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When the first air ram of the Great Patriotic War was made?

When come the speech Nikolay Gastello who threw the plane on the German column on June 26, 1941 under Radoshkovichami usually is remembered the rams made by the Soviet pilots during the Great Patriotic War.

However, still argue - who exactly was the author of a ram, the captain Gastello or the captain Maslov - both planes did not return on airfield. But put even not in it. The ram, widely known under a name of “Gastello`s feat “, is not air, it is a ram of the land purpose, it was called still a fiery ram.

And we will talk about air rams now - purposeful collision of the plane with the purpose which is airborne.

For the first time in the world the ram of an air target was made on August 26, 1914 by the famous pilot Pyotr Nesterov (he was the author of “loop“ which is called still “Nesterov`s loop“). Nesterov on the moran light plane rammed heavy Austrian “albatross“. As a result of a ram the enemy plane was shot down, but was lost inester. The collision blow was entered in history of art of piloting of planes, but was considered as the last resort deadly to the pilot who decided on it.

And here - the first day of the Great Patriotic War. “Today, on the twenty second of June, at 4 o`clock in the morning, without declaration of war, the German troops attacked our country …“ - heard a voice of Yury Levitan reading the statement of the Soviet government for attack of Germany on the USSR in all corners of the country, except where there were already fights. Well, those who suddenly appeared on a front line did not need additional reports. They already saw the enemy.

Many airfields were lost the first minutes of military operations - according to the fulfilled blitzkrieg tactics, the German aircraft bombed the sleeping airfields. But not all. The part of equipment managed to be rescued, having lifted planes in air. Here they - that also engaged - the first minutes since the beginning of war.

The Soviet pilots had only a theoretical idea of collision blow. It also is clear, yet came to nobody to mind to fulfill this reception in practice. And the history of aviation accurately defined collision blow as deadly to the pilot. And here - the first minutes of war rams began! And that the most interesting, not all of them were deadly.

Who exactly made the first air ram in the Great Patriotic War, it is almost impossible to define. On June 22 about 5 o`clock in the morning the senior lieutenant Ivan Ivanov serving in 46 - the m a destructive aviaregiment, made a ram “Heynkelya - 111“ around Mlynov (Ukraine). The pilot at a ram died, ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union it was awarded posthumously.

First ram? Perhaps. But here - on June 22 about 5 o`clock in the morning the second lieutenant Dmitry Kokorev serving in 124 - the m a destructive aviaregiment, made a ram of “Messerschmitt“ around Zambrov. Kokorev after a ram survived, for a feat was awarded the order the Red Banner, and died on October 12, 1941 near Leningrad.

On June 22 at 5 hours 15 minutes the second lieutenant Leonid Buterin serving in 12 - the m a destructive aviaregiment made a ram “Junkers - 88“ around Stanislav (the Western Ukraine). At a ram died. On June 22 about 6 o`clock in the morning the unknown pilot by At - 2 plane (them still tenderly called “ears“) made a ram of “Messerschmitt“ around Benefit (near Bialystok). At a ram died.

On June 22 about 10 o`clock in the morning the lieutenant Pyotr Ryabtsev serving in 123 - the m a destructive aviaregiment, made a ram “the Messerschmitt - 109“ over Brest. The pilot after collision blow survived - bailed out. Pyotr Ryabtsev was killed on July 31, 1941 in battles near Leningrad.

Young people decided on collision blows, protecting the earth from the enemy. They did not think that the ram is deadly. Moreover, they expected to destroy the enemy and to survive. And, as it appeared, it is quite real. They added not only heroic pages in Great Patriotic War history, but also the new page in history of aviation - the collision blow is not the reception which is unambiguously conducting to death of the pilot now! Moreover, subsequently it became clear that at a ram it is possible to rescue even the plane - after some rams pilots even managed to put quite efficient car (unless chassis were broken off as a result of a ram).

But it was already then. And the first minutes and hours of war the pilots going on a ram knew only one example - Pyotr Nesterov, the hero of World War I. And they took the deadly risk. Not for the sake of glory, for the sake of a victory. The pilots throwing the cars on a ram believed in what Levitan spoke to all country about: “Our right cause! The enemy will be broken, the victory will be for us!“

“And to us is necessary only one victory, one on all, we behind the price will not stand“, - they did not stand behind the price, paying as much as possible, giving own lives for the sake of this one on all Victories. They did not think who exactly of them will become the first with the ram, it to us, descendants, is interesting to find That Hero. And they even did not feel as heroes. Pyotr Ryabtsev about the ram wrote to the brother so: “I already clinked glasses in the sky with one Hitlerite swell. Drove it, the rascal, to the earth“, is not the description of a feat, he was proud not of a ram, and the fact that he destroyed one enemy!

“We are waited by fire deadly, and all it is powerless …“ - fire really was deadly, but it was powerless against them, such surprising people.

Eternal glory to them. And imperishable memory. All together and to everyone.