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How to get rid of moles on a personal plot? Who digs

on ridges there?

we Declare war to moles!

the Mole - the small insectivorous small animal leading an underground life. It is known, probably, by all - young and old. Its little body is covered with silky, surprisingly beautiful hair which is not clogged with the soil and helps a mole to move very quickly on the underpasses in search of food. And what he eats there? Earthworms, larvae, bugs, insects, slugs etc. And where most of all lives representatives from this refined menu? Correctly, in the fertile friable soil.

Here - that ways of a mole and the summer resident - the gardener are crossed. Both of them are interested in this most fertile soil. And tasks at them similar - both that, and another wants to receive on that earth (or under it) the food. Here only methods of production of a daily bread at them different, even sometimes mutually exclusive each other. And if the person puts and grows up the future useful products, then the mole quite actively disturbs it, arranging numerous underground labyrinths under plantings, from - for what the last not just suffer, but also perish.

Especially many moles appear in a zone of seasonal dachas in the first half of summer. This results from the fact that in the woods and meadows the top layer of earth is dried up by this time and stocks of food grow scanty there. And in a kitchen garden in a friable zemelka it is full of worms and other appetizing living creatures. Here moles also migrate here, adhering to the wise principle: where harch - there also stick out.

Though a mole in itself - an animal useful, but at his emergence within a garden site any owner does not feel delight. And with the advent of the first hillock of the earth in the middle lovingly of the equipped gryadochka feverish searches of methods of disposal of this newcomer begin. That the most interesting: ways - a set, but, perhaps, the majority of them cannot solve a problem cardinally. The same method can help one summer resident, but be absolutely useless at another.

What is offered by national handymen to get rid of a mole on a site?

Not absolutely effective methods

Probably, the most popular and known way - the stick thrust to the earth , is desirable iron on which end the metal tin flutters , publishing an opposite clang all around at the slightest whiff of a breeze (still as option - a revolving object - the propeller from a plastic bottle). Strange, but to someone it really helps to banish a mole from a kitchen garden. However in the majority a case, probably, moles come across from category of fans of heavy - metal. People are ready to escape from this continuous clang from a site, having closed ears, and moles only dig with the doubled force.

One more way too based on impact on gentle ears of the uninvited guest - an instillation to the earth of bottles from - under champagne, tubular stalks of a cane . Bottles drive at an angle 45 degrees on well blown place. But old men say that the cane is more effective. Its long stalks (not less than 1,5 - 2 m) stick deeply to the earth in each mink on a soil surface, at the same time over the earth leave only 60 - 80 cm of a cane. Howls of wind in these devices force a mole to leave a familiar spot and to leave far away.

There is a set of methods of impact on a keen sense of smell of the little digger. In a mink push the rags moistened with any sharply and disgustingly smelling substances : kerosene, sal ammoniac, naphthalene, the stood urine, rotten eggs and fish (usually recommend “to zatukhlyachit“ specially for this religious rite herring according to the special recipe), etc. Here only clever animals can cork in response to it the courses with skunks and dig even more new - for the best airing of the labyrinths.

Also calcium carbide which is thrown in a mink is often useless and fill in with water. And the sulfuric smoke can not only expel a mole from special checkers from a site (temporarily, by the way - others can soon be on change), but also to destroy shoots of cultural plants. Therefore it is better to apply checkers on the empty earth, before landing works.

If there is nothing to be engaged, then just for fun it is possible to try to get rid of moles, having arranged them a Flood - to fill in in a mink cold water . But if water at you on the counter, then refuse this idea better at once since waters will go to underground labyrinths not just much, and … there is a lot of. Well, generally, you understood. There is no sense to pour water in anywhere when its stocks on the planet and so are not infinite.

Still it is possible to put on perimeter of a site beans - if do not frighten off moles, so you will reap a quite good crop. Though some advantage! And still assure that a flower the hazel grouse imperial has very smelly bulb, having faced which underground, the mole runs in an opposite direction. Perhaps, for this purpose it has to not just face, and be absorbed in it and make a deep breath a full breast.

Fans of extreme leisure advise it is desirable to throw in the mole courses of a petard - for greater effect in all at once! I do not know how to moles, but to people the cheerful party is provided. However, if to themselves to damage nothing, having spat on safety measures. And moles, speak, after such attack leave out of harm`s way. But for a while. For a long time it is impossible - people will start missing them.

All pishchalka - otpugivatel on batteries - the thrown-out money. Whether moles get used to them, whether initially such perverts among them come across, it as to whom will carry. But sooner or later fresh krotovina appear directly near the device.

Poisonous baits - too some kind of lottery. Probably, that the mole tried it, it is necessary to catch him and to feed from a spoon …

Effective methods

I all - can get rid of moles though it often and difficult. The most effective are the next ways.

That moles did not get on a site, in the early spring on its perimeter in the earth vertically drive special a close-meshed galvanized or plastic grid . However, depth of its seal on this feat not especially inspires - not less than 1,2 m down and 10 - 15 cm need to be “fastened“ to a fence over the Earth`s surface, but result absolute. But do not allow to miss my God a shovel and where - nibud to damage a grid - under the law of meanness the mole will surely find this hole and will get through on a site. It is possible, of course, to try to drive something else - slate, a tin, for example. But remember the minimum depth: if you are not ready for such infernal work, then to you it is not necessary and to begin. And driven at least on 50 - 70 cm of an obstacle of weather will not make - only in vain you will spend time.

Inveterate fishermen thought up to catch a mole as fish - on a hook . It is more reliable to use three-pointed hooks, having tied them to a weighty stick that the mole did not escape together with them. The fresh mink is dug out and keeps within both parties of the found tunnel on a hook. The mole by all means will come here to eliminate draft from an open opening and will be hooked.

Not bad standard wire krotolovka help , only they have to be from a strong qualitative wire and be in the mole tunnels constantly.

Poison moles, feeding them their favourite delicacy - of earthworms , cut on pieces and strewed with poison. Worms are put in the mole courses, openings at once close. Worms move even minutes 20 - this time enough that the mole guessed them, came and ate.

Manufacture also self-made devices - self-arrows which kill moles by means of the spring mechanism.

And all - moles - more useful animals, than harmful therefore it is better to use humane ways of disposal - to catch without drawing injuries.

Handymen constructed the unit with the sonorous name - Solomon`s trap . It is made of a tin, galvanized iron. Represents the cylinder about 40 cm long and such diameter that was located in the mole tunnel. On the ends of the cylinder there are trailing doors opening only inside outside specially curved edges of the cylinder do not allow. Solomon`s trap is accurately placed in a tunnel, covered with the soil and mark this place. The mole will go to round of the labyrinths and since any end will get to a trap, the door will be closed behind it and - voila!

One more humane and available way of disposal of moles - catching by means of a shovel . It is necessary to dig out a fresh hillock to an opening in a tunnel and it is silent - to quietly wait when the mole comes to eliminate a disorder - to close pass. On the moving soil it is easy to guess its location. It is necessary to undermine quickly a shovel and to throw a small animal into in advance prepared bucket.

The caught mole can be deported in the wood or on a meadow, is closer to his fellows.

On a meadow let dig,

There they will not prevent!