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What it, happiness of the actress? Life and destiny of July bright stars

Each person has own idea of happiness. Someone is happy because that near it darling, someone is pleased by children, the convenient apartment arranges others.

Our heroines are in searches of happiness too … Both in life, and on a scene, they are actresses.

Actress Lyudmila Alekseevna Chursina (on July 20, 1941) it is sure that the person is made by love happy. Love to a family, to life, to a profession. “Someone fairly told that good and love, - Chursina says, - rule the world … Directors often during rehearsals repeat to the actor: you play the angry person - look for in him kind. And they are right“.

it began to be removed, studying in theatrical school. But work at cinema did not bring to Chursina satisfaction. “Roles were too small, - she remembered, - without “scope“. But Lyudmila did not despond and critics already then did not ignore her the. The actress - high, beautiful, with “not Soviet“ appearance was very good.

The success came to the actress after shooting “The Don story“ where she with big reliability created an image of Cossack Darya, the beloved of the Red Army man Yakov of Shibalko. The director Vladimir Fetin who became subsequently the first spouse of Chursina skillfully showed love, despair and mental anguish of the main characters.

Chursina played unforgettable roles in the movies “Crane“, “Viriney“, “It Is Gloomy - the River“, “Lyubov Yarovaya“, etc. The actress received a set of awards for the best works. Today it works in theater of the Russian army.

The actress does not like to speak about the private life. Chursina, having divorced V. Fetin, married twice. Igor Andropov, the diplomat, the son of the Secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU Yury Andropov was her last spouse. On requests of various editions to write “memoirs“ answers that to her “it is uninteresting to remind of itself thus“. Lyudmila Alekseevna devotes free time to the sister`s family, nephews, reads much, likes to wander on the wood and to dream.

If Lyudmila Chursina, was not going to become an actress, but, having arrived from Stalinobad (today it is Dushanbe) to Moscow, Irina Rozanova entered to three theatrical university, then (on July 22, 1961) at once conquered the capital, only from the second time having become the student of GITIS. Irina Yurevna was born in an actor`s family and always dreamed to work in theater.

Rozanova considers herself as the happy actress, she acted in movies of many eminent directors where the famous actors - Oleg Borisov, Alice Freindlich, Inna Churikova, Evgeny Leonov, Valentin Gaft, Sergey Nikonenko were her partners, etc.

the Actress was remembered to the audience in movies “Two Days“, “Servant“, “Peter I. Will“, “Irony of love“, “the Voroshilovsky shooter“, “Savage“, “Dandies“, “Stranger in the house“. And movie of the director Pyotr Todorovsky “Anchor, still anchor!“ won the first prizes at festivals of “Nickname“, “Constellation - 93“, “Kinotavr“, and also it was noted at the World film forum in Tokyo. In Russia Rozanova was conferred an award for the best execution of a female role in this movie.

Most of all Irina Yurevna does not love “idle times in life and at cinema“. Marking time not on it, not that character. She dashingly drives the car, likes to fish, often visits the family in Ryazan from where it is, and … works in theater of the Moscow Council. The actress does not oppose family life to career. She was several times married. “There are fine actor`s unions, - she says, - and there is a lot of them. So it developed that I have no children, but I love and it is loved. And it is still important to live in harmony with himself. I aspire to it“.

Natalya Belokhvostikova (on July 28, 1951) answering questions of journalists once, admitted: “I with admiration look at those actresses for whom actor`s life on the first place. But personally I could never incline a bowl of scales in favor of a profession which, nevertheless, very much I love“. More than 30 years Natalya Nikolaevna lives with the husband famous for the director Vladimir Naumov. They have a daughter Natalya who went in the footsteps of the father, she is a director.

The Muscovite Natalya Belokhvostikova in the childhood was far from a film world. The father is a diplomat, mother is a translator. Natasha wanted to learn languages. However in 13 years for the first time acted in the movie “Fidelity of Mother“ of the director Mark Donskoy. Natalya got acquainted with Mark Donskoy in Sweden where he arrived to remove the last meeting of Lenin with mother. People were necessary for the director for game in mass meeting, and he came for the help to Belokhvostikova`s father.

Here that Natalya Nikolaevna tells: “I at that time stayed with parents, was already quite large, high. I was dressed, made up under … Lenin`s mother. I told nothing at cinema, only went in the carriage. It was my debut“. But life “brought together“ Natasha with cinema. And in 16 years, graduating from the Moscow school, she became the student of a director`s course of Sergey Gerasimov and his wife, Tamara Makarova.

The audience for certain knows Natalya Belokhvostikova according to such movies as “At the lake“, “The princess of circus“, “Red and black“, “A legend of Thiele“, “Tehran - 43“, “Small tragedies“, etc.

As well as Natalya Belokhvostikova, future actress Inna Makarova (on July 28, 1928) too studied at legendary Sergey Gerasimov. The director always watched closely creativity of the students. In young Inna he managed to see character, actor`s temperament and a female charm. When Gerasimov began to shoot the movie “Young Guard“, for Lyubka Shevtsova`s role he approved Inna Makarova.

In consciousness of many people Lyubki`s image forever merged with the actress Makarova. For work in this movie the young actress was conferred the Stalin award.

At Makarova the affair with the student of a gerasimovsky course Sergey Bondarchuk began. It was more senior than Inna for six years, but seemed to her very adult. Makarova apprehended its offer to marry it with some confusion. She considered that she is not ready to family life. They got married in three years after acquaintance when they gave birth to the daughter Natalya (nowadays - the director).

After participation in movies “Height“, “My Dear Person“ Inna Makarova became one of the most popular actresses of the Soviet cinema. By this time Sergey Bondarchuk acted almost in 10 movies and was going to create the movie “Destiny of the Person“. But their family life did not develop. Inna Makarova remembered: “Sergey was in continuous traveling, I acted too. Our back was followed by some talk - a pier, unless it is a family? It was opposite. Once I was called in the Central Committee, asked how we live. Our personal relations interested all“. In ten years of joint life of the spouse dispersed.

Later Inna Makarova married the famous pulmonologist, professor Mihail Perelman.

105 years ago the star of domestic cinema Vera Maretskaya was born (on July 31, 1906 - on August 17, 1978) She became an actress contrary to desire of parents. - studio which was directed by Yury Zavadsky Maretskaya played many interesting roles in theater. Verochka fell in love with the teacher at first sight and married him. They gave birth to the son. But their family life was short. Zavadsky left Maretskaya to other woman.

Work helped the actress to stand. Movies with its participation “The cutter from Torzhok“, “Artamonov` Business“, “It protects the Homeland“, “Member of the government“, “Mother“ brought it huge popularity.

In 1940 Yury Zavadsky headed theater of the Moscow Council. Vera Petrovna could go to other theater, (offers were), but she remained near the master. Maretskaya all life was where also Zavadsky though was already in second marriage and gave birth to the daughter. Vera Petrovna was not only the friend and Zavadsky`s assistant, but also one of primas of theater.

In conclusion it would be desirable to remember A. Lincoln`s words: “Most of people are happy so as far as they decided to be happy“.