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“Monetary“ method of education - what it gives?

“Each child are an artist. Difficulty is in remaining the artist, having been above children`s age“ . Pablo Picasso

mankind always considered as the Most popular and most effective method of education of the child in a family a method of “carrot and stick“. Only in some countries - for example, in Japan - it is permissible to small children to do everything that to them will like, but also it lasts to a certain age. Generally around the world to children, from the moment of their birth and to full independence, two miracle pedagogical forces - punishment and encouragement practiced.

Punished offsprings everywhere approximately equally: for small pranks and faults, for example, locked the child in a dark closet or deprived of some sweet, for faults is more serious, such as chronic school poor progress, disrespect of seniors, small theft - forced to the knees on peas, often reached also a manhandling. But now in many countries adopted such laws which automatically reduce all rigid parental methods of punishment of children to a criminal offense with approximately such formulation: “parental tyranny“.

Probably, it is correct, a whip - “barbarous heritage of a dark era“. But now process of parental education considerably became complicated, in an arsenal parents had only one “gingerbread“. And now let`s remember that parents all are entirely busy presently with the career, to raise to them children especially once. But to bring up - that, though hurriedly, but is necessary. How to do it? You will not surprise with usual gingerbread of the child. And in general, without “whip“ this pedagogical “gingerbread“ does not work. Means, it is necessary to find to gingerbread worthy replacement.

Recently - all - the century of capitalism outside - practices in some families encouragement of children with money. The child received the five - receive the stipulated sum, descended in shop behind products - take away delivery to yourself, helped mother with cleaning of the apartment - here you, the child, money for cinema and for ice cream. Isn`t that so, conveniently? Depending on prosperity in a family, rewards vary, but the sense of such education is reduced to one: you want to have money for pocket expenses - try not to afflict us; if you want the laptop - if you please, then finish a quarter at least without three.

And children try, some - very much, fight for each positive school mark, sometimes reaches nervous breakdowns. Some teachers carry out with us, parents, explanatory conversations now on the fact that the school assessment for the child is not the main thing. Once at PTA meeting the form-master of my daughter told - one child directly and shouted to the teacher in a face: “Now from - for your two sneakers will not buy me!“ Shouted frenziedly, with tears in the eyes. Of course, an exceptional case in the sense that not each child will venture it to shout to the teacher in a face.

But that is created in souls of those children for which - thanks to a parental initiative - school classes turned into places where it is possible to earn additionally well. Perhaps, for protection of these children it is time to issue the decree under which parents will not have the right to deprive of children of gifts for bad notes. And it is better in general, at the end of each school day, it is independent, because, that at it in the diary - we are obliged to meet the child on a threshold with the next gift. And if met him without gift, the child has the right to file a lawsuit against the parent.

Jokes jokes, but also children raised by method of monetary encouragement and their parents, approach various creative competitions and festivals with same pragmatical “troubles“: we will not go to this festival because there a small prize fund! And the school Olympic Games are a waste of time because do not pay for them at all. However, when they realize that, appears, with diplomas of winners of the Olympic Games it is simpler to enter the institute, some interest appears.

Of course, for protection of such parental positions it is possible to provide the clever phrase: “The end justifies the means“. It is considered that aim at school one - the child has to gain knowledge. And it is not important with what way process of training of the child is encouraged, - there would be a result. Let for sneakers and for the bicycle, but the child studies as the firm five from year to year. Same it is healthy. The head works, knowledge grows!

The head - that works … Only in what direction it works? In that direction what it is necessary to pay for everything? And when you suddenly - God forbid - will fall into such state that you will not be able to help the child whether his feelings to you will grow cold. You in his soul put the strong moral installation “it is necessary to pay for everything“. Whether it is necessary “to pay“ you for such education?

But we will not run forward. Now we say about how to the child, well-mannered to study for money, to be risen to creative festivals and competitions? Such children want to appear on stage too, to draw, write music and verses. And parents not against, encourage the child: “You will become some star, you will live in clover“. And the child has a desire to become a star. But got used to remunerations for school “victories“, he does not know yet: to win on creative actions, it is not enough one cramming, also the talent is necessary. You can pay the singing child for each correctly sung note any money, but if he does not subdue jury, the winner he will not become. It is possible, of course, to try to buy also jury, but the viewer will see forgery at once.

In the world of art it is known long ago - the creator will never reach anything if at the time of creation of the masterpiece he thinks of that how many to it will pay for it. The artist, the writer, the composer, the screenwriter, the actor, the performer of music - yes all real masters at the time of creativity completely pogruzhyona only in art material. Creators are as if released from the world, they come off reality and live absolutely in another dimension. In it an essence of great secret of art skill. Of course, all of us remember Pushkin`s lines: “The inspiration is not on sale, but it is possible to sell the manuscript“. The manuscript - that can be sold, but if pragmatically to count all days spent for it, and then also to assume that the manuscript just will not turn out ingenious, then there is a reasonable question: whether it is worth starting writing of the manuscript in general?

The real creator creates only because cannot but create. And, as a rule, material well-being comes to it by itself, but, alas, not really soon. First he is trapped by misunderstanding. But it is not terrible because happiness of creative flight is incomparable.

Instead of paying the child money for his five, buy to him things “unnecessary“ at first sight: guitars, pipes, flutes, the most various art paints, books, cameras, reproductions of pictures, cutters on a tree, sets for embroidery - to put it briefly, all that can induce your child to creativity. It is necessary that all these things were in the eyes and constantly teased it.

Also you do not say that books collect dust, and the guitar is not necessary because to your child there stepped on an ear a bear. From where you know it? Here when your house will turn into salon of musical instruments, and all singing friends of your child will stretch to you on a visit - then your child and will start singing - will play, and at it the new, fine, filled with other great creative sense life will begin. Also its victories deserved, “gained“ by infinite rehearsals will begin.

And who knows, maybe, once your child will devote you the creations, and only then will feel that brought up him...