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How to keep skin youth?

Desire to lead a full-fledged rich life, all to be in time and derive from it pleasure - here the motto of the modern woman. Work, house, communication with friends and family, emotional overloads … How at such mad rhythm to keep the beauty and youth? Of course, time for itself practically does not remain, however, as we know, to restore lost much more difficult. Therefore that your skin was healthy, care for yourself and you remember that the modern woman who is looking after itself can look 15 years younger, than her grandmother at the same age.

Certainly, it is better to begin care of skin while there are no special problems with it. Many scientists consider that as soon as the organism ceases to grow, it begins to grow old. At the age of 18 - 30 years skin elastic and tightened. So, it is a high time to work, maintaining its elasticity and a fresh look. It is not necessary to use active anti-aging cream at all. Will be the soft moisturizing cream with the sun-protection filter enough. And since 20 - 25 years, in “diet“ of your skin already there has to be a night cream, and also gel for a century.

Daily moisten skin after a shower, paying special attention to the coarsened sites: to elbows, knees, patches. At least once in a week use a body scrub to get rid of the died-off parts and to refresh skin. Also do not forget about skin of a neck and hands - these parts of a body first of all give age of the woman. Use protective cream, and do housework in gloves.

Skin - external reflection of what occurs at us inside. It is not enough one cream for its health and youth. Of course, aging - natural process, however, knowing other factors posing the greatest threat for our skin , it is possible to win time and to prolong to skin youth. So...

Influence of UF - beams

All of us like to luxuriate under the warm summer sun and after holiday to stand out smooth chocolate suntan. And even knowing that to sunbathe it is unsafe, to refuse to itself solar bathtubs we not in forces. You remember, to sunbathe actively - harmfully. Long stay on the sun dehydrates skin, adding new wrinkles and pigmentary spots. And if decided to luxuriate under sun beams, then use sunblock cream and sunbathe in morning or evening hours when the sun is not so active. Yes, also do not forget about sunglasses not to squint and “to earn“ new wrinkles.

Deficiency of moisture

Drink more liquid. The considerable part of day norm has to consist of the drinks which are not containing alcohol and caffeine. To avoid dehydration, it is necessary to drink enough water in day.

And it is better to drink thawed snow. Do it so: clear water begins to be frozen and when ice on walls of ware and on a water surface is formed, - pour in other ware and frozen in it. When remains not frozen about a third - merge, all impurity there. The remained ice is melted at the room temperature. Thawed snow is called still “water of life“. The continuous use of such water will improve color and elasticity of skin, and in general, will increase mood and a vitality.


Is proved that at those who smoke wrinkles develop much earlier, than at non-smoking. It is connected with the fact that nicotine destroys the fibers of elastin and collagen which are contained in skin, it becomes flabby, less elastic. Besides small capillaries suffer, blood supply of skin is broken, and it leads, in turn, to a bad zazhivlyaemost of wounds. Well and, eventually, smoking is reflected in complexion, skin experiences oxygen hunger.

Deterioration in exchange processes from - for deficiency of hormones, vitamins, enzymes and mineral substances

Lean on fruit and vegetables. And it is necessary to give preference to fruits with more intensive coloring - the it is brighter, the more antioxidants contain in a product. For example, eat more red grapes, but not white and green. Antioxidants - magnificent assistants in fight against an old age.

Also eat whole-grain bread. And of course, “Porridge, sir!“. Eat the products containing the Omega - 3 fatty acids. Fat fish treats them: mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna. Big concentration the Omega - 3 acids in spinach, walnuts. An omega - 3 acids are extremely useful, they are not produced by an organism, they need to be received with food. Thanking the Omega - to 3 fatty acids, skin looks young and shining, on it the protective layer interfering formation of microcracks is formed. Skin keeps moisture and force.

Try to eat less synthetic products. Keep the organism better and treat it with something tasty and useful. To eat healthy natural house food far more pleasantly, than fast - foot. By the way, reflect, earlier when sweet aerated water was not especially widespread and mayonnaise was seldom eaten, people with tsellyulitny forms was much less.

the Lack of a dream

Accustom themselves to go to bed at the same time and it is desirable till midnight. Dark circles under eyes to us to anything. It is the best of all to sleep on a back, additional wrinkles so will not be formed. Choose a pillow less and at all you do not sleep on a double pillow - think of the neck and “life rings“ which on it can appear in several months.

Misuse of cosmetics on care of skin

For each age exists the program of daily leaving. It is extremely undesirable apropos and without cause at early age to resort to means for mature skin and to superliftings. Before choosing cream on care of skin, it is necessary to estimate objectively such parameters as age, dryness or fat content of skin, elasticity, a susceptibility to an ultraviolet. In frosty days you should not go outside, without having provided to skin reliable protection with special fat cream.

By the way, cream needs to be applied with the “pokolachivayushchy“ movements of fingers. If rub cream in skin, then can lead it to its extension. You apply cream from below up, as if raising skin.

Hot water

know everything About advantage of a sauna. Systematic visit of a steam room tightens skin, does it gentle and even promotes weight loss. However frequent receptions of hot bathtubs result in flabbiness of skin. Also it is not recommended to wash hot water as it will promote expansion of a time. Stopping washing, rinse a face, hands, a breast with cold water. It will make skin elastic and tightened. to


Today the increasing impact on skin is exerted by stresses. The stress literally “finishes“ with our skin. When we get into a stressful situation, the brain sends a signal, and adrenal glands begin to produce stressful hormones. Under their influence pressure and pulse rate increases, muscles strain and breath becomes frequent. The organism is going to resist to a stress.

As a result of emission of stressful hormones on skin the irritation and an itch can appear. It explains troubles with face skin which happened practically to everyone on the eve of some important event. The long stress worsens our immunity, reduces protective functions of an organism. The long stressful state can sometimes provoke the outbreak of an acne, a chronic inflammation of skin. If you often are nervous, it is necessary to learn to get rid of a stress. Register, for example, in yoga, meditate and switch to pleasant thoughts.

Pay attention, at the people who often have a stress or dissatisfied with the life even corners of lips are lowered down. It should not be norm! You watch yourself and the mimicry. Live with pleasure. Love yourself! Experience only positive emotions and do not worry on trifles. And if at you harmony and happiness reigns in soul, then and your skin will radiate youth and health, despite of age.