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What will help to look good well? Of course, beautiful beads and necklaces!

Those who consider that real man`s “beauty“ is in a certain place and it is reliably hidden from public eyes - hopelessly lagged behind life … Modern men already with skill choose certain attributes of “new“ man`s beauty - the stylish and well combined among themselves accessories. In particular, the necklaces from costume jewelry which are considering a face type and necks, color of eyes, hair and favourably shading male skin.

The fashionable accessories emphasizing identity, a riddle and the status by default do them owners is more perspective, so, and communication with them promises to be much more interesting. And if quite recently women even more often found feeling of safety and satiety in “man`s“ money, then now money faded into the background - women began to need more and more emotions and therefore men began to decorate more actively than. And doing it much more carefully and more captiously than women.

Men will not hide like women the growing old skin on a neck numerous ranks of a beads or a velvet ribbon (a tape from a velvet and laces) … They have no need to do it, various men`s jewelry is a privilege mainly for young people.

By the way, will be not superfluous to remember that since the oldest time - beginning even with primitive times, men always preferred to be allocated, hanging up themselves on any neck trophies. The claw or a canine of the animal killed with it ennobled it in the opinion of tribespeople as the good hunter, the defender, so, and the desired groom.

Certainly, later signs of male valor and difference many times changed. They took that a form of amulets, a beads, bracelets, belts, rings, tattoos and raskrashivaniye of a body, medals, awards, breastplates and badges …

However, all of them those also remained to this day. Unless materials changed - instead of teeth of predatory animals, a snakeskin, bunches of medicinal herbs, shells of eggs of an ostrich and other improvised material began to use precious metals and jewels, synthetic materials.

And interest in natural materials remained in already modern technological processing - to nobody and today will come to mind to drag such assemblage of bacteria and pathogenic microbes on a neck!. Though, to tell the truth - drag.

And as in ancient times, men continue to do openings in a nose, ears, lips, teeth, cheeks and other parts of a body. In ears still pass earrings, and in a nose - sticks, feathers, flowers and various ringlets. And when on a male body there is no place left for jewelry, men unburden the heart on accessories.

Military concern imagination of women exotic (mainly recently) with regimentals and signs of distinction, sometimes - bearing and man`s article. For what the full dress of clothes was thought up?. Correctly, for parade of men in all beauty!

If military march for delighted women from time to time, then “civil“ men daily flicker (I apologize) before their eyes. And that at great ladies not “an eye was hackneyed“, men need fair sense of style, sense of humour, knowledge of cultural traditions and even virtuosity … Here so - that!

Whether a joke, even conservative jeweler houses move towards styles - clients among whom is many young people and very rich men, they offer models of a beads and necklaces of nonconventional styles: Hi - tech with characteristic (gold, of course) nuts, screws, screws and nails; Industry style - rubber, leather laces with precious suspension brackets in the form of gears, plates, rings and various figures similar to details from the designer for children.

“Esoteric the young people who are adjusted“ decided to break all available stereotypes at all at all - they are ready to throw a beads back (on a back) and to interweave a beads into braids. On their slightly hollow breast bugs, butterflies, leaves of flowers, bones, ancient coins and skulls in the form of beads and pendents already flaunt. And young girls are whipping the cat with envy …

It is known that a necklace - one of the most ancient jewelry. It is a symbol of infinity, unity, perfection. In due time Greeks and Romans read rings, bracelets, necklaces as a link between soul and a body. In those days there was a belief that the necklace is capable to keep soul in a body … In Ancient Egypt even slaves wore necklaces! However, as symbol of dependence and submission.

A presently a beads (a peculiar necklace from small beads with through openings) are the most democratic ornament practically at all people of the world. Modern men well know about it and with pleasure decorate themselves with a beads … On pleasure to women.