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What they, country fears?

watched one transmission Not so long ago about health in which it was told about what dangers trap us at the dacha.

It turns out, their three:

1. Radon - it nobody saw radioactive gas, nobody can feel, but it is there. And that to get rid of it (just imagine!) the Geiger counter and an open window leaf suffices. And you already bought radiation counter to yourself on the dacha?

2. The second threat - accumulation in the room of carbon dioxide which can get poisoned. It is possible to think that the country house is something “without windows, without doors, the room of people is full“.

3. And, at last, the paint containing lead . Heard that it is enough to child to inhale a small piece of the flogged paint to get poisoned. It is necessary to hope that after this transfer people at repair of rooms will approach the choice of building materials consciously.

Seriously, let`s talk about real dangers which trap summer residents during a summer season.

1. Food frustration

When we appear

in the country, our vigilance for some reason weakens. The proximity to the nature does not mean that it is possible to eat dirty berries and fruit directly from trees and bushes or that it is not obligatory to wash hands. Microbes and pathogenic bacteria disappeared less and you brought their most part with yourself.

Therefore do not forget to wash hands before food. Do not drink well unboiled water, it contains many unhealthy impurity. Wash properly all vegetables and fruit and you watch quality of cooking. The half-cooked shish kebab is fraught with diarrhea.

2. The artful sun

the situation which is Often found in the summer: people go to the dacha, spend much time in the fresh air and do not notice how for couple of days they burn. If you work in a garden at the seasonal dacha and put something, weed, water or just roll with the book on a grass, do not forget to use sun-protection means. And in peak of solar activity (from 12:00 till 15:00) it is better if your back is closed by a t-shirt, and the head - a hat. Do not forget about small children, their gentle skin burns quicker.

With surprise observed once as the girl of years of four ran stark naked on the beach. Her mother, probably, considered it as darling. And by the way, the children`s organism is especially vulnerable, children at such age in general are not recommended to sunbathe. On a body of the person there are zones to which direct sunshine are contraindicated regardless of age. Just as also beach sand in which there live not useful bacteria is contraindicated to them.

3. “My back!“

Are people who just adore work therapy, they can look after for hours beds: to weed, water, put, thin out carrot. Such habit to work was developed for years: to grow up, stock for the winter. Well and that that a half of this harvest in the fall sgniyot in the subfield! There is a wish to warn aged people: be not overzealous! Physical work is useful when it moderately, and excessive causes only pain in a waist, a back and a neck. Keep yourself!

4. It is less than extreme

Cheerfully to run out, of course, stark naked from a hot bath or a sauna and at once to jump to the cool lake or to dive into the small river if to you and you have 20-30 years no heart troubles and vessels. After 50 - ti so you should not play about. Who knows how many the ambulance will reach your housing estate and what there road at you.

5. “Waters! Waters!“

Dehydration - not smaller danger to our organism during the summer period. Therefore you watch drinking enough liquid. And surely let`s drink to children. Better if it is simple mineral water or the cooled-down tea, but not carbonated drinks with dyes and fragrances.

Drink water of room temperature, do not satisfy thirst with cold water, it will be extremely offensive to get sick with cold in the middle of summer. Try not to take during a heat alcoholic beverages in large numbers, they can provoke organism dehydration. Even the use of beer in hot weather can worsen your health. Therefore I am eager to satisfy better with mineral water, kvass, any fruit drinks and fruit compotes.

6. “We burn!“

do not kindle a fire on the open earth in close proximity to trees and structures. Buy a brazier for preparation of shish kebabs and a barbecue or make a brazier of bricks. Surely track fire and be convinced that it went out before departure from giving. Fill in coals with water or fill up with sand.

Do not throw stubs of cigarettes into a grass! Get to yourself an ashtray. The outstanding cigarette which is incidentally thrown by the smoker can become the reason of the terrible fire. It is necessary to tell that 45% of the fires happen because of the person. And 59% of people perish from - for the cigarette which is not extinguished before going to bed which appears in their life of the last.

Protect the health! At - Country to you rest!