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How to get rid of cold at any age?

First of all, I want to note that all mentioned below - my personal experience.

Can about it unpleasantly or it is not accepted to speak, but the problem of chronic cold is actual for many. I was also not passed by this problem. As far as myself I remember, at children`s age had seasonal cold. Can be because was never a room child and spent on the street much time, often came back home with wet footwear and cold legs.

The beginning cold treated (in any case, then it seemed to me that this treatment) alternately “glazoliny“, “sunorefy“, asterisk balm. For some time helped. Then, with approach of fall or winter, generally, at each change of a season my nose ceased to pass air, and together with it and world around smells. Quite unpleasant state, you feel as though defective.

Approximately by 17 years constant cold passed into sharp chronic antritis. It was necessary to do 2 punctures, for those who do not know what is it, I will tell so - I will not wish to the enemy. But even after carrying out these unpleasant procedures the doctor told me that within three next years recurrence is possible. And I just in a year should have been called up for Military service. And, of course, there was no wish to go with sniffing there.

It should be noted that those years I began to be interested in literature on a healthy lifestyle and medical literature. I remember that with interest studied the book “Eksteroretseptora of skin“ (authors Velkhover and Kushnir) (and now it is pleasant) the ZOZh newspaper very much was pleasant.

In one of releases of “ZOZh“ I read the letter on how the author got rid of the started cold rinsing of a nasopharynx salty water. There also the description of this procedure was provided.

For convenience it was offered to take small chaynichek for tea leaves of tea and to put on it a pacifier with the cut-off tip. In a teapot to fill in the added some salt water from a proportion approximately ½ a teaspoon on a glass of water. It is important that water was not strongly salty and for initial procedures it is better that was warm. It is necessary to pour in water alternately in one, in other nostril, at the same time the head has to be inclined forward and turned up by that nostril through which water will join. At the correct performance of procedure water pours out through other nostril and through a mouth. If the nose is bunged strongly up, then at first it is necessary to warm up the head and to try a ducking in one, in other party to achieve movement of slime from one nostril in another. After performance of procedure it is necessary to bend forward and to stand in such situation about a minute that water from a nasopharynx gradually flowed out. Only during performance of this procedure it is not necessary to do vigorous smorkatelny movements!

As my desire to get rid of cold was very strong, I began to carry out the specified procedure at once. I thought that it is very unpleasant procedure, but it became clear that the added some salt water does not bring discomfortable feelings in a nasopharynx, unlike unsalted water. After the first procedure felt some simplification. Gradually I got used to this procedure and began to carry out it every morning when washing. Only I do not use a teapot, me rather simple glass now any more with the added some salt water which I involve a nose directly from a glass.

During service in Army cold all are appeared, but I, remembering possible recurrence of antritis, continued at each opportunity to wash out a nose salty water. Recurrence was not any more.

Since then there passed more than 20 years, and I already on a habit wash out every morning a nose cold subsalty water. I can brag that for these 20 years cold I had only a few times, and even I have respiratory diseases, as a rule, without cold. The nose breathes freely and easily!