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Shot method 25 when studying English: it is useful or is harmful?

On a wave of general interest and need of English for everyday life, for the RuNet began to appear various superefficient and superfast methods on studying of language. Demand gives rise to the offer. Some, a trial and error method, trying to understand the mechanism of human memory, create new programs. Others get old methods from a non-existence. I am often asked about this or that approach of studying of English.

One of such methods is called: “Shot method 25“. We are assured that it is the most progressive and fast way of studying of English. Let`s analyse together it, and the decision to use it or not, will remain for you.

So, authors claim that a way of studying of English by means of the 25th shot, one of the most effective and works very quickly, without side effects, but at the same time, it is based on a method of influence on subconsciousness of the person. I hope that you know mechanics of work of this method, but also it is sure that you know also about a ban of use of the 25th shot for advertizing. From what it?

Ya not the big expert, but which - what information I possess and therefore I can doubt sincerity of authors. Of course, everyone has an option, but also everyone has the right and for true information.

Any sane person will tell that direct impact on subconsciousness of the person harmfully in essence. And you know what happens to field structures of the person, to his biofield, at such intervention?

It turns out when in subconsciousness of the person enter information by a rigid method, there is a deformation of field structure which can be shown by a disease at the physical level after a while.

It is known that in Bulgaria many years an attempt to provide television training under hypnosis was made ago. People acquired much more information, but through three - four years at trained appeared memory loss, sharp decrease in immunity and other negative phenomena.

Any tough program which is alien to internal beliefs of the person brought under hypnosis, suggestion or other mental influence (the 25th shot), can turn back the program of destruction.

I as the honest person, has to tell about all this who wants to try on himself an all-powerful technique that gives us automatic knowledge of English. But what price?

I admit, at most there was a temptation once to try on itself such techniques, but God was merciful. What and to you I wish. But an option for you. If you the adult, then are responsible for the health, but only do not involve in these games of children unreasonable. In such cases I think that it - to someone on a hand. That someone is interested in that we in a pursuit of the desires, lost not only health, but also reason. And use of the 25th shot in training, undoubtedly is direct impact on our mentality.

And now present that would be if you managed to use knowledge of native Russian and to understand what is English. To understand what you deal with, easily being guided in distinctions of these two languages. You could simulate any statement in English. Russian will come to the rescue to you in studying of English. It would seem, two languages, absolutely different in structure, but understanding of logical structure of English in comparison with our native Russian work wonders. And English can be very simple!

As soon as you will understand it then fears and barriers of English per se will be removed. And you will teach it not just and as though to pereosoznavat. And that`s it through it it can be understood. And it is very simple, but about it in the following article.