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Let`s talk about strangenesses... friends?

the Heroine of this sad story - the woman of average years. Let`s call it Lena. And so, for quite some time now Lena began to complain to the friends of the neighbors: they supposedly endlessly smoke on a ladder, rustle, and all smoke from their cigarettes goes to it to the apartment. Friends first of all asked

a question:

- So you with them spoke about it?

- Spoke and even swore! They do not react. Smells of a cigarette smoke in the apartment constantly!

- Complain to the chairman, write the official statement. At you the house cooperative?

- Yes the matter is that it is also the chairman …

Yes, a situation and really difficult. Though it is not absolutely clear why the chairman so behaves. But, eventually, and on it the justice can be found!

Meanwhile, so far friends gave advice as to fight against it, the situation was aggravated.

- I once again swore with predsedatelshy, so it to me in revenge a dichlorvos poured over a door! I in general choke now!

- Well, it already too! Tell that if once again repeats - you will cause militia.

- Said yes! She, seemingly, is afraid of nothing! You know that she answered me? That it will send me to a mental hospital!

- Well, it you “on a show off takes it“!

- I am afraid, she also really is able to do it. At it as at the chairman, everywhere acquaintances - both in militia, and in a mental hospital …

- Then the following time cause militia and write the application, and surely specify in the statement how it threatened you. Yes I do not think that the situation repeated! Where it would have no acquaintances there, but scandal is necessary to nobody. She understands it …

Nevertheless the situation repeated. Lena caused militia that they were personally convinced that there is a dichlorvos smell. There arrived the militiaman, smelled a door, listened to Lena and invited to pass with him in a site - told, for drawing up the act.

She agreed. But when the car approached a site, there other car already waited, and to Lena suggested to change it, tactfully partitioning off the road in any other direction.

Lena understood at once what the car is: red cross, barred windows … And still understood that in this case will not resist more reasonably.

Next day she called the girlfriend with a request to bring to it which - what things - it was not ready to such turn of events.

The girlfriend was dumbfounded. Of course, she bought and brought everything about what asked - soap, toilet paper …

the Girlfriend was passed even in chamber. There they also talked. Lena told it that it on reception asked the doctor why it appeared here. The doctor explained to her that it here on inspection. Inspection will take 10 days. If to find nothing - will let out.

In 10 days Lena was written out. However she refused flatly to go to herself home. Lodged at the girlfriend so far with intention further to rent apartment.

- Some absurdity! Yes you on the contrary have to return, thrust to the neigbour under nose the medical conclusion and submit the petition for her!

- I already talked to the familiar lawyer. He told that we will understand without problems, but to myself I all the same will not go.

Meanwhile time went, Lena got sick. It was taken away in hospital - this time ordinary, and from hospital brought home. Lena right there called the friends with the complaint that again smells of a dichlorvos, and asked girlfriends to come to help it as from hospital it was discharged not finally recovered.

Of course, girlfriends arrived. Brought products, cleaned up in the apartment. One of girlfriends sniffed in the most thorough way at an entrance door. As it seemed to it, the door smelled of nothing.

- Lena, I do not catch any smell! Perhaps you already washed a door?

Before answering, Lena looked away somewhere aside, for a minute became puzzled.

- Well and - already washed …

It seemed to the girlfriend strange. But further stranger things began to become clear. For example, somewhere retired and the familiar lawyer whom Lena addressed did not begin to help. For some reason she did not want to ask for the help the relatives - in the same city there lived her brother with a family. And stranger thing was found by her girlfriends: one of them she told that it was written out with the conclusion that it is completely healthy, and told other girlfriend that the doctor who wrote out it in the conclusion pointed to some small mental deviations. Also she made so, allegedly, because she to the doctor who admitted Lena to clinic “differently will strongly get“. As if she made it with the consent of Lena … Just right the detective story to write

, but it is not the detective, it is a sad story. In half a year Lena died of lung cancer. As it appeared, one of symptoms of lung cancer is that the irritating smells seem to the person, and they usually blame them for distribution someone from the immediate environment.

That`s all. I told you this story and that useful can be taken from it - draw conclusions, misters readers!