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How to make impression on the mother-in-law? The first acquaintance of

you very much want in marriage for a certain person? And his mother not a gift? Remember - the first impression is very important because it is difficult to change it further. It is difficult to win an arrangement of that person who is a priori ready to you negatively, so, at least, occurs in real life. However all in our hands. Of course, it is possible to wish to you to be oneself, but for some reason in this situation we are always afraid of it.

Preparation for the first meeting with future mother-in-law demands considerable emotional and mental efforts. The most important, you should not be afraid of it. If your spirit initially is negative, then nothing good will turn out. Accept a situation and hope that you build the relations with the normal and adequate person, but not with his mother. Eventually, you will live in the future not with it, and with it.

Of course, it is necessary to think over your appearance, beginning from color of manicure, finishing with clothes and footwear. As you do not know what liberties you are able to afford in the choice of clothes, be reinsured. Let your appearance will be unostentatious and elegant. It is not necessary to listen in this question to opinion of your partner. That he told about beloved mother, it is only his subjective opinion, and it can be wrong.

The make-up, in turn, too should not be defiant. Slightly emphasize eyes, it will be enough. Let your future mother-in-law see in you not dissoluteness, but womanly refinement. Give to the person time to get used to you. And already further you will be able to afford bigger both in clothes, and in a make-up, and, actually, in behavior.

As for footwear, choose convenient and raznoshenny which will allow you to be weakened and easy. Never put on just bought shoes! In an hour it will be impossible to clean the suffering expression from your face. And it can be incorrectly explained by your interlocutors.

Do not forget, as your satellite has to look according to your style. You couple, also have to choose in coordination each other clothes (it concerns also all other joint exits). Mother always sees the magnificent man in the son. And in case it, for example, comes to a meeting in the worn, but loved by it undershirt, will remain only you as you could not influence its decision are guilty. God knows what thoughts will arise in her head at such situation! Take care of that both the hairdress, and his clothes, at least, were accurate.

Here also there came that instant when you met the estimating look of future “mother“. Don`t be afraid! You remember politeness. Greet, smiling, and you look fool in the face. Pay the thought-over and weighed compliment. You do not take eyes aside, otherwise the mother-in-law will understand that you can be operated, and further you only also will receive valuable instructions in joint life with her son. Let it know what you will tell “as equals“. Do not allow from its party indulgently - the teaching tone. However and of you you should not take a defensive or offensive position. Do not try to impose the point of view, yet anybody and ever managed it. And the impression of the impudent and impudent little girl will be remembered for a long time.

Pay attention to the voice. Tempo of speech has to be quiet and measured. It is worth being trained, of course, in advance, namely, a day before a meeting remove yourself on a video camera and together with the girlfriend analyse what was seen. The girlfriend is necessary objectively to estimate your behavior and to point to possible mistakes which you can not see. On record see a mimicry, gestures, a voice, an estimated pose. Think over what your weak and strengths and what it is possible to place emphasis on.

Your behavior in the course of conversation can affect the further relations. Try to draw to yourself in supporters the father-in-law. His opinion for the wife, of course, is not authoritative in most cases. But, as they say, water sharpens a stone. And in the future he can stand in good stead. And how to attract the man in allies, each girl intuitively knows.

Do not try to be protected at small attacks at all even if the opinion of the mother-in-law is unacceptable for you. It will say only that you are guilty. Focus attention on positive sides of your partner. You praise, but moderately, and not in which case at acquaintance do not point out his education, the imparted habits its defects. If you absolutely were not lucky and at acquaintance lives began to teach you, take heart! Have patience and listen up to the end to the notation with highly raised head. Try to find the constructive beginning in this criticism. Thank for stated and for you “very important opinion“.

Evening passed not really smoothly? But now you know what tactics needs to be developed for conquest of his family if all these nerves cost your future husband. I wish good luck in ascension on extreme tops in the relations with the mother-in-law!