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What day in a year “the most silent“? Wine fight - a cheerful holiday on which two warring parties “shoot“ each other wine is necessary tradition of our ancestors

At temperamental Spaniards for June 29. So playfully remember the hostility existing in ancient times between wine makers from two neighboring cities of Aro and Riokhan.

And in a Slavic national calendar this date is called Day of Tikhon, Tikhon Uteshitel. Therefore - that also connected it with silence:

- the sun goes on Tikhon more quietly;

- at Earth in a year the most slow speed;

- on the Saint Tsikhana the sun to a ledzva to a dykhaa.

Was considered that this day even songbirds calm down. However, not all: nightingales and cuckoos as if continue gromkogolosy up to Petrov day (on July 12).

However the silence silence, but economy everything is it was necessary to be engaged. Finished late sowing of summer, began weeding of cucumbers. And was considered that if the nude girl on the night of Tikhon several times runs all over beds, then to a harvest of cucumbers no troubles will be terrible: “neither the worm will touch, nor fierce medvyany dews will attack, nor the sun perepecht, nor the rain will fill in“.

There was also one more important occupation dated for June 29. Since early morning on fields took out manure, sentencing:

Manure is dense, and the barn is not empty;

Where superfluous peg manure, there superfluous bread gingerbread; Who a lot of manure in the field puts

, that always waits for a guaranteed gain; Get

antiquated to manure, sheaves will fall with a cart.

“the toloka on a navoznitsa“ fell on Tikhon. Toloka (a talak, to help) - custom of mutual aid of fellows villager each other in urgent work. By tradition did not pay for it, and generously treated upon termination of work, arranged a sumptuous feast with wine and home brew, songs and dancings. Generally, by the principle: terminated business, walk safely.

From Tikhon and to Petrov day were accepted to active collecting medicinal herbs and korenyev. Was considered that during this time they have special curative force. At the same time noticed: if the acacia or an adonis emit nectar, means wait for a rain; if the fern displaces leaves - for the next day will be solar and hot. By the way, about healing. Addressed Tikhon Uteshitel with entreaty about disposal of a toothache: “Saint Tikhon, utish, My God, diseases and all illnesses tooth“.

Prayer to Tikhon is frequent replaced with the appeal to a new moon: “Month you, month, silver horns, your gold legs! Descend you, month, soym my tooth grief, carry away you pain under clouds. My grief neither is small, nor is heavy, and your force mighty; there is tooth, here two, here three, take my grief. Month you, month, hide from me tooth grief in eyelids. Amen.“ .

Such address, of course, was not casual: the growing moon symbolized force capable to undertake what disturbs the person and to transform to good energy.

But if the lunar calendar did not allow to realize “contact“ with a month, sentenced differently:

The dawn is scarlet, a dawn morning, a dawn the zaryanichny, fair maiden, the person nice, the night-bird; in a wide field a hare - a poskakushka, in the sea blue spacious a stone stone, and at the bottom sea Limar Limariny. Cover you with a raincoat golden, a dawn of zaryaniyets, teeth my mournful, hide a veil silver from Limar Limariny, under your cover reliable my teeth will remain. The enemy my artful, Limar Limariny, go away from me, the God`s slave and if you begin to destroy, ache yes to gnaw my teeth, then I will push off you in Gehenna fiery, in an underworld flame. My word is reliable yes strong. To this plot there is a lock yes a key - the sky and the earth.

Probably, it is necessary to explain who such is Limar Limariny. Limaryami in old times named shornik, and limariny (limarshchiny, limarshchinovy) means result of a dressing by a preliminary soaking in kvass, a zaryvaniye in manure and a manual vyminaniye.

Except heavenly defenders, addressed vegetable charms. For example, found escapes of a young nettle and over them read:

For the sake of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen, amen, amen. The mother is darling, a krapivushka green, caustic, a tree sacred! Near me, the Christian (name) costs the God`s slave, worms black sharpen his teeth; you, the mother darling, a krapivushka green, a tree sacred, those worms black a povyveda, from povygona tooth and if you do not povyvedt, do not povygonit, I you on the sun hot will dry up; and if you povyvedt, you povygonit, I for the third day will let out you.

With these words a nettle, having tied up a tape, inclined to the earth, and in 3 days removed a tape.

Of course, a toothache - the piece very unpleasant, and presently, of course, is more reliable the help of the stomatologist. But pay attention what poetical and expressive texts were composed in old times to cope with an illness!