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Rest at water: did not forget about safety?

Mankind left water for a long time and on the whole thoroughly lost skills of safe communication with elements. Nevertheless ancient instincts did not get to anywhere, and with occurrence of heat thousands and tens of thousands of sufferers are spread by a picturesque carpet on coast of any available reservoirs.

The average program of successful rest on water includes:

- breakdown of camp;

- obligatory picnic with alcohol (fortress and quantity - optionally);

- fire;

- bathing;

- replenishment of stocks of alcohol and its repeated destruction;

- a diving from break - optionally.

Practice shows that the greatest number of the victims are the share of stages of bathing and a diving though dozagoravshikhsya to thermal shock is enough too. It would be desirable to bring to attention of public simple actions which will help to minimize losses at least.

At a stage of the choice of the place for breakdown of camp pay, please, attention to the landscape surrounding you .

If the coast of the lake which was pleasant to you is absolutely deprived of green vegetation in a radius of three kilometers, and instead of cheerful bird`s chirping you hear equal buzz of high-voltage lines, then it is better to get into the water only in the special diving suit steady against effect of alkalis and acids. And it is desirable to sunbathe in a gas mask or at least in a gauze respirator - so you partially protect yourself from inhalation of intensively formed products of disintegration of various chemical compounds.

And do not allow to bathe a pet at all - otherwise then will torture conscience.

But, let us assume, you found quite pleasant Liski. Do not forget that city dwellers from presence of oxygen at air have a short-term obscuring of mind. Force yourself and the relatives to be kept by strong-willed effort from a zalezaniye to a top of the biggest tree. Believe - will fall sick, and you will spoil days off to yourself and people.

Try to handle accurately a tourist hatchet - it though small, and will chop off fingers easily. And better do not bother and just buy coals and firewood at any gas station.

Fortunately, food people remember instructions for use not bad, and at a stage actually absorption of food of a problem meet seldom. But the following item of the program - immersion in water - is full of artful traps and underwater, excuse for a pun, stones.

Troubles already begin with the moment of an entrance to water, and they have character most often cardiological.

The matter is that the difference of water temperatures and air is quite big - and the person of middle age, a dense constitution and any physical training, jumping in eighteen - twenty-degree water from thirty five in a shadow, seriously risks to have reflex cardiac arrest. And there, under water, will hardly strongly console him that the stop will be short-term and in couple of seconds the rhythm most likely will be restored.

Therefore, please, you enter water gradually . Especially if before you already managed to sunbathe and accept unlimited quantity of alcohol.

By the way, about spirits . In the company it is vital to have at least one sober observer who will be able competently to interpret if something happens convulsive waves of hands and legs over a water smooth surface. Alcohol strong dulls reaction to irritants (actually, for this purpose it is drunk) - and invaluable time in situations which can quite be resolved without the victims is too often wasted. Cast lots or appoint turn - all company will be more whole, and the person on duty will fully have a rest next time.

The most unpleasant at rest on water - yes, it drownings and everything that around them occurs. Very often it happens so that to the aid of drowning not too good swimmers rush - certainly, for the best, but such rush comes to an end with the double tragedy.

Water demands from the person of the correct assessment of the opportunities. And if you swim hardly - hardly, then do not take in head to rush on rescue! Run, you shout, call to the aid - only do not try to float afterwards, as if you wanted it. The good swimmer will be able to pull out one; two it will not pull physically.

If you suddenly felt that there is no bottom under legs any more, and hands and legs suddenly ceased to obey for horror - include, only very quickly, the first universal rule - to stop panic .

Remember forever: the person is easier than water. Water pushed out Archimedes - will push out also you if you do not twitch. Relax and lay down on water. It is possible facedown, an asterisk, it is possible on a back - as it is more convenient.

Felt that you are held? Now turned the head, inhaled. Exhaled. Looked round - and quietly, like a dog, slowly buried to the coast. It is possible with pauses, you will not get to anywhere.

The most part of victims perishes from - for panic. The tranquility and composure increase your chances many times, do not forget about it.

If on the coast pulled out injured and it unconscious, does not breathe or breath rare and superficial - first of all should release airways . Pretty often just forget about it and begin to breathe actively and ineptly a mouth - in - a mouth, clogging a trachea and bronchial tubes finally. In airways there can be an ooze, sand, just water - all this should be cleaned quickly, and only then to do an artificial respiration.

I will tell honestly: if the person does not breathe more than five minutes, chances at him very much and it is not enough; nevertheless before arrival of the ambulance it is impossible to stop resuscitation actions.

One more very heavy and bitter subject - a diving . The word of honor, you do not want to spoil rest by such reading - but every summer tens of young people perish and hundreds become deep disabled people because of own fleeting nonsense.

Jump from breaks and bridges, jump on shoal and on reefs; jump a swallow, breaking necks, and the tell-tale, killing legs and again - breaking a backbone.

I not too emotional being, but, leaving on such visits, there is a wish not that to cry, and just to howl for offense - because nothing foretold tragedies.

Jumpers have neither forsmazhor, nor accident, nor technogenic accident, and there are only a human nonsense and self-confidence multiplied by a beer glass. And the second spirit claims the whole human life, one and only.

Very much I ask you: take care and look after friends and relatives!

What to do if such trouble happened on your eyes? Most carefully to transfer the jumper to a firm plain surface - the door removed from loops, a board, an equal floor will approach - and to try not to turn it before arrival of the ambulance. It is necessary to bear at least three together, and it is better four together, supporting each department of a backbone.

To record a neck, it is only very accurate and careful - the board or a piece of equal plastic under a nape and two plates from sides as a last resort will fit, it is possible to bandage them carefully and not hardly, just to limit the movements in cervical department.

To protect from the direct sun. It is impossible to give to drink, but it is possible to moisten lips. And to wait for crew - more nothing is real you will not make.

Against jumpers the heatstroke seems just easy misunderstanding - however and in it there is nothing good. And again the sober person on duty is necessary, you will not get to anywhere - in time to wake the friend who dozed off on the sun, to help to reach a shadow, it is convenient to lay in the cool place, to bring rather weak sweet to tea, to give a tablet of aspirin and if necessary to call the doctor.

Heartily I wish you happy safe rest in a circle of reliable friends and the loving family! And let water will be warm and pure, the sun tender, and air curative!