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Increase in a breast folk remedies of

Many of us dream to increase a breast, but not all are ready to resort to such cardinal method as plastic surgery. There are folk remedies for increase in a bust, they, of course, do not promise us considerable results, but by the size - one and a half can quite increase our beautiful breast.

1 B people say that if constantly there are grain crusts, then it is possible to achieve increase in the size of a breast. But with this method be careful as the breast, but also some other parts of a body can not only increase.

2 Probably, all heard that the use of cabbage or its juice promotes increase in a breast, but this method helps only with teenage age.

It is considered 3 that if to enter into the diet fermented milk and dairy products, green apples, lemon juice, fish and chicken, then the breast, however, will begin to grow physicians do not believe that thanks to such diet it is possible to influence the size of a bust.

4 If constantly to drink black tea with milk or tea from strawberry leaves (fresh leaves are filled in with boiled water and are drawn) having added milk too, then shortly persons of an opposite sex will be lost in contemplation of your increased breast.

5 Tea from the manzhetka sparkling are an effective method for young girls.

That it needs to be prepared 300 ml of boiled water on 1 dessertspoon of the dry manzhetka sparkling (a grass with flowers), to bring to boiling. To accept filtered on 150 ml to food. It is necessary to drink tea from the manzhetka sparkling not less than three months. After month this tea was spent on drink, it is necessary to be interrupted for a week and so on the expiration of every month.

6 It is possible to make mix of walnuts, honey and the crude lemon. All these ingredients need to be processed on the meat grinder and within half a year to use 3 times a day on a tablespoon. At the same time it is necessary to rub in the morning and in the evening in a breast cream with a camomile or hop oil.

7 Still nuts can be filled in with liquid honey and to leave for a week, then to use 2 - 3 times a day according to h to a spoon.

8 the breast size Increases if within a month three times a day is on a turmeric teaspoon, washing down with milk.

The size of a breast depends on estrogen hormone. There are plants which contain phytoestrogen reception of powders and broths from them stimulates growth of mammary glands. Treat such plants: hop (shishechka), wild yam, fennel, French ryegrass, root of a dudnik, flax seeds, flowers of a sage and others. From any five of these plants it is possible to prepare powder and to apply it twice a day to food according to 1 h to a spoon. It is necessary to use powder daily not less than three months. If on you this recipe did not work, then it is necessary to replace structure of herbs in powder and to repeat a course, after a break. Be attentive, applying any herbs though we often consider them absolutely harmless, each plant has a number of contraindications.

9 Broth with hop for increase in a breast is accepted by 3 times a day on 1/3 glass.

For its preparation it is necessary shishechek to fill in 1 tablespoon of hop with a glass of water and to leave in a thermos for the night. Before application broth needs to be filtered. A course 3 - 6 months. Having spent on drink broth within 21 days, you do a break by duration week. Do not think that having begun treatment, one fine morning you will wake up and do not place a breast in the habitual bra. Increase in a breast process long, applying this broth, you can feel discomfort in mammary glands, the breast will be gradually poured.

10 Still it is possible to apply hop oil, it is applied by 2 times a day with the stroking movements on breast skin.

To mix 50 g shishechek hop, a root of a glycyrrhiza and a grass of a marjoram. To apply 1 tablespoon on a glass of water, to prepare on a water bath within 15 minutes. To allow to be drawn 45 minutes and to take, filtered, on 1/3 glass for half an hour to food three times a day. To use 3 - 12 months. It is impossible to apply this broth in the presence of new growths of a uterus, mammary glands, ovaries, an endometriya, and also at pregnancy.

11 It is possible to make broth of equal parts of grains of barley, rye, corn and millet.

They are made in a large amount of water and accepted 3 times a day before each meal. Applying this broth for the night it is necessary to do breast wrappings by rice porridge which is washed away in the morning camomile infusion. However, this method has no scientific justification.

12 there is an ancient recipe for increase in a breast by means of broth from hollyhock roots.

3 tablespoons of dry raw materials on 3 glasses of cold water are necessary, to boil 15 minutes. Drink this broth, previously filtered, for half an hour to food 3 times a day on 1/3 glass. The course lasts from three months to one year. Month you accept broth - week of a break etc. This broth still can be applied to compresses on a breast.

It is possible to alternate hot compresses to oils of a geranium and ilang - an ilanga and cold to sea salt. After procedure are rinsed and apply the cream tightening a breast. Be careful, applying such compresses, they can provoke emergence of tumors.

Can lead use of mustard plasters for increase in mammary glands to the same sad consequences.

13 Good results are yielded by ginseng root tincture use if to wipe with it a breast. Before application tincture needs to be dissolved in the ratio with 1:2 boiled water.

To 14 K quite popular ways for increase in a breast, it is possible to refer application iodic setochek, but iodine is not always well absorbed and you should hide a decollete zone strenuously. And such method can lead to skin burns.

Increasing a breast in the house ways, do not forget about the massage increasing elasticity of a breast. It is done by easy roundabouts clockwise and against an hour hand, from below up. Massage by water is simply necessary for area of a decollete and regular physical exercises for muscles of a breast will help you with achievement of desirable result.

There is a lot of ways of increase in a breast, among them is also unsafe as tsikuta tincture rubbing in. Everyone will be able to choose for herself a suitable method. The main thing - to keep beauty and youth of a bust and not to forget that the beautiful breast at lost, during its increase, health, will already not please you.