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Whether we remember the Great Patriotic War?

Recently in the blog of one of the websites the question of was discussed whether Vladimir Mayakovsky is an ingenious poet. Or it so, the author of propaganda materials of a present situation which died together with it.

I am a supporter of the first. And to confirm correctness of the position, as one of arguments of what the generation 20 - 40 - x not just read and knew Mayakovsky, and breathed them, counted necessary to find a fragment from Konstantin Simonov`s novel “Soldiers are not born“. When the aide-de-camp of a battalion of Sintsov - Rybochkin - in Stalingrad, in just beaten off blindage of the second line of the German defense, waiting for possible night counterattack reads verses of this poet:


we will not miss by.

We know whom - sweep!

of the Leg know whose


to them to go.

the Strong place of the novel as argument of the fact that at a certain stage of our history Vladimir Mayakovsky was not just a poet, and by a nation voice whose thoughts invested with verses sounded in a resonance with mood of that generation to which were turned.

I found a fragment. But here could not come off Simonov`s novel (in my opinion, one of the best works about That war). Also re-read it once again.

Perhaps, under impression from read the other day asked the, in days of old passing on category of Komsomol members, and nowadays - just non-party youth:

- Whether knows who what at us began 22 - go June? with

But neither the senior, nor younger could not answer me what date is. And what important event in the history of our country took place this day.

I will not tell that this answer - not the answer, shocked me. In total - mine the son and the daughter know something about That war. But why that memory which how it seemed to me, is put in us genetically begins to glitch? Perhaps we tell a little about what our grandfathers and grandmothers, fathers and mothers had to endure those years?

And if it so, then the situation of things it is necessary to change urgently, as soon as possible.

My grandfather on the maternal line was mobilized for the third day of war, 24 - go June. And in four years passed as any infantryman, generally on shank`s mare, a long and bloody way from Tikhvin and Volkhov to Konigsberg, having celebrated the Victory Day in East Prussia. That about which somehow to us, still to pioneers, one of women - veterans told, come at the beginning of May in our class to the traditional then meeting devoted to the Great Patriotic War:

- When we entered East Prussia, we first revenged Germans a little. But then forbade us.

the Class teacher at once tactfully took away conversation on war in other party, but I remember, even these several phrases made indelible impression on me. How so? The Soviet soldier was not only the liberator of all Europe from the Fascism, but also the avenger? To whom did he revenge? To the civilian population? How? And who forbade to revenge?

The grandfather came back home at the beginning of August 45 - go. Though could get demobilize considerably later. Or not to return in general. The troops brought from East Prussia to the next Moscow area lived nearly two months on wheels. In those echelons which they came back from war. Nobody knew anything, but all fighters and commanders lived expectation, perfectly understanding that just like that nobody will hold military units on wheels.

Clarity came in the second half of July. In day when the order on demobilization of soldiers of the advanced draft ages came in the morning and to the grandfather literally in several hours processed all documents according to which he from the military turned into the civil person, one more instruction was received. It came at several o`clock after the first order. Therefore the grandfather remained at station where on side-tracks more than a month there was their echelon, and his companions by the evening moved to the Far East. And ahead all of them still had a war with Japan.

Of those four military years through which there passed not only the grandfather but also all country, at us in a family remained two front photos. Only two. The first was made by the press photographer of the divisional factory newspaper in 43 - m when the grandfather was handed his first medal - “For services in battle“. Who the author of the second picture - I do not even know. On it the grandfather and one of his colleagues are in the yard of the Riga beer factory where they received products for the division. Both are in overcoats. As - in any way - outside late fall 44 - go. End of October, beginning of November. The capital of the Soviet Latvia is freed just several weeks ago.

Generally, photos could be more. But that the grandfather sent from the front till February 43 - go the grandmother burned. It, together with mother and her younger sister, were in evacuation. In one of big Cossack villages in Hopr`s upper courses.

And somehow in the evening in a hut where they were settled, knocked. When the hostess opened a door, the osobist of hospital in which then as the nurse the grandmother, and two fighters of a commandant`s platoon worked was on the threshold. After traditional questions - who such, from where, whether long ago here - the officer set for the sake of what he, actually, also came to this house that winter evening:

- But you will not tell where now your husband?

On puzzled grandmother`s “Yes where to it to be? At the front, of course“ - it dumbfounded all being in the room the unperturbable:

- And we have data that he is a deserter. And now hides at you in a chest. Open it, please.

Of course, the grandmother immediately cast away a chest cover. Except the things taken with themselves in evacuation and a small stock of products, naturally, in it is mute was nothing.

And the culprit of all this alarm there was a younger mother`s sister who was born one year prior to war. She practically did not remember the grandfather. But that sisters did not forget the father, the grandmother showed them the photos sent from the front from time to time:

- There is your father.

I after little girls once again watch photos, accurately wrapped them in a pure rag and hid in a chest. Here small also told someone from the girlfriends, in response to it “And our father at the front“:

- And ours - in a chest!

For it “father“ were those photos which to it were shown by the grandmother. Another she also did not remember it. Small told girlfriends, and already they conveyed this information to the family. And someone from adults reported there where it is necessary:

- And at evacuated - the husband - the deserter in a chest hides …

Here the osobist also came to check the arrived “signal“. The grandfather who at that time was at war on the Volkhov front, himself was not found. But the grandmother was frightened to death. It also burned part of those photos which it then had. And which could become memory of those difficult years. Could, but … Did not become.

And people who remember that time slowly leave us. There is neither grandfather, nor the grandmother any more. And what was remembered today to me, so it thanks to their stories. Perhaps and my today`s stories will remain in someone`s memory too. Though it is only a part, a small piece of what was endured by our family then, during That war.

I hope, time will come and I will manage to tell about how two brothers of my grandfather died as in March 42 - go near Velizha the Red Army man 16 - y the Guards shooting division - my second grandfather laid down life, on the ottsovy line. As in evacuation was to the grandmother with two small.

I will try to tell about all this. That about what war began 22 - go June, 1941, not only grandsons and great-grandsons of those who made everything that he could in order that the enemy was broken remembered, and the victory remained for us...