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Protection against thieves for the period of holiday of

Ah, this summer heat, the sea, the sun, is time holidays. But also it is time blossoming of burglaries. As to us to secure itself today and to leave quietly, we will tell on the same dacha. Quite recently at one mine I saw the friend at windows, a canopy very much it became interested, appeared - these are rolleta. Very often abroad they are called by rolletam, and at us in Russia - rolling shutters. Today this serious concept as rolling shutters, is perceived at us - as the main security measure of windows, doors and all other. They quite not badly serve as means and almost main level of protection as what, a sun blind, habitual for us. As this security measure from breaking of malefactors, sometimes rolling shutters are and as protective blinds.

Rolling shutters as an innovation of the person, came to us from Europe. Therefore we (Russians) nevertheless try to hold equality on producers of this production abroad, but despite it learned to let out qualitative rolling shutters in Russia too long ago. Our Russian masters do qualitative rolling shutters (rolleta) of the European material. The main component of any rolling shutter is a lamel (an interline interval from wood of the most various breeds which to be made by method of planing or a pileniye. Its thickness per se can fluctuate from 1 to 10 mm.) it is a basic element in creation.

In the European countries came to a conclusion that it is better to do lamels of metal. And sometimes lamels from aluminum approach. Germans and Italians have the approaches and the methods to how to do qualitative, standard rolling shutters. Germans, and Italians apply metal which it is prepared by method of roller rolling &ndash in a basis; in analog, it is the curtailed sheets. But thickness it a say profile - rolling at Germans is approximately twice more. From here the essential difference in the price creeps out. In making look fat clear that the more metal goes for production of rollet, the this production, but the high price, the higher and quality (in given by a case a rolling shutter will have the increased durability) will manage more expensively.

The Italian profiles - rollings should be considered as more sun-protection, but they less strong, than German. If you are interested in rolling shutters (rolleta) as means the main security measure from breaking, then it is better to give all preference to material from Germany. So it is not necessary to listen to those sellers who are ready to push to you for protection goods which are less strong. In general, in this case a lot of things depend on mentality. At Germans only aluminum rolling shutters as the main weapon and a prophylactic from breaking are always used in a proizvdstvo. Let`s sum up the result: in Russia after all it would be expedient to us to do rolling shutters metal.