Rus Articles Journal

From what not to drink, the right if in life there is a lot of not on temper?

Leave me alone

Foes and enemies.

Ya I will leave itself hard drinking,

Only do not get on back of me.

A bittern of vodka I only a glass

Or a bottle of wine - all the same! I will look

At once as the boy

I remove me though at cinema.

The soul outright -

From the small fry nasty all evil ached. to me to be forgotten by

though for a minute, Yes to understand

in what it was not lucky.

I with life perhaps, said goodbye,

Mother with the father I already buried. there is no

them any more, could though to dream.

As to me further - that to live, I would ask.

Everything is somehow cloudy, dim around.

Vanity, hopelessness and lie.

On a current I - not to that course,

Well, and against, it - on.

I know, the witness I will be not all,

A misunderstood - I will give between an eye.

Everything into place will place only time,

A which now, by the way, hour?

It seems late already or early?

Yes what difference is in that,

Kohl in my soul a laceration.

of Pokhmelyus - will become easier then.

I also am ready to speak about harm of alcoholism indefinitely, but how many do not tell about it how many do not try to show on own example, and the problem remains not only in universal scale, and is absolutely nearby and every day. That the neighbor was torn in an insole and tries to break open own door, the passer on the street, with the gone crazy goggle glazishcha will stare in an emphasis, it is good if without any intentions to fight or squabble.

About what to say yes if does not pass day not to meet drunk. They everywhere, everywhere. There is a lot of them that you do not cease to be surprised, from generation to generation. It is visible, it is a vicious circle from which there is no exit. And business even not in an occasion and not in the choice of a way of life, genetic dependence, predisposition, a social environment and other causes. The matter is that we are also such, did not become, and always were such and we will be. It is good still that not everything, but very many.

And if honestly to admit, then this much just anything else it is not necessary how to be dissolved under the influence of alcohol, to merge with it together and anything not to think of any more, not to aspire to anything. And what for? Unless for many there is some other exit?

Not all equally simply solve problems, not all in general are capable to solve them. Most of people are capable to endure a grief, sufferings, treachery etc., but it is a lot of and such, which are not capable in a different way, except as by means of alcohol to equilibrate with world around and with itself.

Not without reason the mankind thought up how to bring itself to a state of intoxication. And what the part of the population drinks without any measure, so is, probably, one of the principles of natural selection. The option is granted to everyone and as it will use it, this its personal record. Any bans, arrangements, coding, it is medicamentous also by other methods this problem not to solve.

Will always drink how regrettably it sounded. That people see and know what occurs, eventually with abusing very few people stops.

Personally at me addiction to alcoholic drinks never arose. Somehow so it developed. In my relatives, even in far, there was no alcoholic. But here, as for friends and acquaintances, so for a long time many are dead for this reason. In youth, out of curiosity when you seek to learn everything, tried time to kill very much to understand what the state such to which many aspire constantly is. Tried, it turned out, terribly it was not pleasant and I had enough it for the rest of life.

Though still, sometimes I remove stresses or in the pleasant company in a good occasion I am able to afford, but not superfluous. In it I see nothing bad.

Who cannot bridle himself, the main thing in time, it is only possible to advise one - cannot drink - do not drink, you cannot but drink - drink to blue in the face, Kondraty that was to normal people without such in this world easier will not grab yet.