treatment - yes, with any degree of comfort, depending on your financial opportunities, and a healthy condition of bodies - alas, not always. Only a substitute, that is what partly replaces it.

It is possible to buy love? Only substitute. Beauty? Too only substitute. Conscience? Oh, presently it is on sale and bought. These goods are in the increased demand. But only as substitute. Not all people realize that the qualities given us by nature right there turn into a fake as soon as become goods.

Of course, in our consumer century not to do without money. But to all the place. Money the most important in life cannot be. The person - the most great value on Earth, or perhaps and in all Universe. At the same time the pursuit of money depreciated even human life. Any can be killed for pennies.

Poor the person is in general nobody presently . The government humiliates with the resolutions and amendments to laws, tramples on human dignity of those whose work the country is still live. Beggarly salaries, insignificant children`s grants, low pensions, lack of workplaces - result of the specific monetary relations established in the country. The people grow poor, and ogoltet the narrow circle of people which seized upon national riches continue to fill the pockets the.

It would seem whether it is necessary to the person much to satisfy the needs for food, clothes, education, rest, just pleasures? In any case, not billions of dollars. Then why at us the number of billionaires grows in the country? When they are sated and will stop extorting riches from the country?

They do not want and cannot stop. They are criminals before the people and the country - at a certain stage understand that it is possible to ensure the safety only thanks to money. Means are necessary on bribery of justice and officials who will help to run away if something happens abroad.

Besides, something there is a right to live abroad and a guarantee that you will not be given to the “native“ country. It is necessary to buy a mansion for the comfortable accommodation which became to such habitual. And for bigger safety it would be desirable to have on “lodge“ in the different countries.

Fear takes molehills for mountains therefore each robber of the native people does not stop the “fruitful activity for the homeland benefit“ till the last moment, yet it is not necessary “to dump“ urgently. Whether colleagues will decide “to hand over“, saving the ass, whether will quarrel with someone, more powerful in respect of money. Missed time - itself is guilty, it is necessary to pay.

This fear goes down below, to smaller thieves who sin too and too understand that it cannot proceed so eternally. It is necessary to use opportunities. The more money, the there are more impunity guarantees. Own children already alloyed abroad and continue to steal up to the “hour of X“ described above.

Long ago it is noticed that most of all we do not love the one to whom we do badly, - the lulled conscience wakes up from time to time and disturbs. To rehabilitate itself(himself), it is necessary to make offended or robbed insignificant in the opinion of others, to show everything that he also does not deserve other relation. That is why selling journalists go on to the whole world about inability to work, to pathological laziness and thirst for a deep booze of the Russian person.

It is more of that, robbers for the same reason hate also our earth: allowed import of radioactive waste from other countries, without regret pollute Baikal, cut down the elite woods, extort oil and gas, take out gold and jewels. To them money blocked perception of Russia as the Homeland and call of duty before it.

Decomposition at the highest levels gradually slips in the people. Laws of the criminal world get into consciousness of normal people. And already domination of money almost becomes national idea. According to messages of mass media, 44% from among the interrogated Russians claim that for happiness they lack money.

Whether money? Or opportunities to live in the advanced country, rich, free from crime and corruption, where, at last, will earn the treasured slogan “In total for the sake of the Person, All for the Benefit of the Person“?

But as encourage those 19% which, according to poll, are happy irrespective of circumstances! Still the Russian people are live, living and are capable to enjoy life, but not the rich person!