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Whether it is easy to be the superman in an environment of monsters?

davny - rule long ago the World of video games exclusives. Greedy developers charge a fee for an exclusivity and deprive millions of owners of some PC of happiness in the form of Halo 3 or God of War.

Sony best of all works with exclusives. While on Xbox 360 there is no known and reviewed on 10/10 taytl, PS3 rolls in glory of Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2.

In 2009 Sony decided to create something on Crackdown and called Sucker Punch as the developer. It was the wise decision - its child obviously descendants will know.

inFamous was remarkable game. It was it is interesting. It is various. And also suffered from disgusting animation. In inFamous we were a superman - but at once it was visible that to be it not so - that easy. The second part explains history of the first very little so here it in brief.

The courier Cole McGrath lived in Empayr City. Once it was given a parcel and when it informed of it an appointment point, ordered to open. It entailed the explosion which killed a heap to the people - and the control over electricity which gave to Cole. Cole departed from a kuryerstvo, began to practice in a throwing of lightnings and destruction of bandits, and city TV very much tried to do much harm to it. Trish, his girlfriend, whose sister died in explosion, turned away from it, and Cole began to look for guilty. Also found Kessler who killed Trish. Kessler was killed by Cole, but before death reported to the fact that they are the same person. In the future “Animal“ came to the world and killed all, and Kessler ran away with Trish. The animal found and killed her, and Kessler returned to the past that to correct everything.

In inFamous of force were similar to any weapon from TPS, but the hero all the same seemed mighty - it could fly! But the main thing - Cole himself solved whom to it to be and how to treat the city - as the call, so the echo.

In inFamous 2 everything begins with the fact that to Cole somebody is Lucie Kuo who calls him in New - to Mara, will amplify before fight with the Animal. Unfortunately, the Animal was before put, won against Cole and Empayr - City destroyed. Nevertheless, Cole managed to run away and get to New - to Mara.

There it is even worse than business, than in Empayr - City. Bogs leave mutants, the city is occupied by the Militia standing against - all - bad people, and still there is a gang of kriokinetik. Kuo takes away us to Doctor Vulf, and that gives us the thingummy killing conductors (superpeople). It should be loaded with power kernels which very opportunely give new abilities.

Subject missions are started on search of Kernels, but there are also tasks on rescue, destruction etc. All missions are not difficult, but also are not simple - all - the Militia, mutants and cryokinetics do not doze. Minor missions and remained interesting and various. And for especially gifted there is small LittleBigPlanet - it is possible to create the missions and to exchange them in PSN.

The main pleasure - new abilities. When the Animal won against Cole, it took away part of his force, but not all - that is the part of original abilities remained with Cole. Over time these abilities are multiplied, and soon they become very much that it is necessary to use the “Menu of management of abilities“ appointing a special type of attack for each button. To the middle of game the hero can receive kriokinez or pirokinez at own choice a vdabavka to ability telekinesis to lift cars, to be tightened to enemies and to create a tornado - total around 50 abilities. Besides, Cole has “Rated sportsman“ now - an iron fork - a bludgeon with which it can spectacularly undress enemies in near fight. It is possible to spit on the western reviews whose authors are dissatisfied with behavior of a chamber - everything absolutely normally.

In general with increase of strength of the main character enemies everything amplify, and the Animal - comes nearer. But - but! - Cole already almost god of a thunder, also behaves suitably.

The Reputations system from the first part returned - elections became more difficult, and the difference - is more. The same pirokinez is a destiny of the evil, no more no less. And the most interesting that to be kind neither slightly nor less favourably, than angry! The matter is that kindly more oreintirovanno on force of a kriokinez who really zamorazhvat enemies. Unfortunately, pirokinez is only increase in radius of defeat and a loss, well it is fine, after all at the Evil much more destructive abilities in electricity.

Old companion Zeke returned together with the gun. Nevertheless, the expected Sasha and Alden (who were so fallen in love to fans of leaders of gangs) simply it is not visible, they are not even mentioned. And in general the plot of inFamous 2 is focused on those who took place the first part, read the comic book from DC and knows who such Moya and from where John undertook. At special desire it is possible to find about it a lot of everyone, but not to avoid spoilers.

Still the attention is deserved by parkour - Cole as if the Spiderman, climbs walls and does not die even of falling from a skyscraper. Old “induction sliding“ (ability to slide on rails and wires) returned, and still there is “an induction breakthrough“ (helps to jump on buildings on pipes), a jump about cars and flight. In general, almost any ability of Cole can be used in parkour - if to rise on the car and to lift it, then we will fly up, and further - there is no place more simply. And to the end of the game there is a hook - a cat, as in Just Cause that very much helps with rock-climbing.

All aforesaid is added with magnificent graphics, a good soundtrack and “Ionic Attacks“ - the most powerful receptions. If you remember, in the first part “Thunder-storm“ (the most powerful ability) absorbed one kernel for activation and killed almost all from one hit - it was possible to use only it all subsequent time and not to be sorry. But now four Ionic attacks consume Ionic charges which occasionally drop out of enemies.

At everything thus, the longer you play, the stronger you understand that all old openings are blocked and to chiterit now it will not turn out. The power limit both was, and remained - and from it interestingly doubly. Also there were kollektibla - the same splinters increasing the volume of batteries, Hiding places which open plot subtleties, and tricks for which give experience which can be spent for new forces and upgrades. To buy everything, it is necessary to pass a plot, minor missions and, whenever possible, the missions created by users.

Perhaps, the most high point of inFamous 2 is when you, having made extremely bilateral choices, having cleared the city of enemies and having won against the Animal, climb on the highest building in the city, stand there and examine New - to Mara. The understanding that all this yours comes. And still - that for the sake of it it was worth working and to be a person with a force - not so simply as it seems. And then - that honor it also interestingly.

Very few people will manage to press inFamous 2 - AC have chances: Revelations, at new Batman or Gears of War 3, at Modern Warfare 3, at several others and at Prototype 2. And now there is no city better, than New - to Mara, the hero more abruptly, than Cole McGrath, is more terrible than the enemy, than the Animal.

Progress with the first part is available - graphics better, the gameplay is more various, all epichny... The keyword in inFamous 2 - is a lot of. It is a lot of world, missions, abilities, plot, bonuses for the preorder...

Gameplay: 10

Graphics: 9

Sound: 10

Plot: 9

TOTAL: 9. 5

P. S. In Russia game was completely localized.