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And in what you go at home?

One my acquaintance was famous for the fact that every evening met the husband from work dressed in an evening dress and shoes on heels.

- The matter is that my husband - the person secular, he a lot of time communicates with people from show - business, and he in other clothes just does not perceive me, - she explained. - Somehow time, I do not remember any more that I on me was for a dressing gown, he with astonishment raised an eyebrow and asked: “What it on you? Oh, my God! Any more never remove and put on it at me!“

All couples having already decent term of the relations face that begin to perceive each other as the close relative: share secrets, thoughts, tell each other dreams, go on the house in what got used.

It leads to the fact that romanticism in the relations is lost. He knows where its laying lies in the house, she sees it every day in the same trenik: “Would walk about on the house with a fig leaflet better, than in these terrible trousers!“ An is impossible if it is necessary to live side by side with parents or you have children.

1. Down with a dressing gown!

the Dressing gown is a bathing accessory, it is put on after a bathtub or a shower, it is carried in a sauna, but in any way not by(with) houses. There is still such kind of dressing gowns as peignoirs, they are pertinent in the morning at breakfast of thetas - and thetas. If you put on a peignoir in the evening - it looks as a frank appeal in a bedroom.

2. No to shabby things!

As often happens: “This T-shirt already terrible to go outside in it, but at home it is quite possible to wear it“, - the economical hostess reflects. Wait, but if on the street you in it are afraid to be shown, then why you are not afraid to show this thing to the dearest person who you have, - to the spouse?

3. What bad is in a nudism?

Some partners living separately and who were not in time to get children yet walk about on the house “in what mother gave rise“.

Pluses: conveniently, pleasantly, skin breathes.

Minuses: nudists get used to a type of a naked body and cease to perceive the naked partner as sexual object. Therefore to cause desire in the spouse, it is necessary as it is strange, simple to put on.

4. The choice of the woman

the Main task of the woman - (forgive for a tautology, but...) to be womanly, sensitive, gentle, romantic, mysterious and charming.

Therefore it is not important that it will be: a lovely dress, frank pass - a skirt, a translucent tunic or well the trousers fitting on you. The main thing that you felt in it attractive. Do not think that if you are busy with house efforts, then it is possible “to lower“ the appearance to the housewife`s level with hair curlers on hair and a frying pan in a hand.

5. Destiny of the man

For the man in house clothes the main thing - comfort and neatness. You can be a poet in boxer shorts in peas or in a kilt, (to whom that is pleasant), or the fan of “Spartak“ in a suit of the favorite team, or the plumber in the jeans overalls which are put on a naked body. But do not turn into the fat sweaty brutal man with a three-day bristle in shorts with yesterday`s spots from beer, your darling will not estimate it.

And better remember how you behaved on the first appointment as were dressed that was told to the spouse or the spouse. Postpone all cares (in the form of the broken crane, dirty ware and an unprepared dinner) and you descend where - nibud together as earlier, present that this your second appointment. Perhaps it will force you to reconsider the habitual course of your life and to improve something in your relations.

And let your love boat will never crash the lake. shabby t-shirts and slovenly trenik!