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How to choose a baby carriage?

Shortly before the birth of the child or right after childbirth rise a question of purchase of a carriage. From a variety of types and models eyes run up. How not to be mistaken and choose the carriage suitable you and your kid? That one and only with which the destiny for the whole year will connect you and even it is more.

Many authors of similar articles recommend to buy a carriage - a transformer. Say, she and at the price is available, and it is easy to turn it in sedentary when the kid a little grows up and will learn to sit. It seems, you kill with one shot of two hares. But for a start estimate the residence. The transformer is not located in the elevator, is accepted not in all doors, i.e. is bulky, heavy and clumsy.

Wash to you council: buy a usual classical carriage with a cradle. Choose model easy, compact and steady. The first ten months the child will be in it, to sleep generally. Therefore no transformation will be required. Pay attention to growth of the child at the birth. If he was born at you already rather big, i.e. about 55 cm and more, then and the carriage, respectively, should not be tiny. Otherwise by a year the kid will cease to be located in it.

After a year many pass to strollers, carriages - canes, carriages - books. They, as a rule, lungs, freely develop. But have wheels of small diameter and most often without shock-absorbers. I.e. are suitable only for well laid city asphalt. If you live in the district with a hilly soil covering, then nevertheless it is better to leave a carriage - a transformer or with the replaceable chassis. Keep in mind that snow-covered paths for strollers are almost impassable too. Here to the aid the sledge hurries: and to children fun, and to you not hard.

If all - this period of life of your child is the share of a dry season, I will tell how to pick up a stroller. Personally I favor of a carriage - a cane . It is compact and easy in folded form, is convenient and maneuverable in management. Choose models with rotary forward wheels, it gives the chance of a turn of a carriage without habitual inclination on itself. Also pay attention to a peak: it has to close as much as possible sitting child from the sun and a rain, it is easy to develop or clean up if necessary. It is desirable that the forward limiter of a seat was demountable. It will relieve you of need every time to put / take out the kid at the top, to soil thus a seat and the limiter. And a rebyatenka it will be more convenient to get out / climb when he is already able to do it independently.

It is strange that many models of carriages - canes do without the lower basket - a grid. Try to find with it. Will where put toys, products. It is better that behind a carriage there was a special pocket for small bottles and other trifles too.

I advise to pay attention to the number of provisions of a back and a way of their regulation. It is necessary to notice that from time to time in this carriage though it and walking, the child will sleep too. Therefore get “canes“ with provisions of backs more than one. Five provisions are, of course, search. There is quite enough of three, and even two.

At the same stage of development of the child now it is accepted to buy tricycles with the parental handle for management of a forward wheel. I do not know whether it is possible to carry them to carriages, but partially they carry out their functions. Therefore I will tell a couple of words.

Usually children of okhotny get into such bicycles, than in carriages. Similar trekhkolesnik have bright design, cheerful toys on the forward panel with various buttons, pishchalka and even music which entertain the kid during a trip or walk. If your child is too restless, and the campaign with it, say, to shop with a carriage always turns into torture, then the bicycle on such case extremely approaches. Sitting in it, children think that they directly participate in movement process: can twist a wheel, try to reach legs pedals.

When the kid will be ready to ride the bicycle, it is possible to remove steps for legs and the handle of management. Then it turns into usual three-wheeled. In my opinion, very convenient piece! If finance and the place in the apartment allow, it is good to have both a carriage, and the bicycle. And to change every day a type of transport for a change.

Time does not stand still. Every year let out more and more convenient carriages adapted for modern living conditions. The last years on the street can often be met three-wheeled carriages. By sight they are very maneuverable and convenient, for certain do not get stuck in the doorway of the elevator and pass at a supermarket door. But the prices painfully bite!

Perhaps, in a couple of years the situation will be reversed and they will press four-wheel. Who knows! My purpose was to light available and habitual types of carriages with which personally I am familiar not by hearsay. The choice remains for you, dear parents!