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What to do at a spasm of gastrocnemius muscles?

to Each of us at least once in life happened to feel a spasm in a leg. And it is natural, the phenomenon this so widespread that about 75% of people face it. As a rule, spasms begin unexpectedly, they happen strong and bring very unpleasant feelings. And therefore it will be useful to learn more about spasms and about ways of fight against them.

of the Reason

Sharp reduction of a muscle can speak chronic fatigue and a sleep debt. Spasms are also a consequence of excessive physical activities from - for accumulation in a muscle of lactic acid during sports activities or long walking. At the same time as the reason insufficiency of stimulation of muscles nerves can serve at small mobility. Spasms are caused also by long stay in an inconvenient pose from - for insufficient blood inflow. But shortage in an organism of the necessary minerals is the most frequent reason: magnesium, calcium, vitamin D.

Spasms can be symptoms of diseases, such as varicosity, diabetes, cirrhosis, a backbone disease, damage of a thyroid gland, etc. For this reason at frequent spasms, and also at the spasms connected with blood circulation violation it is necessary to address the expert.


As was already mentioned by

, deficiency of calcium, magnesium, potassium in an organism is the most common cause of spasms. The matter is that with food of people, as a rule, does not receive standard daily rate of Mg. Therefore additional administration of drugs of magnesium in drugs or in bioadditives is recommended. As Mg and Sa are in a close sheaf, it is recommended to support contents in an organism of both of these elements together with vitamin D which promotes their assimilation.

Nevertheless you should not forget about fresh fruit and greens. A source of calcium are milk, cheese, cottage cheese, almonds. Magnesium a large number contains walnuts, buckwheat cereal, bean. Beet, raisin, dried apricots, garlic, and also sunflower seeds are rich with potassium. Also mineral water will be useful.

Removal of a spasm

to kill pain, it is necessary to stretch the cramped muscle . It is possible to make it, having done the following simple exercise. Get up directly, facing a wall at distance of one step. Place legs slightly more widely than shoulders. Rest palms against a wall over the head. Small short steps you depart back, at the same time without tearing off a foot from a floor. Slowly recede until you feel extension of the cramped muscles.

Only do not overdo! Excessive unpleasant feelings from extension of muscles should not be. Having stopped, keep this provision of half-minute. It is recommended to pound and nibble also cramped leg.

One more way to remove a spasm is massage . Thumb press on a point in the middle of a gastrocnemius muscle, gradually increasing pressure. Then press couple of seconds in the field of a popliteal pole. It is worth noticing that the spasm at pregnant women has special character. This method is contraindicated to them.

The sharp spasm of muscles can arise when bathing in cold water. Therefore before it is recommended to do several physical exercises. It is necessary to warm muscles to increase inflow of blood to them as the spasm is caused by narrowing of vessels as a result of sharp difference of temperatures. If is at itself a needle or a pin, prick in the field of a spasm. The painful irritation of the reduced muscle will stop a spasm.

Now, having armed with these recommendations, you will not allow spasms to take you unawares. However do not forget that spasms of muscles can be symptoms of a number of diseases, including complications at pregnancy. Therefore at their frequent emergence it is necessary to see a doctor surely.