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How to cook soup from chicken giblets?

seldom cook Today chicken giblets soup, and in vain. Long since in Russia it was considered as a delicacy. Were used not only necks, hearts, stomachs and a liver as it is accepted now, but also combs, and chicken pads which gave to food a special navaristost. Let`s tell how to prepare this nourishing dish.

So, you stocked up with chicken giblets. Before putting them in a pan, carefully wash up them and prepare for further processing. Wash out necks, remove the remained penyochka from feathers, skin a stocking together with fat, put in a bowl with cold water and set aside aside for a while.

From a liver if it is previously not processed, accurately clean a bilious sack, cut off films and bilious channels. Scald stomachs boiled water and remove a film as a glove. From hearts remove a film and cut off the top part together with vessels.

At first singe the pads and combs which appeared in your set over naked flame, then scratch out the top film. At pads remove claws.

Put necks, hearts and stomachs in a pan, fill in with cold water and put on strong fire. Boil a chicken liver separately from other chicken giblets, two times having replaced water.

The received broth with giblets can be added with different products and to receive very tasty soups.

How it is correct to cook chicken giblets soup? Try, having used the provided recipes.

chicken giblets white beans Soup

Wet for the night haricot in cold water. Wash up potatoes, carrots, korenye, clear and cut straws. Clear and crush onions. Boil the soaked haricot to readiness in a small amount of water, but not a razvarivayta. You cook the prepared chicken potroshka on small fire to softness. Then bring the crushed vegetables, take on fire of 10 - 15 minutes, add haricot together with broth and bring everything to boiling.

On 500 g of chicken giblets - 300 g of white beans, 100 g of onions, 50 g of carrots, 50 g white korenyev (a celery, a parsnip), salt, greens to taste. Soup - noodles from chicken giblets with the stuffed necks

we Will begin

with the fact that fill in the prepared giblets with cold water and put on strong fire (a liver you cook separately). When water begins to boil, remove foam and lower one bulb and one carrots cut by large pieces in broth. Lower fire and you cook 30 minutes then giblets, onions and carrots take out from broth and cool. Postpone chicken necks, and turn other potroshka together with a liver via the meat grinder. Add to the received weight of 1 tablespoon of torments and carefully mix everything.

Now take out skin from chicken necks which you processings removed in the beginning and put in water, dry and accurately not too densely fill with the received forcemeat. Roll in necks in flour and fry on a frying pan in in advance warmed vegetable oil till golden color. Cover and keep in the warm.

Wash up potatoes, onions and carrots, clear and cut straws. Filter broth, put on fire and bring to boiling. In the boiling broth lower the cut potatoes. Slightly fry onions and carrots in vegetable oil and also add to broth. Approximately in 15 minutes pour noodles and you cook it to readiness. Cut the stuffed necks circles, put in each plate, fill in with broth with noodles and decorate with fresh greens.

For 500 - 600 chicken giblets - 2 bulbs, the 2nd carrots, 3 - 4 potatoes, 200 g of noodles, 2 - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt, pepper, greens.

Ancient culinary recipes of soup from chicken giblets for the present in Russia are not forgotten. Try and enjoy taste!