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How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the apartment?

Sense of smell - one of five feelings given to the person. Smells surround it everywhere. Well still pleasant and if is not present? Especially disturbs us when badly smells at home. How to eliminate an unpleasant smell in the apartment? Here several useful tips and recommendations.

The easiest way: open windows and window leaves, create draft in the apartment - and smells will disappear. It would seem, what is simpler.

However such way is not always rather effective. Many smells - for example, tobacco, paint - are quickly absorbed in carpets, a furniture upholstery, curtains, and it is impossible to get rid of them by means of simple air circulation. Here it is necessary to apply national ways.

A smell of a tobacco smoke will help to eliminate several wet towels which are spread out in different places of the room. It is possible to get rid of a painty smell, having rubbed indoors a garlic glove.

One more passing council. When you invite guests and allow them to smoke as an exception in the room, be not too lazy to light a decorative candle near an ashtray. The smoke will be absorbed by it and will not extend on the apartment.

It is possible to eliminate an unpleasant smell indoors also in the Chinese way. For this purpose hang up several small linen sacks filled with ordinary tea in a doorway, at a window or under a chandelier and arrange draft for 10-20 minutes. Air in the apartment not only will be purified of smells, but also will become fresher.

In cases with clothes and dressers with linen careful hostesses put the linen sacks filled with such mix: the crusts of orange and a lemon which are dried up in an oven, coffee grains, a stick or a pinch of cinnamon, a vanilla pod. It is possible to update the aroma published by this mix, having added to it a drop of essential oil.

Of course, there are more effective and fast ways. It is possible to buy, for example, artificial fragrances - various aromas, sticks or candles. They have effect of aromatization of several hours about several weeks. Choose them depending on individual preference. And still we recommend to you to use natural fragrances.

Separately there is a question how to get rid of an unpleasant smell in kitchen . There are several useful tips:

boil on a plate in open ware water with vinegar, and then air the room;

wash out all kitchen surfaces boiled water, and then wipe them with a peel of orange or a lemon;

simply fill a little salt directly on a hot plate;

for urgent removal of unpleasant smells in the apartment, for example, before arrival of guests roast coffee grains on a frying pan. Pleasant coffee aroma will force out all foreign smells;

if you have a gas stove, then before lighting a ring, include an extract over it - it will clean a gas smell.

Very often ask a question - how to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator ?

Here too there are several options:

the black bread cut by pieces and which is spread out on regiments of the refrigerator;

the open pack of baking soda put in the refrigerator;

the wadded ball moistened in water solution of vanilla, placed in an open jar and put on the lower shelf of the refrigerator (instead of vanilla it is possible to use cinnamon or ground coffee as it is pleasant to whom).

In order that the unpleasant smell did not get from - under garbage can covers, the easiest and cheap way - more often to take out it on a garbage can or to a refuse chute.

However, for lazy appeared useful to no - Hau. It is the coal filter absorbing smells which can be pasted to any place, including in a garbage can.

It is possible to restore operation of such filter, having just taken it under direct sunshine.