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How to keep sight during the daily long work with the computer?

Importance of sight cannot be overestimated. The foliage greens, gloss of snow charming paints of a decline and dawn, painting and the photo, habitual outlines of faces of friends and acquaintances - all this the person learns thanks to sight. It is known that about 80, and according to some information - about 90 percent of information on the world surrounding us, transfer eyes to a brain. And the more reliably our visual system works, the our life is fuller.

Unfortunately, at a modern way of life the number of people who have every year problems with sight increases. Various diseases of eyes and disorders of sight a set, but the main attention in this article will be paid to of short-sightedness , generally long work with the computer monitor leads to developing of this illness today.

The modern city dweller carries out the most part of the life indoors and, working behind the blue screen and with documents, looks at very close objects. It appears, eyes most of all strain, being focused on nearby objects, and waste much less efforts to show us what is far. Of course, negative impact on eyes is exerted not so much by paper, how many the shining monitor screen.

Concentration of sight on close objects causes accustoming. Eye muscles adapt to focusing of visual system on objects which are nearby. As a result, on distant objects it becomes more difficult to eyes to be focused and short-sightedness develops.

Of course, it is only one of the reasons of developing of short-sightedness, but it the main and the similar mechanism causes emergence of this visual impairment in representatives of many professions which even are not connected with the computer, for example, at teachers from - for hard work of visual system at such banal occupation as check of notebooks.

Besides, exactly thanks to work with the monitor:

eyes are overstrained, being focused on small symbols;

the person blinks much more less than in usual conditions therefore long work behind the monitor results in dryness of eyes;

sitting at a table causes deterioration in blood circulation including blood supplies of visual system;

eyes suffer from - for examinings of the shining screen - the nature did not think over option of long contemplation by the person of the objects radiating light.

the set of ways of the solution of problems with eyes Exists. It both laser surgery, and points together with contact lenses, and complexes of various exercises, and even not physiological, and rather emotionally - psychological methods (for example, stated in the book “Experience of the Fool or Key to Enlightenment“).

Very often short-sightedness can really be warned or cured, exercising eyes. Eyes muscles which give in to “training“ by means of training operate too. Everyone, in aspiration to keep sight, can follow several to simple recommendations :

5, and 10 minutes of each working hour are better to devote to relaxation of eyes which means a full separation from work.

we Start business: make ten - another of roundabouts eyes, without turning the head; look as much as possible to the right, then to the left, too at ten times; several times strong blink; easily - it is easy as a butterfly wings, blink - feel how eyelids dynamically move.

Make to eyes a lodge: strong press palms one to another, rub them, apply palms to eyes so that the center of palms was opposite to eyes, and take them so several minutes. Thanks to this plain procedure, eyes have a rest from light, their blood circulation improves.

Choose any subject in a distance. Try to be focused alternately on it and on something close. Ten - another will be enough repetitions.

At permanent sedentary job shifts of vertebras , other deformations of a backbone which lead to compression of a spinal cord that also negatively influences work of organs of vision happen. Therefore during “five-minutes“ do not forget also about easy warm-up of all body.

Finally - several of the interesting facts about sight :

only a minute of stay in the dark - and sensitivity of a human eye to light increases by 10 times, and in 20 minutes - approximately in 6 thousand times;

eyes of the person who at the computer spends about 4 hours a day about 20 thousand times are refocused from the screen on the keyboard or paper;

an eye of the person is capable to see in the dark a flame of the burning candle from distance in 20 kilometers! to

Especially it is unpleasant when so important, difficult and necessary system fails and begins to function much worse.

Protect eyes, and they will thank you good sight and all paints of the world!