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How our ancestors fished? Ancient signs and superstitions of

Inveterate fishermen - as it is known, the people superstitious. It was so moved for a long time. They, for example, do not love that on the way to the coast the passer wished a good biting, are careful to give into strange hands the equipment, abstain from calculation of a catch before the end of fishing.

On the other hand, are always glad to a meeting with the cripple in anticipation of desired occupation, fondly kiss the first small small fish, having accurately unhooked, and then release back “for the father - for mother - for the grandfather - for the grandma“. Many beliefs remained from time immemorial.

So, in my native Karelia before fishing pour on a bottom of a glass of a little hot drink, and then splash out it in water. The simple ceremony is called “to pour to Ded“, that is to cajole spirit of water to achieve his favor. And what else “rules“ were followed by fishers far back in the past?

of Tackle

Was considered that more successful will be that seine, for which threads of a spryal the pregnant woman, and not at any time, and in the period of a full moon. Several threads spun in good time, on March 30, in day of honoring of Alexey - the Man of God who, according to the legend, crossed the sea in a sieve and became the patron of all fishermen since then.

Selecting material for a fishing-rod, usually gave preference to a hazel grove moreover and not to any - everyone, and what grows directly in an ant hill or at least near it. The made tackles needed to be fumigated with a candle with which defended matins before Easter. Fumigating was followed by words of a wish: “How many was in church to the people, it is so much in my trap of fish. All my words are strong yes mouldings. My words - a mouth, teeth - the lock, language - a key that into the sea (river) it is thrown“.


Gathering for fishing, it was required to be supported thoroughly - on a belief, at the full fisherman the biting is better. It was always desirable to be equipped in the same clothes. And still was considered that all preparations need to be done by exclusively right hand. It was supposed that it provides support of the guardian angel.

Performance before fishing of some routine work on economy was considered as a good omen (nothing surprising, it adjusted on patience waiting for a catch). Besides, the day before it was necessary to show by all means valor performed by a conjugal duty.

And it is explainable in the symbolical plan too, in the past the male genital was called “óä“, that is today`s words “rod“, “fishing-rod“, “fish“ are single-root with it (by the way, and “good luck“ too). So expression “the daring kind good fellow“ had once, in addition, and erotic sense.

Before departure it was necessary to tell: “I will go to the river to a bystr, to water to a shustr. On it there are small fishes - trepetushka, fast rezvushka. And I will lower a seine as a silk scarf, and not vodka yes in each lead yes will get to this on a small fish“.


Having been at the place of fishing, it was necessary to gather nettles, to squeeze out of it juice and to rub with it palms. On a belief, after that fish can be caught barehanded. By the way, I remember from the childhood as the father with friends barehanded got from shoal of burbots. Here only about a nettle I can tell nothing.

The entertainment water a piece of the food which is available at itself and a small amount of drink was the following step. The entertainment was followed by words: “The grandfather Vodyanoy, here to you a gift, accept yes podmogn“. And in some places threw into water a bast shoe with a footcloth: “On you, the devil, bast shoes, exhaust fish“. At Old Believers in general it was accepted to throw tobacco with swear words.

Nazhivly a hook, it was necessary to sentence: “Fish is fresh, a bait of a saln, peck yes cover, to a bottom pull“. There were many treasured words on success in fishing. One - are shorter: “The Lord I conjure you, success in catching I add. A little small fish, float, a big small fish, an entertainment be enough! Let it be!“

Others - is longer: “Perches, pikes, any fishes, go to me, the God`s slave, against fast water, the spring river. Do not look back and aside do not turn away. Go to me, the God`s slave, at a morning dawn and on evening, in day under the sun both on the night of stars, and under all God`s circle. To those words key and lock, Lord`s name Spirit Svyaty. Let it be. Amen“.

Throwing a network, called: “Go, fish and a small rybitsa, in my mater a seine, a shiroka matnyu“. Fishing around, ordered: “Go to water, a worm, allure yourself big fish on a hook“. The first small fish, as well as today, sent back to a reservoir, sentencing: “Send the father, send mother, send the aunt, send the uncle. Send the seniors“.

All treasured words, certainly, were pronounced by whisper, was strictly forbidden to talk during fishing.

After fishing

our ancestors were sure by

that the true fisherman has to behave adequately: not to be praised by a catch at all, for as to tell nobody on what caught and as caught. Otherwise good luck can forever turn away and pass to the listener of speeches of the boaster. In addition boasters were blamed in public opinion.

At home the one who caught her had to eat the first of the caught big fishes, and it was impossible to give it to a cat at all. And residents of Vologda in general earthed the first zaostrozhenny fish - for future good luck.

Yes, the superstitious people - fishermen. And it is similar, so was always …