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“Made in China“ on - Hollywood: how clone the American blockbusters?

Hollywood are Today a largest factory on delivery of movies, and the American cinema by right is considered the most successful. Structure of Hollywood, apparently, simple: there are 6 - 7 largest film studios - “players“, other studios represent plankton which hardly fights for a survival in the very bottom boxing - office. What is interesting, studios - players can let out some independent and non-profitable movies, but all their expenses grow dim before success of blockbusters. The income from blockbusters - the main profitable article of Hollywood.

Written above it is obvious to any who at least slightly - slightly tried to penetrate into an essence of Hollywood. But real miracles are discovered when you watch “the Hollywood plankton“, these chaotically moving microstudios. Methods of their earnings very strongly surprise with time …

heavy to compete with the largest players as equals, it is clear to all. The Chinese goods disguised under production of the best brands became the ordinary for a long time: who did not laugh when he learned about the brands “Adibas“, “Nokla“, “Roxana“? But not all know that they do not disdain similar methods also in Hollywood now. To give the film fake for the full-scale blockbuster - now it during things. in this field the film studio of “The Asylum“ heated to itself hands.

The studio was founded in 1997. Till 2005 she hardly stayed afloat, riveting cheap and non-profitable horrors. In fact, only the idea to clone the blockbuster (and in 2005 there was “A war of the worlds“ of Spielberg) rescued Asylum from bankruptcy. Legally everything was made competently: the movie was issued as one more screen version of G. Wells. It is important to understand still that movies Asylum do not appear at movie theaters, they go only on DVD, film distribution - unattainable luxury for studio. And in the Asylum video market expected serious success - the big network of supermarkets by mistake bought a large consignment of disks with “clone“. News passed in Russia unnoticed, but in the American film market to noise it left enough. And it was impossible to forbid “clone“ since everything was issued lawfully. For designation of clones even thought up the special term: “mokbaster“ (with English “mock“ - a fake, the parody).

Further - it is more. Clones began to be riveted by packs, on one in a month. The budget, by the way, at movies astronomically low - around $500 000 (for comparison, the budget of “War of the worlds“ of Spielberg - 132 million dollars!) . Directors and actors are taken or from the street, or the former stars (however, to the Russian viewer they are little-known, behind a small exception). Such extreme conditions of shootings affect result - the cinema turns out incredibly silly, amateurish, with level 70 special effects - 80 - x years. And here most important: can seem that viewing of these movies - waste of time. By no means! From - for the phenomenal nonsense (both scenario, and actor`s) viewing turns into a session of continuous fun, sometimes movies Asylum give odds to many comedies.

But the main comedy occurs in reality. In the former CIS get acquainted with creativity of Asylum on the Internet, by mistake downloading a mokbaster instead of the blockbuster. And to monitor reaction of the indignant viewer quite funny, almost everyone considers a duty to vent the rage in comments to the downloaded movie. Sometimes to distinguish a mokbaster from the blockbuster very hard, Asylum goes on various tricks: “Transformers“ turn in “Transmorferov“, “Terminator“ - into “Terminators“, and “Titanic“ - into “Titanic II“. Also movies are supplied with the first-class posters which win the viewer at first sight.

Further business went even more abruptly: Asylum had imitators who began to remove clones of animated films. But on own experience of viewing I will tell that to watch such “animated cartoons“ of pleasure any, unlike production of Asylum.

We have movies of a film studio, it seems, and translate into Russian, but sometimes there are strange situations. If “Transmorphers“ at us also translated as “Transmorfera“, then, for example, exceptional “Sherlock Holmes“ at us is known under the ordinary-looking name “Threat from the Past“. Why? It seems that our owners do not possess sufficient courage to repeat Asylum tricks.

You want to live - be able to spin. And the Asylum studio proved it the example. By the way, now it does not go in cycles in “mokbaster“ any more, and tries also new decisions: lets out 3D - horror films, erotic comedies. Also wide fame was gained by their movies with the MEGA - prefix in the name: “MEGA - a shark against a huge octopus“, “MEGA - a piranha“, “MEGA - a shark against Krokozavr“, “MEGA - a python against Gatoroid“ (too incredibly silly, but ridiculous movies). The studio does not stand still, and it pleases!

P. S. If there is a wish to look “mokbaster“, then I recommend to estimate at first “Threat from the past“ (Sherlock Holmes, 2010) and “Titans of Land of the Lost“ (King of the lost world, a mokbaster to “King Kong“). Incredibly crazy and at the same time ridiculous movies. Cheerful viewing!