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An ambulance was called?

When I was twenty years old, I was left without grant from - for the three on a historical materialism. On the fourth year it is very offensive. One good person, having seen my afflicted physiognomy, asked: “And you want, I on the ambulance will suit you with the paramedic? I Want“

“!“ - I joyfully told.

Since then we do not leave service of ambulance and emergency medical service.

So what people and why call an ambulance? Experience shows that there are several categories of sufferers.

The first, the biggest is chronic patients . Our favourite kind elderly women. Owing to features of thinking they wait for the wizard in the blue helicopter which will return them youth and will make so that the head was not turned, and will show to a kuzkin mother careless forty-five-year-old a chadushka at the same time. Cause two - three times a day, nevertheless do not love doctors. Key phrase: “Give at least an injection, all the same you any more know nothing“. React to the offer to address to policlinic violently, report many interesting details about the local doctor and his relatives on the maternal line. Tablets are not recognized because it is chemistry.

The second category - careful relatives . Saturday and Sunday for the ambulance are parental days. Key phrase: “I decided that it is time for mother (to the father, is more rare to the aunt or the grandmother) to be checked“.

To the third category pediatricians leave more often. It is of mummy , very young and not really to which it seemed . An initial unforgettable case - departure concerning a sting of a bug. It was required to explain only intelligibly that bugs do not carry rage.

Alcoholics, household drunkards and the casual victims of a hangover are adequately presented to classifications . On a question whether by force filled in with it in a throat fire-water, usually long shake the head in search of the answer. Talk more often in Russian abusive.

And, at last, the fifth category is people who really need to the emergency help . Heart attacks, stenocardias, crises, accidents, surgical problems... The most sad that just they often suffer too long.

Personally I am absolutely sure that any person and at the slightest pretext has to call an ambulance the moral right. Even if just it seemed to it that temperature 37,5 Celsius threatens his life, health and bright future. The patient is often not able to estimate adequately extent of threat and weight of a situation, and there is nothing in it terrible or shameful. I not once or twice left on rather serious and extremely started cases with which was oh how not easy to understand - just because heroes trained will power, overcoming pain, or actively and long self-medicated. Therefore it is not necessary to hesitate.

Nevertheless there is a wish to tell once again separately what situations demand the immediate request for the help .

In - the first, it is a situation of acute unfamiliar pain . The head, a stomach, a thorax - it is unimportant. An acute pain - a reason for the urgent address.

In - second, of course, accidents . Injuries, burns, an electric trauma, accidents - here usually are not present problems with a timely call.

During flu epidemic different unpleasant complications and associated diseases happen. Therefore remember that immediately should call an ambulance if against high temperature :

- any rash is found;

- there is a severe headache and/or repeated vomiting which is not giving relief;

- there is any, even short-term, loss of consciousness;

- there are spasms;

- at children about one year - the liquid chair more often than five - six times a day is observed;

- the patient turns pale, becomes sluggish and apathetic.

Parents of small children should be attentive. If the child against full health or small temperature suddenly begins to cannot stop in the rough “barking“ cough - do not waste time, call the doctor immediately.

By itself, any bleeding (of course, except regular female indispositions) - an absolute reason for an ambulance call. Even in appearance harmless nasal bleeding can quite be a mask of hypertensive crisis.

The rest - on a situation, you will not provide everything and in one article you will not describe. Once again: there is a problem - do not wait that it will resolve. Time is expensive, do not spend it for reading the medical encyclopedia, there all the same about you nothing is written.

How to behave before arrival of the ambulance? it is quiet. Without panic and a hysterics. Not to do excess movements, not to take unfamiliar medicine. Not to arrange mad dancings at the patient`s bed, to him and it is so gloomy.

What to tell to the arrived doctor? Truth. Also be not afraid to miss something, everything that is necessary, we will ask again you.

On the Internet often and passionately discuss how it is more correct to meet crew of the ambulance that with a guarantee to receive the most qualitative help. Opinions are shared. Many suggest to lower dogs at once, but nevertheless the people at us kind therefore usually agree that it is better to drive humanely the doctor into the corner and, poigryvy a knife, to state the vision of a problem.

Because all understand medicine in general and the emergency help in particular at us now. Except doctors of the ambulance, certainly.

In life everything is not so sad though the relation of broad masses to our service very amusing. Three positions meet most often:

Fast is services industry. Everything “they“ are grabbers, thieves also understand nothing. Nevertheless let rescue us from everything, time are obliged. And differently we will complain!

the Ambulance has to love us. To sympathize, pat on a back and to dance a striptease on demand. And differently we will complain!

the Ambulance is wizards. Here now “they“ will arrive and in five minutes will cure me of obesity of the fourth degree, diabetes and polyarthritis. But at first they should be intimidated by the fact that we will complain!

Unfortunately, any of these behavior models does not promote adjustment of the normal relations between the patient and crew. Both parties suffer from misunderstanding. In the people terrifying stories about doctors - murderers are born.

Doctors, especially young, competent and ambitious, swallow undeserved unfounded accusations and come to a conclusion that it is time to change a profession for more dear. Many change. The most ridiculous that work at ambulance crews does not become less.

In reality there is quite efficient system of rendering the emergency free help at a pre-hospital stage, that is at home, on the street, on a workplace, in the cellar, on a roof of the train and somewhere else. Not ideal, of course, but quite good. And in this system skilled and sensible professionals work. Others just are not late. You will laugh, but our service - hard round-the-clock dray work. And the fact that it darling, does not do it easier.

I do not call you for sympathy or at least for understanding of our difficulties at all. I just want to tell that nevertheless you should not meet the person to whom you are going to entrust neither more nor less right now, and the one and only life by threats and fists (and so happens, you believe me). Especially as not he entered to you the house by violence with the gun, and you caused it.

And my favourite joke.

Speak, somehow time Buddha decided to work on ambulance. Also caused it to the paralyzed grandmother. Gautama looked at it and told: “Get up, the granny!“

the Granny rose, Buddha was glad and went to the following visit. And the granny took a ball pen in the recovered fingers and wrote the complaint to the minister. Because the doctor did not even measure it temperature .