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Where and how it is the best of all to order the website?

the Customer and the performer in the continuous interaction for years, or perhaps and centuries, try to harmonize collaboration process. Unfortunately, the satisfaction from cooperation happens not so often as it would be desirable also for that, and other party. Especially hard in this plan it is necessary if the final product contains the mass of creative “ingredients“, for example, the website.

Today, thanks to continuous complaints of developers, knows to all that production of the website - the most difficult multi-stage process and that the key to success is the choice of the professional contractor. These words you will find on the websites of every the second web - studios, and it is really difficult not to agree with them. However it is not always enough high professional level of the developer for achievement of the planned result, first of all professionalism of the customer is necessary. It does not mean at all that behind your shoulders there has to be a series of the supervised online projects (though it would be healthy) more likely it is about responsibility.

About results, or about customers who do not know what they want

First of all accurately formulate the purposes of creation of the website what problems the website after access to the network has to solve and what has to decide constantly. The most important at this stage - to leave abstract imaginations in favor of an uncompromising reality. If you for any reasons not in forces to formulate them or can make it only half, then the website, most likely, is not necessary to you.

The choice of professional studio, first of all, depends on your professionalism.

If the tender - not your decision, at you is not present the reliable partner in the sphere a web yet - developments and independent search is necessary to you, then the company has to be guided by own preferences. Choose several successful and unsuccessful websites which in your opinion have approximately the same purposes as your future. In the course of selection it is desirable to note a technological and visual component - where, in your opinion, the good functional decision where the design and where it is both professionally combined was pleasant is in the best way realized.

After selection of the websites is made, get acquainted with teams of her developers:

the Age of studio - here very accurately works the rule “the is more senior, the is more skilled“.

the Portfolio - good can call safely in what at least 5 works to you were pleasant and remembered. It is here too important to pay attention to technical capabilities and a variety of style approaches in design.

Qualification of personnel - try to find out whether someone from employees conducts expert activity in the market of developers if yes - that this undoubted advantage.

the Prices - their dispersion can surprise you, at least, for the same website in different studios can ask absolutely different money. Of course, the choice of studio is always still dictated also by the budget of the project, it is worth weighing a ratio of the price and quality in each separate case. But I ask you to understand the most important - it is impossible (it is impossible, it is unprofitable) to make the qualitative website for 100 and even 150. 000 rub. Development of the decent website with the minimum functionality begins from 300. 000 rub

Ratings - about a top - a leaf of the leading developers can examine thanks to two companies conducting continuous analytical activity - “Tagline“ and “the RuNet Rating“. These ratings rather different methodology - in a top - 100 can have not less stunning dispersion of positions, than dispersion of the prices in a web - studios therefore if you have no time to penetrate into methodology, then you should not be guided especially by a position of studio in a rating.

Clients of studio - look narrowly at them more attentively; if it is the large, known companies, then and to you, most likely, there is nothing to be afraid.

Get acquainted with awards and client responses if those are available. As a rule, the client agrees to placement of similar information only in case of successful cooperation. Do not hesitate to address colleagues from other company for the recommendation - sometimes one call can give about future partner more, than careful searches on the Internet. Correctly completed documentation - a half of ready work the Professional studio provides all the services to


on legally issued basis. It is effective protection of the rights not only the customer, but the performer - therefore the content, terms, cost of works, responsibility of the parties accurately registers in documents. Pay attention to the contract!

If there are market researches, directly or indirectly connected with future project, then it is better to provide them to the developer even if for this purpose it is necessary to sign the additional contract on confidentiality.

Show consideration for filling of a brief and the specification - to penetrate into its details to rather difficult unprepared person, but nevertheless it is very important. The specification is your future website on paper therefore track that each fact about your future website was considered in this document.

Style and fashion - for the sake of target audience

If is available for your company a corporate style, then by all means provide it together with the guide to a corporate style in the order a web - studios and record in this TZ. The website surely has to be the best application of a corporate style!

Unfortunately, many companies traditionally get brendbuky, however very few people effectively use it then in communications with the consumer. For some reason according to a corporate style make out first of all polygraphy, offices, clothes of account managers and other attributes whereas the most important instrument of sales which is in full view of all civilized world 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is left indifferently.

Following to ultrafashionable tendencies in a web - design can be not always justified. Be guided, first of all, by the consumer, but not by own preferences. The RuNet is full of examples when the unfashionable “outdated“ design of the websites appears more effective. As it is paradoxical, but the conservative choice of the client is not always dictated by own beliefs. Sometimes, that it is a tribute of target audience for which the “checked“ standard decision is intuitively more clear and closer. It is possible to argue long on that, the client is how right or not in this case, but anyway such conscious position in some cases too has the right for existence.

you Monitor development process

Is good if the studio is transparent for the customer and you can online through system of statement and control of tasks to watch the project course (by the way, not so superfluous will be to ask this question in the course of coordination of the contract). If the studio works on the project “lonely“, then try to accept intermediate works as often as possible.

Take an interest how many experts work on your project and what is the time they spend for it. Ask their surnames, positions and contacts, do not work to phone to them and to ask several questions concerning work. So you will insure yourself from design “surprises“, will have more fair idea of what actually your working group whether you meet the deadline. Stock up with

with terms

Almost every third made website in the domestic market a web - the industries regardless of the cost and complexity leaves in “light“ with delay because of developers. They are also not interested in it, as well as you because they according to the contract pay then penalties, however nevertheless for a number of reasons it can occur therefore leave in a stock of at least 5 - 7 working days.

Give preference to convenience

Learn to distinguish the main thing from minor. The most important is a convenience and a practicality of the website, that is usability. Beautiful design without usability - anything, only empty expensive picture!

After the website is ready, do not hurry to advertize its emergence and especially to carry out the large-scale advertizing company on its base. At first test it regarding convenience, make it by means of friends and relatives, conduct small research. Of course, if you work with decent a web - studio, then in your design group surely there has to be a tester, but nevertheless independent testing will definitely not be superfluous.