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How to keep and increase the blood savings?

When a question concern money, there are always two problems.

The first - there is no money. In this case it is necessary to think how to live how to ensure also to the family livelihood and other expenses.

The second - money is enough to provide material needs to all family. At the same time even quite often there is a certain sum, but right there is other problem: how not to lose money?

In one of the last statements Alan Greenspan told that times of low inflation passed, and we enter the new period when it becomes more difficult to control inflationary processes.

What it means to people who use money (that is to all of us)?

It means only what to earn and it will be more difficult to keep every day all.

Low interest which banks establish on deposits can not always cover a rate of inflation now and further the situation will only worsen.

How to leave the developed situation?

If you want to keep and increase your money, you have only one exit - profitable investment.

So let`s talk about where it is possible to invest money.

You can invest in gold, real estate, actions.

But the most interesting choice investment funds are, considering that there superprofessionals work with money.

the Small funds working at the Forex market and using PAMM - accounts, became very popular recently.

Forex is of interest to new investors the fact that it is possible to earn from this market not only during the periods of growth of economy, but also in crisis times.

When the stock market declines, some currencies on Forex continue to grow. Currencies move up constantly. 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. And it gives chance to professionals to earn good money.

Working with your money, traders earn not only for themselves, but also for you, and, actually, most part of money remains at the investor.

You, and only you can make the decision that to do with the money, but one is undoubted: money which does not work - disappear, they do not make profit and every day only lose part of the cost. And therefore to offset losses you need to invest!