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How to pokleit wall-paper??? Easily

the Important role in creation of high-quality repair play wall-paper as they can give to walls the most different shades. To Pokleit wall-paper with small drawings, you will make the room visually bigger. In big rooms it is possible to pokleit wall-paper of saturated flowers with big drawings. Paper wall-paper on durability concedes to the washing wall-paper. If you want to keep regularly purity of walls, it is necessary to pokleit such wall-paper. They the best on durability and a gigiyenichnost.

The first step - we prepare walls in order that it is correct to pokleit wall-paper. If on walls there is no limy paint, they can be covered with wall-paper. If the house was built recently, it is necessary to wait several months the shtukatrka on walls will not dry yet. On walls wall-paper is glued for the first time? Then they need to be prepared. To Poshpaklevat, progruntovat.

The second step - we consider how many for you it is necessary material. At first you measure room perimeter. Let`s allow the apartment square and each wall 4 m. Then the perimeter will be 16 square meters. You know what width of a roll. Let will be 0,5 (a meter floor) If 16/0. 5, you receive the number of necessary sheets on length as room height. To define how many sheets will turn out from a roll divide its length into room height. For calculation of rolls divide the number of sheets into their quantity from one roll. It is necessary to buy more than it is necessary for you at least on one roll. The remains can be used for a cover of books. Be CAREFUL HO!!!! If length of a roll of 10 meters, and ceiling height 2,6 meters, then an exit from 1 roll to turn out 3 cloths. Be not mistaken, IT is IMPORTANT. Once again to go to shop or to a stroyrynok, you will not want to go... PROVERENNO)) How to pokleit wall-paper

the Third step - correctly we cut wall-paper. For cutting of work sheets it is necessary to mark lines are perpendicular to the parties of wall-paper. It is possible to cut without lines if straight line drawing, it is otherwise easy to be mistaken. When you buy wall-paper, check whether shades of all rolls are identical. Different sheets it will not be beautiful looks in the room. The long table will facilitate cutting for a pokleyka of wall-paper. Put it so that it was possible to approach from the different parties. That the leaf stood it is steadily necessary to press down it than that heavy. It is necessary to cut so that drawing of each subsequent leaf coincided with previous that is when you glue, have to not separate fragments, but complete drawing will turn out.

The fourth step - we apply glue on wall-paper. At this stage sheets lie on a table or a floor. It is necessary to smear with glue only one half. It is desirable that that is farther from you. Then you smear glue according to all leaf.

the Fifth step - we glue wall-paper. Before gluing wall-paper, smear with glue hard-to-reach spots (at plinths, on corners, near windows, near sockets). It is necessary to begin with a corner. Better that in the course of bonding of wall-paper two participated. One pokleyshchik becomes on a step-ladder with a leaf of wall-paper and pastes the top part so what it would not go obliquely. Then the movements from top to down it is necessary to glue the rest. For this purpose use a brush or a razgonka. The assistant at first held bottom edge, now he on slightly lowers it and imposes on a wall. When the lower part is pasted, it is necessary to cut off the rest. If at you bends turned out, you should not wait so far glue will dry up. Accurately unstick, then straighten a leaf. If bubbles were formed, you should not smooth down them. They already will dry.