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You want to Become the Rich? Think!

Each person who achieved success knows this secret: you should not build the life, adapting to expectations of other people!

Realization of others purpose is a recipe for tiresome, boring and mediocre life. You create either the dream, or dream of other person. On another in any way!

To succeed in something in this life, you have to seek to become the best in that business in which you are engaged.

“So simply?“, - you can ask.

Yes, it is so simple, but it is not easy. From you surely it will be required to put a lot of effort. And more even not physical, but intellectual.

Often on this way it is necessary to overcome misunderstanding, open hostility and sneers of people around. People do not love those who differ from them. And if you accept those principles about which we will speak below, then will begin to differ. In turn it causes a peculiar envy and jealousy:

“It could, and I cannot!“, “It not such as I, on its stake!“

Well as? Having read all above-mentioned you were not frightened, all of you are still ready to act?

Then forward!

There is a science about wealth!

You do not trust? Read several biographies of great businessmen: Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oleg Tinkov.

The main idea passing red line in these books: it is impossible to lead really full or successful life if you are not rich (an exception the people who completely devoted yourself to spiritual work and gratuitous service to society make).

The purpose of this science - to show to people that it is impossible to show the true potential, and to test all the person is capable of if you are poor.

And now wonder: Whether “I agree with this idea?“. If is not present, then, to regret to speak about it, you are not ready to realize yourself as the Personality, and will always live in poverty.

Why? Because subconsciously you will accept in the life people, events and circumstances which will take away you after the journey riches, health and happiness.

Do not misunderstand me, you can quite carry out good life if you are not rich. However in poverty there is no nobility. When you are rich, before you the set of opportunities opens including to help those who were lucky less and who is poorer than you.

You will change thinking, you will change the life.

The wealth is a Result. And more, than any other thing, is result of your thinking.

Existence of the correct thinking is a key to development of abilities of the successful businessman.

Unfortunately, that system in which all of us live, teaches us to go at first to school, then in university, to find work, to marry etc. And at the same time, nobody ever shows us how to develop our true abilities to the maximum (nobody will argue that each of us has certain abilities, but a problem that the few can see them, and still a big problem - to realize them).

Therefore if you just follow system and you go down stream, then you will hardly develop the correct thinking which will lead you to provided life.

Remember one simple principle which is known by all rich people - your Inner World Creates your Outside World. Creation of wealth, first of all, is the internal work happening in your consciousness.

Some people already zaprogramirovanna for early success in life. Most often it occurs from - for their environments: parents, teachers, those people who already reached a certain prosperity. The successful case can sometimes interfere.

Anyway if you yet not the successful millionaire, then can become him, having reprogrammed the thinking. How? Read further.

Continuous training.

Your mind develops only in one way when it obtains some new information.

This process is similar to physical training. Doing exercises on a constant basis, muscles become stronger, and you begin to feel like stronger and confident person. To the contrary, having stopped all physical activities, muscles weaken and will atrophy, the general health worsens.

Absolutely the same happens also to reason.

Most of people stops the education, graduating from school and institute. The movement on a current begins.

The successful minority keeps the mind in a constant tone (as in the known advertizing - “You want to be in a tone, it is necessary that the tone was in you“). This

“mind rehearsal“ is, in my opinion, the most important thing which you can do in the life.

You understand, people think that they make the decision consciously. But actually, they do not do it (here such paradox!) . The most part of time, the so-called unconscious thinking operates our life, controlling those decisions which we consider conscious.

Therefore it is so important to fill the consciousness with useful information, but not the subjects “the priest-Korn“ which palms off on us television, radio and printed materials. And it is necessary to do it constantly. And after a while you will develop a useful habit to self-training.

Education can become for you that a start button which will turn on all mechanism of change of your thinking. As Robin Sharma told once:

The unique thought which got to you into the head after reading of the clever book is capable to change your life.

The thought is transferred to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions are shown in the form of result!

Wealth or poverty at you in the head! When you understand it, your life will change!