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Why it is useful to pass trainings of personal growth?

of life are accelerated! Seldom who writes letters on paper now and sends them by mail. Quicker and more simply to call, send the SMS - the message. And the flow of information only increases meanwhile. All this imposes huge loads of the person. Moral and physical. Especially it is felt in the large cities. People feel from it discomfort.

It is shown in stresses, leads to short circuit on the problems. The life wheel “Work - the house - work“ is untwisted more and more promptly. People in modern society are, almost, similar to robots. There is no time to stop and collect the thoughts. We react and we act on a habit.

And in these conditions of people begins to feel lack of skills of effective life. Simple methods of the solution of problems. Unsatisfied people begin to look for an exit from such situation. First of all they address literature on personal growth. And someone shares the difficulties and asks for suggestions the friends.

But whether many people became successful and effective, reading books? Whether always the volume of the gained knowledge corresponds to ability to communicate, achieve the objectives, to build up the relationship? Of course, no. Councils “skilled“ are not suitable for many too. They help one and are not suitable for others at all. It is known that it is easy to give advice, and here to use them …

I here its majesty training steps on the stage. Until recently rather highly specialized audience had trainings in the course. Specialists in sales, managers of divisions of the companies, future speakers. That is people whose activity is connected with need to possess these or those qualities. Recently more and more ordinary people come to trainings. They want not only to construct career. But also to improve the relations with close people, to arrange the private life, to become raskovanny. Interest in trainings grows thanks to their promoting in social networks, forums on the Internet.

Going for training, people want to learn to solve the problems. But cunning that there are no problems per se. There are events and the attitude of the person towards them. It is known that events in itself do not bear problems. The person the interpretation turns an event into a problem. To all fault here our taken roots beliefs, installations. We carry with ourselves in the subconsciousness a huge moneybox of outdated dogmas, fears, restrictions, offenses, failures. And all our last experience there. In our head. Only it seems to us that it is our conscious installations. They already since the birth take roots in us. In our subconsciousness. At first it happens to the help of parents, then schools. Then army or our labor collective. Also it is still spread by foundations of society, at last.

The ordinary person does not know what force and power of influence of its stereotypes. On the course of his thoughts and responses to the events happening to it. And decision-making depends on beliefs. The reason very rigidly controls all thought processes. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get into the cogitative box and to tell: “So. I received this installation in it - that to year. Everything, it is not necessary to me. I erase it from memory!“ We are not capable to reboot and change the programs, like computers.

And here when the person decides to go for training, it has a chance to get on a new wave of the life. To make a new round in the development. To clean the disturbing installations. To feel new taste of life. Why perhaps to start this process on training? The matter is that to deceive the reason, to force it to weaken a grasp perhaps only by special methods. In everyday life people do it by means of alcohol. All know how the person under hmelky is cheerful and complacent. Problem of training - to put the person in a situation when he sees true “I“. To replace a point of view with habitual things.

Getting to the psychological traps which are dexterously placed by the trainer, the person begins to realize the fears, barriers in development. As a result of the done exercises he literally feels clarification for the subsided offenses, disappointments. His updated consciousness begins to perceive world around in a different way. Juiciness of perception of paints of the world comes back. There is a feeling of pleasure and love. There is a wish to laugh and give to people around of a smile. And as though by itself the relations with relatives begin to be improved. What irritated until recently is not noticed at all.

At the beginning of training in the person the protest appears. It installations of the person strike. Irritates everything: inappropriate remarks (as it seems) the trainer, ridiculous (again it seems) exercises. And if the person has enough courage and patience to hold itself in this process, then at the exit to it there is a transformation . Removal of internal blocks, disappearance of fears allows to look at habitual things in a new way. And as a result of people begins to work productively. The understanding of a possibility of achievement of the objectives opens. Fears leave silly as it appears. It trainings of personal growth are also valuable to the person.

There are several nuances of trainings. Fixing of the acquired habits requires time. As a rule, term about three weeks. As practice shows, this time is enough for fixing of changes, acquisition of new skills of life.

Therefore for the first basic it is recommended to pass the following, advanced training level. And only in this case the spent efforts bring the real results.