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In the majority national signs - the coded information, the generalized experience of a set of generations. And if our grandmothers - great-grandmothers reached everything intuition, then ancient Chinese, creators the fan - Shui, opened laws of good luck and failure. And here it is remarkable: their conclusions, as a rule, coincide with our darling national signs. Let`s take ten signs - and “we will decipher“ them on the fan - Shui.

1. Do not sit at the corner

“Seven years without reciprocity“? If only it! On Feng Shui, the speaker the corner aimed at the person be it a corner of a table, a case or any other, sends to the poor creature “the poisoned arrows“ which will leave it not only without reciprocity, but also without money, health and good luck.

2. Do not say goodbye through a threshold

you “Will quarrel“, say. Everything is right: a threshold - the power barrier dividing two worlds. On one side - ““, on another - “stranger“. The hidden border prevents to come into contact, both things, and the energy transmitted “from the world to the world“ are lost for both worlds. Here also it turns out that communication between “participants of contact“ collapses.

3. Do not prepare in bad mood

So teach the beginning mistresses of mother and the grandmother. The senior generation is absolute the right: the food absorbs surrounding energy, and we, absorbing this food, we receive the corresponding power charge together with calories and vitamins. The borsches and cutlets “loaded“ with quarrel, news of the next act of terrorism or the emotions generated by television “horror film“ are quite capable to poison family.

4. Do not stand behind a back

It is not the ancient instinct forcing to be afraid the stolen enemy, and that threat is born by the unprotected back in itself. Behind Feng Shui considers lack of a support and support as the weakest power position. And it is equally important both for the person, and for the house. You behind the back always have to have a wall or at least a screen, and the back of your house has to be surely protected by the high hill or, at least, the neighbour`s house...

5. Do not drive yourself into a corner

One more extremely adverse, on Feng Shui, a position. The corner is considered the place capable to extend from the person energy - the such vampire. Not for nothing long since the got naughty child is stood a nose in the corner - that lost excess of hooligan energy (the main thing - not to overdo there the loved child …).

6. Do not look in the burst mirror

On Feng Shui, not only the burst mirrors, but also mirrors with drawing, the mirror tiles, and the other surfaces which are breaking, splitting up reflection are harmful. All this splits up, destroys power that will affect, first of all, on health.

7. The pocket mirror in a pocket from the enemy uberezhyot by

U us is still considered that at a meeting with the ill-wisher the pocket mirror put in a pocket - certainly, the reflecting party outside helps. It will reflect all his bad thoughts and intentions. And also - all negative energy directed against you is commented by Feng Shui. Also advises for protection of the house against adverse influence to hang up a mirror over a door or a window.

8. On yourself do not show

So we warn the person telling about someone`s illnesses. On Feng Shui, the malefice mechanism in this case is as follows: pointing a finger, we send a power charge. At the same time, calling an illness, we give to this charge corresponding “coloring“: we fill with exact information on the diagnosis.

9. Do not come back from the half-road

They say that then “the way will not be“. Still, Feng Shui confirms! Remember that we told about a threshold? All these races “from the world to the world“ it is enough power-intensive - it for certain is known to the inveterate travelers who are often crossing borders of the states. If it was necessary to return - restore forces: sit down (borrow forces the house), look in a mirror (being reflected, energy doubles).

10. Run under a rainbow - you will be happy!

Of course, that who remembers physics it is clear: it is impossible to make it in principle. But even to see a rainbow - the symbol of the Heavenly Gate - is considered a good omen. And Feng Shui recommends “to tame“ a rainbow and to lodge it in own house. That is why arch apertures are so favorable - passing under them, we every time “enter under a rainbow“ and we receive protection of Heaven.