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Peru - “The magic country of Inca“

Exotic continually

For fans of an exotic gastronomy, for fans of extreme rest here too is all conditions for rest. Present only a few from the most unsolved miracles of Peru:

Here the biggest Book of astronomy in the world - the NASK LINES. Which sizes of figures - motive of admiration. The secret of widely known lines exciting researchers and the mathematician of the whole world try to find regularities in thousands of lines, strange geometrical figures and images of animals are made of 500 years BC and till 400 years AD. According to archeologists they had an astronomical ceremonial appointment. A plateau of Nask and Palp on whom they are drawn - one place from the driest and desert in the world.

The most mountain navigable lake in the world - LAKE TITICACA, the name means “the lake of stone pumas“ in a classic language of Quechua and is located at the height of 3,809 meters. On a legend exactly here the first Inca appeared from waters the Lake and created the Empire of Inca.

The deepest canyons of the earth. KOLK`S CANYON and KOTAUASI. The canyon begins at the height of 3,600 meters. And to become the deepest about well-known “the circumspect platform “Cruz Del Condor“ where you will be able to look at majestic flight of Condor.

The highest railway station of the World: LA the GALLEY

railway station of La Galer, is at the height of 4781 meters. Traveling by train on 335 - kilometer to expansion and a global inclination 45 °, you will be able to meet 68 tunnels, 61 bridges and 9 sites of sarpentinny roads. The third in the world on height falls - GOKTA, with its impressive falling 771 - meter water, remained are unknown because of superstition of countrymen who were afraid to be object of a damnation of a beautiful siren with a blond hair which lives in their waters. The most bigger archaeological monument in the north of Peru - KUELAP, in volume, surpasses to pyramids of ancient Egypt three times. Call “Northern Pikchu`s makcha“. Fortress is protected by stone walls up to 30 meters high and 600 meters long. The biggest city of not burned brick in doispansky America - CHAN CHAN, in the downtown Chang - Chang there were ten huge rectangles of 400ő200 m fenced with walls 12 meters high - palace ensembles of local tsars of Mochik. After which death buried in their palaces with all riches, and the receiver built to itself the new building.

And of course one of the most surprising miracles of the modern world - MAKCHU PIKCHU, the lost city of Inca, the magnificent mausoleum an inka Pachakutek, the founder and the first governor of “Tauantinsuyu“ - the state of Inca. Architects of all ancient civilizations seized, in our concept, modern technologies that with easy work directly in mountains to cut off stones, to correct them and to put where it is necessary.

Be a participant of your own adventure, and having visited Peru you will have an opinion as if Gulliver visited Peru and in the country of Liliputians adjusted these stone large objects. Over riddles of Peru break, and on our days, themselves the heads historians and archeologists from around the world. To reflect over these questions and you will be able to look at not made by hand miracle during the return flight from Peru.

Text: Sixto Chavez

of the Photo: Sixto Chavez