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Where we need usual mustard?

Many, likely, will be surprised that mustard in flora belongs to family of cabbage. Meanwhile, it quite so. But one and all on a question where it is used, first of all (and it is quite fair) will call cookery. Here we will also begin with it. So …


the Chemical composition of seeds of mustard is very saturated. They contain fat (and very valuable) oil, protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and sodium etc., and also B1, B2 vitamins and E. Leaves are rich with salts of calcium and iron, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP. Of course - there is a lot of in it useful substances.

In cookery mustard is used, is over, as seasoning to various snack. It is a part of many cold and hot sauces and gravies. It is possible to cover with table mustard or powder meat and fish before roasting, suppression or frying. Okroshka and vinaigrette “love“ mustard too.

Powder and/or seeds quite often are present at various marinades, and put here not only in flavoring scale, but also that they prevent processes of fermentation and rotting, do not allow a mold. Powder mustard can be added to dough for pastries. Plant leaves in a number of the countries are put in salads and entered into structure of gas station for soups.

At last, mustard oil is extremely useful - on it it is possible to prepare very tasty dishes. And that is especially valuable: it does not add bitterness and when heating does not smoke. Alas, unfortunately, mustard oil infrequently meets on counters. In any case, it is impossible to tell that it is on sale “continually“, - the most part of the product made in Russia leaves for export.

It is important that besides arousing appetite and presence of obvious flavoring advantages of spice, it possesses also other important qualities: it appears, mustard promotes the best digestion of greasy food, stimulates digestion and improves a metabolism.


First that occurs in connection with the curing properties of mustard - it is banal cold. Foot trays with it - who it did not pass in the childhood?! But mustard bathtubs and mustard plasters are used also at more serious illnesses: bronchitis, pleurisy, neuritis, pneumonia, rheumatism, radiculitis.

At a toothache rinsings are shown by mustard solution (I am not a physician, and therefore I will not risk to give proportions). Besides, mustard plasters improve healing of wounds. The antibacterial effect of mustard at anybody does not raise doubts, and here concerning decrease with its help of arterial pressure there are two opposite points of view: one - for, another - against.

There are data that mustard is included into the list of the products helping with treatment of oncological diseases, in particular, in lungs. It is useful at emergence of problems with intestines like locks, swellings, inflammations, etc., well influences sight, work as nervous, is warm - vascular and bone systems.

Mustard stimulates growth and cell regeneration, strengthens sexual functions, slows down process of aging of an organism, stirs up activity of a brain (students - attention!) helps at sleeplessness, in combination with pepper and honey promotes strengthening of vocal chords.

In world medical practice there are national peculiarities of the appeal to mustard. For example, in Turkey and Venezuela it is used for treatment of a sclerosis of vessels, by hypertensions, diseases of a liver and gall bladder, eczemas etc. She admits China effective sedative. At last, in many countries for relaksiruyushchy massage prefer to use mustard oil.

However, as well as in everything, it is necessary to have sense of proportion, and also to consider the existing contraindications. At a row it is warm - vascular diseases, diseases of kidneys, gastritises and stomach ulcers concerning mustard it is necessary to show care. Besides, abuse can cause short wind, bradycardia (reduction of heart rate is lower than 60 blows / min.) and even loss of consciousness. Never personally observed it, but nevertheless …


can make by

the fine toning face pack and zones of a decollete Of mustard. Only it should be taken into account that soft mustard which can be combined with honey, vegetable oil etc. - depending on skin type is for this purpose suitable. Only you should not resort to this means at expanded vessels.

By the way, mustard powder with honey and broth of flowers of a white lily helps persons interested to get rid of freckles (why - I do not know, they are pleasant to me), and also bruises and bruises. As mustard contains the substances capable to split fats, it can be included in a diet for weight loss. It is also necessary to consider that it positively influences a muscle work and participates in processes of tissue respiration.

Besides, mustard oil helps to cure seborrhea, that is to get rid of dandruff. Mustard masks are useful to hair. They are stimulated their growth, strengthen, do strong. It is possible to add other ingredients to mustard masks, for example, an aloe, arnica, blue clay etc. But the easiest way - to dissolve dry powder at the rate of 1 h a spoon on a glass of warm water, to apply on hair and to mass within 5 minutes.


Many hostesses know that mustard - fine detergent, for it even cold water not a hindrance if it is necessary to cope with fat. Besides it is easily washed away and is unpretentious in storage conditions. Besides, mustard easily and quickly deletes foreign smells from a glass container.

For washing of ware it is possible to use mustard mix with baking soda in equal proportions. In case it is about saucepans and frying pans with an antiprigarny covering, it is possible to kill them in solution of this mix, and then to wipe with a pure wet sponge. the Garden, kitchen garden, apiary

In agriculture mustard as a plant use

on a forage to cattle and as fertilizer. According to experts, for short term it gives on 2 - 3 kg of greens on 1 sq.m. For improvement of fertility of the soil these greens need to be dug over only that began to rot through in the earth.

Feature of mustard is that its root allocations contain organic acids which transfer batteries to the state which is easily acquired by plants, and also possess sanitary properties and are a security measure from a number of insects - wreckers. By the way, and powder from seeds - the effective insecticide influencing listogryzushchy “robbers“.

At last, this plant - an excellent melliferous herb. And though it is considered that black mustard is especially good in this quality, but also white gives up to 100 kg of honey from hectare, very tasty and fragrant.

… In a word, mustard, the millennia helping the person - just a treasure of useful opportunities!