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Whether it is possible to count on compensation from the state if the child was unsuccessfully vaccinated?

Unsuccessfully took root - fight for compensation!

in 1998 the Law “About Immunoprevention of Infectious Diseases“ signed by Boris Yeltsin who provides social protection of citizens at emergence of vaccine-challenged complications came into force. Over the years it underwent several editions, but did not lose the main essence. In particular, the subject interesting us is stated in its fifth article and sounds so: “ At emergence of vaccine-challenged complications citizens have the right to the welfare lump sums, monthly monetary compensations, temporary disability benefits. Payments of the welfare lump sums and monthly monetary compensations are made at the expense of means of the federal budget by social security authorities of the population in the order established by the Government of the Russian Federation. Payments of temporary disability benefits are made from means of the state social insurance “.

Today at emergence of vaccine-challenged complication the citizen has the right to the welfare lump sum of 10000 rubles. In case of the death which occurred for the same reason members of his family will receive 30000 rubles. If owing to vaccine-challenged complication the citizen is recognized as the disabled person, he has the right to monthly monetary compensation of 1000 rubles.

I will not comment, it is a lot of or a little for an affected party. It is already good that such compensations are provided, however, very few people know about it. In comparison with the American practice where compensations are estimated in billions of dollars, it is tears which will hardly cover expenses on treatment. By the way, the Law provides also payment of temporary disability benefit in case of care of the sick child aged till 15 years at his illness connected with vaccine-challenged complication. That is for the entire period of out-patient treatment or joint stay with the child in stationary lechebno - preventive establishment one of parents (the lawful representative) or other family member has the right for 100% the paid sick-list.

But not all is so simple. In - the first, not all complications are compensated. The separate Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation approved “by the List of the vaccine-challenged complications caused by the preventive inoculations included in a national calendar of the preventive inoculations, and preventive inoculations according to epidemic indications granting the right to citizens on receiving the welfare lump sums “. And it:

1. Anaphylactic shock.

2. Heavy generalized allergic reactions (recurrent angioneurotic hypostasis - swelled Quincke, Stephen`s syndrome - Johnson, Layel`s syndrome, a syndrome of a serumal illness, etc.) .

3. Encephalitis.

4. A vaccine - the associated poliomyelitis.

5. Defeats of the central nervous system with the generalized or focal residual manifestations which resulted in disability: encephalopathy, serous meningitis, neuritis, polyneuritis, and also with clinical manifestations of a convulsive syndrome.

6. The generalized infection, osteit, the osteitis, osteomyelitis caused by BTsZh vaccine.

7. Arthritis is chronic, caused by rubella vaccine.

In - the second, it is necessary to prove still that you have complications from an inoculation, but not, say, notorious OR which most often and is put in a medical record by physicians. Anyway, to apply for compensation, it is necessary to receive the reference confirming the fact of connection of complication with the carried-out vaccination in any medical institution or to hold the conclusion of independent examination. And already with these papers to file a petition in social security authorities.

Whether easily to prove the right for compensation of vaccine-challenged complications? Judging by dry statistics, rather difficult. Perhaps therefore, or perhaps from ignorance of laws or unwillingness to be got involved in fight for the right (some will add - from - for rarities of cases of complications), according to official figures, in Russia only 105 people acquired the right for compensation from the state.

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In Ukraine from - for mass refusals of parents to do inoculations to the children also developed the bill providing payments to victims of vaccination. But it has nuances. At a fact in evidence of vaccine-challenged complications will pay compensations that medical institution where vaccination is done. Responsibility and for parents - refuseniks will increase. If their child got sick as a result of refusal to impart, then they are threatened by punishment up to deprivation of the parental rights.

From 1977 to 2006 in Russia 77 cases of vaccine-challenged complications with a lethal outcome are registered. And here the world official statistics fixes one lethal case on 300 thousand people.