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Smell of the power: what it?

Those who achieved the power in the state well know its taste. Having received the Supreme power, then happens extremely difficult to refuse it: you will not write off immemorial aspiration of the politician to the power anywhere. In Post-Soviet history there was only one person who could overcome himself - Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin. Current leaders of the Russian state will not want and will not be able to refuse the power.

At the same time they touchingly tell that they have no moral right to leave, will not finish projects, important for the country, yet. “If undertook some business, it is necessary to finish it“. And it is not important that it for good reason: the unified state examination at high school or change of regulations of the Kinotavr festival that Vladimir Putin recommended to make. And that, you understand, not those movies receive gran - at.

And in general, in Russia everything has to be clear and transparent. Who has no power, that has no right to own property. Opponents of such principle will be immediately wasted in the outhouse. Still the technology of “the inherited presidency“ will be used and the power vertical will be constructed, and the vertical is from top to bottom, and at all not from below up. Independent experts estimate as high-probability option of succession of events when Putin remains at top of an imperious vertical: too many skeletons in the cupboard accumulated at it for years of existence as the politician owing to what he just is not able to afford to leave. Of course, there is a law on guarantees to the former president adopted in a post - a Yeltsin era. But all of us well know how laws in the Russian state are executed and as quickly they can be changed.

At the same time the latest stagnation became heavy for considerable part of society. Sooner or later in Russia the beginnings 21 - go centuries uncompromising struggle between opposition and present imperious elite will begin. Let`s look who can compete with Petersburg security officers and oligarchs in the forthcoming fight for the power.

Today it is senseless to speak about “left“ and “right“ of parliamentary opposition . In - the first, because at the existing mode parliament - not the place for discussions ; in - the second because the opposition in the State Duma considerably depends on executive power and, in fact, is imitating. It is unlikely it is possible to consider rather oppositional any party which was registered through a sieve by Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and allowed to elections.

“Other Russia“ uses a format of classical positioning of opposition. Such format is applied, for example, the antiglobalists professing the principle “Other world is possible“ . It is clear, that the similar movements are very amorphous and have no accurately formulated program. It is possible to damn ardently Putin`s regime, however it is good to answer a question still: - that what you want?

One of real political forces is the opposition headed by Limonov . Generally it is youth; activists of the movement are members forbidden by the authorities National - Bolshevik Party (NBP). It is classical stand-alone opposition, and not system it became thanks to actions of the authorities which forbade NBP. Now the number of this opposition makes several thousands of people, however ranks of Limonov supporters intensively grow. And force of the political organization is estimated not only number of supporters; financial resources and degree of organization of her members play a role. The inhabitant (in good sense of this word) should be defined: to whom you treat worse - the writer and politician Eduard Limonov or the security officer, the father of the nation Vladimir Putin with his Medvedev.

As for the parliamentary elections which are coming in December, an initiative of E. Limonov and his colleagues to boycott elections personally it is represented to me very pertinent. If the citizen was on the polling precinct - means, helped a tandem and the parties in power to create visibility of electoral process and, eventually, helped them to remain for one term. Initiators of boycott promise to develop the standard application form about refusal to participate in elections with the requirement to exclude the applicant of the statement from the electoral register (then nobody will be able to use absence and to throw the ballot).

“Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to choose and be elected to public authorities …“ is written So down in 32 - y to the article of the Constitution of Russia. However now in parliament choose only according to party lists. How here to be chosen in the power not to the member of any resolved party? Here also invented the Putin “popular front“ showing as non-party citizens can receive places in lists of “United Russia“. History repeats itself: in the USSR there was a uniform block of communists and non-parties too; only then stagnation was Brezhnev`s, and now Putin.

Actually, the real popular front can be formed under any name - though under a movement nickname of “Blue buckets“. When time comes … It is necessary only to guess, than opposition between a power vertical and a horizontal of the people will end.

Speaking about stand-alone opposition, it is necessary to mention the extremist nationalist organizations and anarchical opposition in young people. The first arrange many thousands processions with the slogan “Russia for Russians“; the second (without applying for the power) oppose a social inequality and stratification of society on very rich and very poor for what they use pyrotechnics and explosions of low power - not to blow up, and to frighten the inhabitant.

We do not know that waits for us in 5 - 7 years when the generation of present school students grows up. Now they a little of what think, but what will be when they come to adulthood? Generation P generated oligarchical Russia who will be generated by generation of today`s school students?

Anyway, in modern Russia it is necessary to carry all those who consider that processes of political, economic, social, information and any other degradation in the Russian society have to be immediately stopped to opposition. Such idea of opposition quite is entered in the concept of post-democracy.

… Why we do not tell “aroma of the power“? Likely, because aroma can enjoy, and here a smell - not always. About policy say that this business dirty. If so, then the power has a smell of defect, treachery, exclusive corporationism, lobbyism. Smart secular receptions, buffet receptions, a smoke of expensive cigarettes will not hide a true smell of the Russian political beau monde. It is at all not a smoke of the Fatherland which “is sweet and pleasant“, and it is rather, on the contrary.

It is possible to see nothing and not to hear, having closed eyes and having closed ears. However while it is live, it is necessary to breathe, and by all means you catch smells. In some territories the stench of policy and the power became indispensable attribute long ago. It is similar to the sulfur smell foretelling hell and torments of seven circles.

* * *

Speak to gain recognition, the author has to shock society. Perhaps it and so if “to shock“ means “to show to society the truth“, in Putin`s Russia the truth not the frequent guest. Of course, it is senseless to ask a rhetorical question: how to show the truth? Everyone solves for himself.

Not far off elections - both parliamentary, and presidential. The main result is known in advance. It is clear, that the present authorities will never give the power to anybody. Current governors are not the pink communists who easily reconciled with loss of the domination at the beginning of 90 - x.

All so, but somewhere I heard that there are asymmetric answers in critical situations. It is worth thinking, looking only properly.

… Tonight Medvedev and Putin rode bicycles. Except driving by bicycles, they played badminton. not I composed It. It from headline news.