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Where veterans - disabled people disappeared? To reflection to fans it is noisy to celebrate

In statistical research “Russia and the USSR in wars of the 20th century. Losses of armed forces“

it appears b that during war it is demobilized on wound, an illness, age 3. 798. 200 people, from them disabled people 2. 576. 000 people. And among them 450. 000 one-armed or one-legged.

Readers are more senior - well is very more senior, such already almost dinosaurs - if rummage in memory, will remember that at the end of 40 - x years on streets there were many disabled people. Heritage of recent war...


Armless, legless, on crutches, with artificial limbs, and even on self-made carts - however, it and the cart was difficult to call, just boards on castors, on boards the legless disabled person sat and made a start from the earth such “irons“. And moved. Disabled people were loud, irritable, are not always sober, and are not always purely dressed... Who will condemn them?

Winners lived hard and defiantly wore fighting medals on shabby jackets. Generally, they did not paint with themselves either the cities, or care of party and government of disabled people did not show. And still they sang and begged, begged on cars and the markets. And it could generate certain seditious thoughts of gratitude of the Soviet people to the defenders in the heads - if someone thought of it. And the most important - they of nobody and nothing were afraid...

They were hundreds of thousands - the victims of this terrible war, the young guys crippled and who became stumps without the future. Such heritage any war - left behind and what to tell about World War II...

And suddenly they disappeared...

them was collected for one night - shipped in cars and taken out to “the house - boarding schools of the closed type with a particular treatment“. At night, secretly - that was not to noise. Violently - some rushed on rails, but where it was against young and healthy? Took out. That did not offend by the look looks of citizens and tourists. That did not remind of a debt to them who rescued all of us.

“... begging refuse the direction them in nursing homes … self-willedally leave them and continue to beg. I suggest to transform nursing homes and aged to houses of the closed type with a particular treatment“. Document No. 06778. Report of the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kruglov on February 20, 1954.

As envisioned by benefactors needed to be moved in boarding schools only lonely, but in practice nobody especially understood - took all anyone, and those who had a family could not even give about themselves a news! Took away passports and military IDs from them. Disappeared, and all.

There they also lived - if it is possible to call it life. More likely, existence in some Hades, on the other side of Stiks and Leta - the river of oblivion. There were veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad alive buried and survivors, pilots and tankmen... Again and again going to fight, to fiery hell - for us. Also received an award - awards and... a boarding school of prison type from where there was no exit. And they were young guys, they wanted to live!

As a matter of fact, in these boarding schools they were on position of prisoners. They could not leave from there. Such institution existed, for example, on the island of Valaam.

Boarding schools were under authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is clear, that there was for life. Even that poor contents which was allocated for them plundered almost completely. They had even no ware, and they ate from half-liter jars. Communication with the outside world was not too. Hid them from eyes down with far away...

“... It was categorically forbidden not only to drive groups there, but even to show the road. For it most strictly punished exile from work and even dismantling in KGB. And all - someone broke and all the same went there. But, certainly, one by one or gruppochka on three - four persons. It was necessary to see then the overturned faces of these people, their shock from what was seen. It was especially terrible to meet the women aged who lost husbands at the front moreover received not the death notification, but the notice “was missing“. Some of them made the presents of pilgrimage on such institutions. Trying to find the husbands, sons, brothers“. (Evgeny Kuznetsov “A Valaam notebook“).

Armless - legless disabled people was taken out sometimes to the yard and suspended to trees - it was walk. Sometimes, also forgot to take away for the night, and they froze:

“In spite of the fact that the first contingent was delivered in 1950 - m to year, the electricity was stretched to that place where they lived, only in 1952 - m. Light was not, rooms were not heated, and the majority of those “hundreds“ just and died in the first two years. In the summer “samovars“ or “suitcases“ (disabled people without hands and without legs so were called) for all day were suspended, sometimes on two, in baskets on trees. There were cases that for the night was forgotten to be removed …, and nights in Karelia even in the summer cold …“ (“Are forgotten and suspended“, Arkady Beynenson).

… What happened in soul at young people, winners of fascism whom the Homeland so thanked? Whether regretted each of them many times that was not killed in battle?

And when they died - whether of consequences of war, or of melancholy, they were even buried without graves. There are no graves, and their names are absent. Just went to the earth. About Valaam though something is known, there are portraits, separate memoirs, and there were also other such boarding schools - from those in general nothing remained.

Whether the “patriots“ tied with St.George`s Ribbons remember them during loud celebration of the Victory?

Recently there passed the hearing (I do not know, how true, so far only hearing) that there is an opinion: old men - pensioners should be taken out from big cities “on the nature“. In special boarding houses because in the cities to them it is difficult, noisy and it is stuffy, and outdoors it will be good. And apartments how many it will be released!

It is easy to understand that this light idea in fact - same cannibal as evacuation of veterans in a Valaam concentration camp. That nobody will ask their desires, and what will be leaving - to remember enough several juicy scandals concerning nursing homes in Yamm and others there zakholustyakh where literally were the death of old men. It is necessary only to hope that the idea will not be carried out.

But... if to think: those whom “fathers of the cities“ would like to take out from eyes down with from scarce housing - they at the end of 40 - x, the beginning 50 - x were years in the blossoming of youth. They took out veterans - “samovars“ to Valaam. And who did not take out itself - that was silent and did not ask: and where they? Where all disappeared suddenly legless of the cities? Were not interested, did not object, exempted the city from annoying and unpleasant disabled people, and it is fine.

There now and their turn came... And what should have been expected?

“Reader! My kind reader! Whether to understand to us today a measure of boundless despair of a grief invincible which covered these people during that moment when they set foot on this land. In prison, in terrible GULAG camp always at the prisoner the hope to leave it, find freedom, other, less bitter life glimmers. From here the outcome was not. From here only in a grave, as sentenced to death. Well, also imagine that for life began to flow in these walls.

I saw all this close many years in a row. And here it is difficult to describe. Especially, when before mind`s my eye there are their persons, eyes, hands, their indescribable smiles, smiles of beings, as if for ever guilty of something, as if apologizing for something. No, it cannot be described. It is impossible, likely, also because at reminiscence of all this heart just stops, intercepts breath and in thoughts there is an impossible confusion, some clot of pain! Forgive...“ (“The Vaalamsky notebook“, Evgeny Kuznetsov).