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How to earn from YouTube of

Well, we answer: in order that to earn from YouTube , you have to take several simple steps.

1. To shoot the interesting video, and you can make not only by means of a video camera, but also even using the ordinary mobile phone.

2. Having registered on YouTube. com, you fill in there the roller which in 10 minutes becomes available to all users of the Network.

3. You place on the page with the roller the block with advertizing from which to you there are payments for the principle of already well-known advertizing AdSense network. If you know nothing about it, then will be able to study its rules on the main page of Google.

4. But if you want to receive money for viewings then you need to place references to the rollers at such exchanges of video content as ZipRAR. ru and MetaCafe. com to receive money for each 1000 viewings of your video. Advantage of the first service is that it is the Russian-speaking website allowing to withdraw money, since $1. And advantage of the second - that he pays for $5 for 1000 viewings, but at the same time payments are possible only after your roller sees at least 20. 000 people. And besides it is necessary to know English a little at least.

For a start to you will need to create the account Google AdSense to the address adsense. google. com . It is absolutely not a complex challenge which will demand from you the only thing - ability to correctly write the address the English letters. At the same time you remember that the concept “correctly“ in this case means that you have to write the name and the name of the street so that your local mail carriers, but not employees of Google as will depend on the first could read them, you as a result receive the check with the money earned on YouTube or not.

But there is one secret. For registration the Google AdSense program will demand from you existence of the website which will long, moderate despite all promises, solving, to allow you to work or not. Therefore if you have no website, then it even simplifies your task. At first you go to www. blogger. com and, having registered own Google there - the account, you open the blog on the world famous Blogger platform. com. By the way, exactly thanking Google - to the account you get access to all other numerous services of Google with which you will get acquainted in process of development on this service.

Creating the blog, you can is made not to worry on the fact that you are not advanced a web - the master and never did anything similar as Google which possesses this service will offer you both ready templates of blogs, and textbooks on management of them.

Your task, having placed on the blog 1 - 2 it is desirable original a post, to be registered right there in Google AdSense. Only try that all personal information entered by you at registration completely coincided with your passport data, otherwise to you never to receive the check with the earned money.

After it you are connected to AdSense for video - youtube. com/cyc_adsense_settings, and also you create the personal record on YouTube, having entered it through the Google - the account. Everything, now you can begin to earn.

The most interesting that despite so long description, all registration and opening of the blog will not borrow you and half an hour. The only thing - should be waited until Google opens for you access to the advertizing service Google AdSense, and it can borrow from 2 days to 2 weeks. But after that, every time posting video on YouTube and putting a tag glad with the “Allow the Imposed Advertising AdSense for This Video“ offer, you automatically place at the beginning of your roller small advertizing from Google which will bring you money.

How many - very much it is hard to say, first of all everything will depend on how many people will watch your video, and at the same time will press advertizing. But at a certain share of optimism it is possible to count as on 1. 000 dollars a month, and on where large sums.

That`s all if to tell about an opportunity to earn on YouTube in brief. You learn more detailed information as soon as you begin to master this type of earnings. And if we missed something, then write us, or leave the remarks in comments. If they are really significant, we with pleasure will publish them on pages of our website in the form of separate article.