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Congenital stridor at the child. What is it and how to help?

Many of us faced such phenomenon as “stridor“ , however very few people from us know the nature of this phenomenon, the reason which can cause a stridor. But the most important whether we know, parents how it is worth behaving during a bad attack of a stridor at the child?

Clinical signs of a stridor

from first minutes after the birth at the child suffering from a congenital stridor can observe characteristic clinical manifestations: breath of the kid noisy, the thorax in some cases can sink down inside, at strongly expressed forms of a stridor short wind, tachycardia develops .

of the Reason of development of a stridor

the Reasons of a stridor can be various pathologies of airways:

Laringomalyation and trakheomalyation.

Paralysis / paresis of vocal chords.

Congenital narrowing (stenosis) of airways.

Good-quality educations in airways.

Malignant tumors of airways and many other things.

Development of bad attacks of a stridor.

In most cases, of course, depending on the reason causing it, the stridor is compensated and allows the child to develop and grow normally. Over time, usually by 3 - 4 years, children outgrow a stridor, and this terrible phenomenon remains behind.

However in some cases parents and children can face bad attacks of a stridor which can be caused, for example, by infections and inflammations of respiratory system. Often, even if reminds of a stridor only relatively noisy breath of the kid, but it is, as a rule, stable, against a disease everything can critically change. During pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases of respiratory system breath of the child can worsen, short wind develops. The condition of kids is aggravated with crying and a stress.

What to do in such situation?

If your kid suffers from

from a congenital stridor, you have to be ready to such situations in advance. What should be undertaken:

to Calm the child.

to Call an ambulance crew.

to Cool the room in which there is a child (to turn on the conditioner or to go outside if there is more cool, than indoors) - cold dry air somewhat removes puffiness of airways.

What will be undertaken by physicians?

Depending on a condition of the child, they can act in various ways.

If the condition of the kid allows to carry out medicamentous therapy, then it is possible, to your child inhalations with application of the hormonal preparations expanding airways it will be executed will allow to stabilize breath and to remove a bad attack of a stridor.

Also physicians can apply adrenaline at an ingalirovaniye that too helps to stabilize a state.

If a condition of the child critical, physicians can execute an intubirovaniye for oxygen ensuring access. It is important


the Compensated stridor can develop for a short time against catarrhal diseases into a sharp condition of respiratory insufficiency. In this regard at the slightest signs of deterioration in breath it is necessary to call quickly an ambulance crew, without waiting for approach of critical condition.

Article has exclusively information character and is not a medical grant .