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Truth somewhere there... So where? The temple of Truth - Vang Boran of

What is truth? Where it? As well as “point of view“, it at each the . And everyone looks for the truth on the way. However on the planet there are places where any can try to understand itself and to find this .

One of such places - the Temple of Truth - Vang Boran (Wang Boran), or Prasat Mai (Prasat Mai) - in Pattaya .

I got without maintenance there. For the reason what at all travel agencies is declared: “Tour is conducted in English“. Probably, costs to those who wants to practise English such chance to use. With my knowledge of this international language … And there was a wish to look very much. Here I also decided on independent acquaintance with 105 - the meter wooden carved magnificence recognized as the highest wooden construction in the world.

The entrance fee on the territory is charged identical from all - both from Thais, and from foreigners on the 500th baht. In cash desk I was given the booklet with a tab in Russian.

Here, it is necessary to tell, I was lucky. When the horse carriage brought me to the survey platform, there the group of tourists just “crowded together“. Oh, miracle, Russian tourists. And - oh, one more miracle - their guide told everything on my darling and native. Without thinking twice, I was attached to them and “listened openmouthed“. So I managed not only to look, but also to listen, and even with questions to popristavat.

Official information, including names and descriptions of all figures of the temple, can be found in different sources. And here that was remembered to me.

The world has seven creators - the Sky, Earth, the Moon, the Sun, Stars, Mother and the Father, and four principles of the universe.

With creators everything is clear - the Nature and Parents. Without them we would not exist. And four principles which, according to east philosophy, are a world basis are embodied in figures of Maidens on four spikes of the temple.

The first holds a lotus flower - it is as an axiom: “the philosophy is“.

The second holds the book - the philosophy needs to be developed.

The third holds the child and conducts elderly people - all people are born, grow old and die, but the world does not disappear.

The fourth is represented with the pigeon sitting on a hand - a symbol of world peace. And it is necessary to aspire to it.

“Four“ in general often meets in the Buddhism. There are four more elements - the earth, water, fire and wind, - the world consists of them too.

And still Brahma has four persons - kindness, condescension, fun and steadiness. To be in harmony with the world and with itself, it is necessary to be kind and indulgent to people, to find the good parties in any situation, and to perceive any news without emotions. Even the bad event can be the benefit: “At the old peasant the son fell from a horse and broke a leg. Alone it was difficult for it to grow up a harvest, and starvation could threaten a family. But here war began. All healthy men in the village were taken away, and his son stayed at home“. As well as in our proverb: “There would be no happiness and the misfortune helped“.

Besides - at the temple 4 wings. Each of them is issued by carved images from Buddhist and Hindu religions and mythologies of Cambodia, China, India and Thailand.

Also history of construction of the temple is curious. One Thai millionaire Lek Viriyapkhanta began to build it in 1981 on the means. And already 30 years without uniform nailing this process proceeds - new elements are cut out, old are replaced. Date of end is known to nobody. Speak, to his founder it was foretold that he will die as soon as construction is ended. And for this reason finishing of the temple does not come to the end intentionally. However, it does not have official confirmations …

generally, the Temple of Truth is capable to help to understand to everyone itself, to learn the truth and to find the road. Only provided that you need it. And, if is not present, you come just to admire beauty. Beauty is truth too.