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How it is correct to make the summary?

Job search are always the responsible moment in life of any person, and it is necessary to approach it intelligently. Correctly made summary will make positive first impression about the applicant, and it is already a half of success.

At the heart of drawing up the summary, as well as any other written document, literacy lies : spelling, syntactic and stylistic. The summary made with mistakes, especially spelling will not pass even the most unpretentious selection.

The structure the summary influences perception of information on the applicant. It is known that if to divide a leaf into four equal parts, then the person first of all pays attention to the top left rectangle, then top right, then lower left and, at last, the lower right. Thus, the most important information, such as a full name, age and contacts, it is better to place in the top left part of the summary.

It is also important to keep standard fields in the document. Narrow lateral fields will prevent to read up information up to the end. The part of the text can be left “in the basket“ of attention. The text pressed to the top and lower edges of the page can not be printed out.

At the choice of a font give preference legible and habitual, and pick up the size such that the person with the weakened sight had not to strain when reading.

Further in the text it is necessary to observe symmetry for more convenient search to the necessary employer of information. Here formatting of the text will help: bold-face type, italics and underlining, use of Tab and Caps Lock if necessary. However you should not be fond and show infinity of the imagination as surplus of effects and subtitles will create cacophony in the document, and it will definitely not promote pleasant reading. According to perception psychology, the document will be most acquired only if in it no more than 5 various fonts are used. It is better to show the creative nature in contents of the summary.

The summary which is brought closer to an ideal has to contain the following information:

- a full full name of the applicant;

- an academic degree if is;

- age;

- city of the residence;

- contacts;

- information on education - the name of higher education institution, faculty, specialization, a course, if you the student, or year of the termination;

- information on additional education - only a mention or short transfer, at personal meeting you will be able to tell about it in detail;

- experience in the return chronological order - the name of the company, month/year of the beginning and the termination of work, a position, duties, achievements;

- professional skills;

- personal qualities;

- contacts for obtaining recommendations.

If necessary it is possible to add others to the listed points, more individual. For example, an opportunity to move to other city, readiness for frequent business trips, existence of the driving license, etc. By drawing up the summary mark out to

the strong professional and personal qualities. However it is not necessary to write the full biography. The summary from that and is called because is a summary of the dry facts which you should allocate with the correct message to the potential employer.

Summary volume should not exceed 1 pages of the A4 format. Why? Because during the work with the summary the second or the subsequent pages can be lost. Because the employer has not enough time and many applicants, he will postpone the long summary, having left it unfinished. Therefore show erudition miracles, but in a moderate dose. If behind shoulders considerable experience, it is possible to be limited to the indication of three last places of work, and at the end to celebrate year of the beginning of the actual work.

It is possible to attach the photo and the cover letter to the summary. The photo has to be strict, but not from family archive, but at the same time at least remotely to resemble the original. Personally I consider a photo not as so obligatory attribute of the summary and I never put. The cover letter to the summary will allow you to express the interest in vacant post and more widely to light the most important aspects of your work and vocational training. Remember that the cover letter has to be written in an official style and it is desirable is addressed to the specific person.

In end I want to note that to distort information or to you it is not necessary to embellish the knowledge and skills. Deception will reveal sooner or later.

One of my acquaintances, getting a job the personal assistant to the head, told lies about extent of knowledge of English. The head, itself without knowing a foreign language, did not show vigilance and took it the word. Further within several years it safely worked, including gathered personnel in the company. English at the same time was not required for it. But once the boss urgently invited her to himself in an office where at him negotiations had to take place. It appeared, the new partner - the Englishman. Familiar with a shame ran away from an office in tears. Further she was dismissed, despite all merits. Check of level of knowledge of English among the gathered personnel revealed that most of employees do not own this professional skill though they indicated it in the summary.

Be able to present correctly the strengths that the available shortcomings did not become for you fatal. In case of failure do not despond. From my three constant places of works - two which interviews I considered failure. Perhaps, the competent summary worked.