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The person for giving or giving for the person?

the Sacral concept “dacha“ appeared in the sixties the last century and, of course, at once acquired myths and legends. The central place in a stump is taken by idea of ideal Giving.

Platonovsky Giving - an essence the place intended for an admiring by the nature and singings of tea with cherry jam at a big round table. There is this magic in the warm summer evening, at sacrament by all means there are happy children, grandsons and pets. The big close-knit family with affection looks round the well-groomed possession, observing violent spontaneous maturing of vegetables and fruit.

The kind grandmother slightly at some distance cooks raspberry or kryzhovenny jam in a copper basin, tenderly suggesting the running-up grandchildren to try a skin; and awaking there will be an unexpected guest, or the neighbor will glance on a spark - and to it will get beauty, caress and strong fragrant to tea...

However the reality does not leave from crystal dream even of splinters. Most often the country stony soil is plentifully watered labor then and covered with packings from - under tablets. And giving acts not idyllic Belovodyem, but the arena of severe fight of a weak human body against the nature and own idiocy. The main losses in this war are sustained by an organism.

So, the neophytes inspired with a legend (or old experienced summer residents), having risen Saturday morning after dark, go to giving the dream. The body which is eager for a dream and rest, naturally, gives vascular reaction in the form of increase (more rare - decreases) pressure, dizzinesses, nausea. For having coronary heart disease and hypertensia risk of vascular accidents raises many times. Taking into account that the composition of air in the city and at the dacha differs very significantly, chances of not adapted organism to safely endure days off are not so big.

However, it is florets. And a foot walk on three - five - seven kilometers with a very heavy backpack behind the back - too yet not berries. The real meat grinder begins on arrival on the base. It is clear, that in a week the battlefield manages to acquire weeds which need to be weeded urgently. And the organism finds out that it at it, appears, there are a back and joints.

At best the radiculitis attack will lay the country toiler on a grass at once, and just in a day it will be able carefully to reach the city. But more often repeatedly repeated exercise “it was bent - unbent“ leads to dull constant ache in a waist, not so strong to stop work, and persistent work for great idea continues. The intervertebral disks which are fairly touched by osteochondrosis press the arteries passing in them and veins.

However neither the headache, nor a sleep in hands, nor the shivering legs can distract the fighter for a harvest from its purpose.

Most often country grounds demand watering. Running from a bed to a bed with pailfuls or with a hose in hands quickly enough reminds that polyarthritis too did not get to anywhere - and the such loadings multiplied by cold water lead to its prompt progressing.

The citizens having osteoarthrosis of knee and coxofemoral joints can get in a queue on operation on endoprosthesis replacement at once. I hurry to console: now such operations are performed generally successfully and manage rather cheap. The means obtained from giving sale will just be enough for treatment and rehabilitation.

However the sun already in a zenith. The pale city little body which is greedy absorbing life-giving beams of an ultraviolet quickly reddens and becomes covered by blisters. The back which is densely greased with sour cream (popular wisdom of bad will not advise!) becomes an ideal incubator for development of an infection, like furuncles, abscesses, in the started cases - phlegmons.

The summer resident fights against temperature increase aspirin - and again in fight. Because neighbors sharp-sightedly watch one after another, and every minute of a respite covers the idler with a fadeless shame in the opinion of tribespeople.

Meanwhile obviously it becomes easier for vessels not. Inclinations, the sun, unusual work provide to the toiler hypertensive crisis, is frequent in a combination with a stenocardia attack. In this sense men, unprotected from atherosclerosis, those loving sons and good husbands who are taken out on the dacha by hardworking mothers and wives most of all suffer.

Dear women! It is clear, that it is flatter to all of us to show to the neigbour of the obedient and careful son (the husband, the son-in-law). But think - whether not too the additional bucket of currant will cost much to you? Losses among the man`s population and in a peace time are too big whether it is worth putting the loved one at additional risk?

Heart attacks and strokes overtake men of working-age much more often than women. And departure on the dacha is quite capable to become that straw behind which - a serious illness, long expensive treatment and disability in the long term.

However evening of difficult day approaches. Summer residents crawl to the lodges and go off to short disturbing sleep, sensitively tracing - but whether the thieves dreaming to profit for free an apple or a bunch of fennel got on a site.

Next day at toilers the head breaks, the back hoots, legs do not go and the tired-out fingers in zhilochka are not bent. Sil is enough exactly on to arrive home and to call an ambulance.

Especially resistant, however, still manage to make small family scandal to lazy members of household - the deviators looking provocatively holidaymakers. Days off are considered lived not for nothing.

However, the price of kilogram of tomatoes consisting of costs of the road, various fertilizers, a call of a special ambulance crew and long expensive treatment at the cardiologist or the neuropathologist is quite comparable to the cost of the fresh-caught lobsters delivered by a charter flight - but unless it matters!

And life could be such happy! Remember your dream, dear summer residents - a green lawn, a big table, a samovar, a brazier with brochette, fresh air and the pleasant company.

Remember that you are owners to the giving, and not vice versa! And then you with pleasure will be come to the rescue by specially trained wizard who liquidates beds and will sow the earth a fluffy lawn grass.

And you will be able to take at last from utility rooms the become dusty round table bought last century, but so never and which is not used. To hang up a hammock, too quite old between two apple-trees - admit, it lies somewhere in the storeroom, just everything was not enough time for such nonsenses, the truth?

To drive two columns for the teeter - from - for dachas you almost do not see grandsons, truly?

To call old friends and girlfriends, to solemnly set up old, but quite serviceable samovar on a linen cloth...

And then the warm summer decline sounded by children`s laughter, dog bark and chatter of various birds will return you feeling of pleasure of life about which you somehow forgot in long-term country sufferings.

And who will remember productivity and weeds - to that a penal cup of tea. With jam.